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Why I don't believe in parrallel universes

James Anthony

New Member
Why I don\'t believe in parrallel universes

My biggest qualm with the theory that in going back in time a parrallel universe is created is that there are too many 'what if?'s involved. If someone went back to say 1980 and dramatically changed his or her present, would the original time-line still exist where in 1999 the traveller in question simply dissappeared? If it does, what if the traveller left notes behind for some-one to find and this finder built their own time machine and went back to 1970 to dramatically change history. A new parrallel universe has been created along with the original time line which contains a branch-off of its own.
Now if the original time-traveller has finished their job and decides to head on back to the future to see their results, would this traveller arrive back in the time-line he left, the time-line he created or the time-line created by the finder of his notes?
Or even if the finder of the notes only travelled back as far as 1990 would they arrive back in what they would have perceived as 1990 or in the 1990 created by the original traveller?
I would love some insight into this problem..
RE: Why I don\'t believe in parrallel universes

This would be a difficult to surmise, especially since we have no verifiable data. What is arguable is the fact that there are infinite numbers of universes in existence. This is supported by the existence of spinning black holes.
As far as where you would go if you have a time machine when going into the future or the past in these different universes would be difficult to tell. But let us face it, from the theory of parrallel universes we are not actually traveling in time. The theory of parrellel universes as I understanding it seems to indicate that rather than actually traveling in time you are merely traveling from universe to universe. It is not time travel but merely dimensional travel.
I don't know if you understand my train of though but if you do I am merely offering food for thought. I hope that it helps.

RE: Why I don\'t believe in parrallel universes

Catch this one. You travel back in time to kill Adolph hitler, say 1940. At this time you would create a new juncture. Now if you traveled forward in time, you would be traveling forward in the new junction. Of course, who's to say you would have been born in this new timeline because of your actions. In this a paradox arises. How could you have gone back in time to change it if you hadn't exsisted. Or would you be afloat from one alternate timeline into a new one. I think I'm starting to get a headache. A good example is to watch the movie Run Lola Run at your local video store. Purely enjoyable if you can keep up with it.
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