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Where are the Time Bounty Hunters ?


25 million reward for OBL. Calling all scanners, time travelers, phyc enhanced people. Find OBL and be rich.
Not many takers? Or how about the sniper before he was caught? No takers? Someone get the guts to try what they believe, scan to you bust, jump in the car or (machine) and go for it! Blab Blab Blab, yadaa , yaddaa yaddaa, and so on. over and out.
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Re: Where are Bounty Paper Towels ?

He's probably got a localizer preview module, where he can spot even time cops, before they can get a vector on him?

Even the best of amature time travlers, may not have the ability to nab OBL within this era of time.

An expierenced timecop, maybe?

They probably already have the vector on him as we speak.
Re: Where are Bounty Paper Towels ?

That sounds like:

Black Beard's treasure is out there,
millions in gold.

Oh, nobody has found it,

Well, that's because metal detectors are a fraud.

c'mon, how hard can it be?

Re: Where are Bounty Paper Towels ?

I would just like to point out that anyone who thinks that going back in time, and killing "OLB" as you call him, wouldve stopped the terrorist acts of sept.11...are sadly mistaken. You are naive victims of political propaganda. Usama* bin laden is just a scapegoat...to give people someone to hate so they do not turn against their own political leaders...

*The name Osama is just an example of what people will eat up...the terrorist's name is actually Usama... but... we couldnt have america's number one enemy's name start with USA, could we?
Re: Where are Bounty Paper Towels ?

The constant misunderstanding of OBL, and Isalm..tsk..tsk. In fact many should understand the relative nature of the philosphy of the Muslims, and hopefully reject the negative extremist mentality of 'terrorists'.
Isalm promotes the that histroy is cyclic in nature, whihc differs from our Western understanding of the timeline. Therefore, f events happen once, they are bound to happen again. As well, no interation could ever change events other than the will of 'Allah'.
I personally do not accredit the religous theology with any direct validation in the imposition upon anyone, and also support the Isalmic community in the very fact they accomadate for any such thinking. However, Extremist thinking (brankching off from such Western friendly islamic Countries as Saudi Arabia, and those pesky Wahhabis) limits the foudations of any society.
OBL you say? Hmmm, hard to wrap the old bucket around that one. Does any one here know how long it takes to scramble a squadron of jets from a base? (hmm..heard around 7 minutes). Does anyone know waht our coastal defence capabilities are..I mean if we are able to monitor a million Nukes flying through the air...and wow...45 minutes between the crashes...and we knew 10 minutes after it was not an accident...15 minutes to fly at Mach 1 from Cali to NY...hmmmm. Weird.
OBL huh? That guy must be one pretty smart cookie to outsmart all that stuff our tax money pays for.
I really love this country. But I fear that perhaps some of the limitations may come from some of the very Western thinking we prescribe to. Crap man... has anyone here ever looked at a post modernist critacal view of Christianity as of late? Something about limting ourselve s to the imposed and external ideas of a slave mentality....crap...
OBL huh...someone just got stuck in the past.
Re:On the subject of time rules:

Note to all inquiries, time cops, are differnt than time bounty hunters.

Time cops are sometimes Grays, and sometimes Dracks.

However a time bountyhunter, differs from a time cop.

Some of the beings which enforce the time travel laines, you don't want to mess with.
Re:On the subject of time rules:

I would think that if someone were to go back in time and killof another individual, someone would see the effects of it, go back in time and stop the assassin from killing anyone. his would happen in sucha way that we would not notice any change in history. This is also true for someone trying to do good and kill off, say, Hitler. Someone in the future would see that there was never any Hitler, and they would keep the "good guy" persay, from assassinating him.
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