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Why does Time Travel Interest you?


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I'm a student at Wilmington College and I am doing a research paper on Time Travel and why it is so appealing? If you could just respond I would greatly appreciate any input!

RE: Why does Time Travel Interest you, in\'a key of G?

~~You make my body melt,..breath,..you know I've never felt so free-aee,..breath' Oh-a-oh, It's lookin like love, too me-a-ee

Respects, Lookin like love, All rights, Roberta Flack Pebo Bryson:

Because they can...

In the annals of time, all collective inteligent socieites know and find ways to reach out to other erras.

This shows the respect and love, along with the careing & dignity of that special society, from that n valued erra, in their reaching out.

It all started with some guy (or girl) in the stone age who had nothing to do and decided to use sticks and flint and a rock or something like that to make fire and it worked. Its pretty much in our nature to learn and advance and explore the unknown, to see what is out there, to discover the truth, etc

Even if after all this we can't do it (which, ultimately I doubt) well, at least we gave it a shot.
Ashleylyn (nice name)

>>>why is time travel so apealing<<<

Because wierdos need something to do in their spare time.

Because "there never seems to be enough time".

Because I suspect that somebody else is trying to get away with it.

Because TTA hates it.

Because "time is money".

Because life is a journey through time, and it would be nice to have a hint about where its headed.

In fact it would be a nice thing if a few people HAD any hint what so ever.
But thats a different subject.
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