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Where are the time travelers?



It would be simple to prove the time travel concept. An individual from the future could travel to our time and tell us some insignificant
data that could only be known by someone who has seen the future.
I have heard of no credible empirical evidence.
Dr. Stephen Hawking said that he is sceptical about time travel because he has not met anyone that could convince him that they were from the future.

There is the odd "head case" that calls into the Art Bell Show with any number of idiotic reasons why they cant prove their descent into the past.

Kevin Hillman
[email protected]
Re:I Agree, But

Even is someone could prove what you call an insignificant fact, Wouldnt that insignificant fact reveal a larger one, THAT TIME TRAVEL IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE, and wouldnt that cause world distrust eg, Who has the capabilities, What will they do, How long have they had it, What have they already used it for & so on.

Wether time travel is now possible or will be possible I dont know, But I do know that the time we live in now would not handle such a resource in a mature manner.

My thoughts alone

What if they don\'t want to be revealed?

What if the time traveller's understand the concepts of cause and effect and so in order not to erase their own existance they don't reveal themselves to us?
Re:Re:I Agree, But

You ever heard of that chaos theory thing, y'know about the butterfly's beating wings and consequences? Or read that story by Ray Bradbury which I can't remember the title of?
What we dub "insignificant" may be essential to the continuum, or whatever. Just thought I'd add mine, y'know.
You're not the first person to 'disbelieve' the possibility of time travel in this way. The bulk of this reply is from a message that I posted some time ago, but I feel that it is largely relevant.

The gyst of my point is this. Although there is no evidence of travellers from 'the future' as you have pointed out(to our knowledge), this does not support the hypothesis that time travel is thus impossible.

Here are some thoughts that illustrate the problems that I have with your assumption without having to use quantum mechanics theories at all..just common sense..


1. The human race, for whatever reason, may never discover how to do it. For example, it may be alarmist, but the possibility of
getting wiped out by an asteroid is actually real. This together with the overwhelming possibily of intelligent life having developed
somewhere else in the universe at some time or other, but never having visited Earth, in my opinion forms a significant hole in the

However, if that isn't enough, then consider this..

2. Suppose that members of the human race do discover how to send matter back in time at some point in the future. Where is the
evidence you may wonder?

Picture this..
A time traveller arrives from the future. What would be the first thing that they would do?

"Hello there, I'm a time traveller from the future. I'm aware that you are quite technologically primitive compared to me and do not
understand the complexities of temporal mechanics, but I assure you that I'm not here to meddle with history, or harm you in any
What do you mean, Am I mad?"

Let's face it, even if a time traveller did decide to announce his/her presence to a comparatively primitive society, they would
probarbly be ignored. Even if they weren't, what would they have to look forward to?
Being burned at the stake?
If it were today, they could get committed to a mental institute, or if believed, subjected to the most unpleasant experiments that our
laboratories have to offer.

Forget cause and effect, what about simply knowing what's good for you?

It's quite unlikely that they would be accidently discovered too.
A level of scientific progress that has made time travel possible, would surely be able to make it reasonably covert?? Even if it
involved something quite noticable, it's quite possible that they could do it somewhere that is beyond our ability to detect it? I don't
know about that, but you get the point.

I believe that time travellers from our future would not only have nothing to gain from revealing themselves, they would positively go
out of their way to prevent it. This isn't some conspiracy theory, it would simply come with the territory, they would only be people
after all. Who in their right mind is going to naturally assume that somebody is a time traveller any way? No matter how strangely they may act..

Does all of that cast enough doubt? It neither proves nor disproves anything, but that's the point..
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