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What would you do



If you could travel to the past what would you do when you got there. Why would you do it? If you could journey to the past what would be your reason?

Please respond, I'm very curious ^_^
I walked-out on a girl in the past. So if I can travel to the past, I would not walk-out. Instead, I would continue to pursue her. Maybe I'll have a better future.
I was very immature in handling my relationship with my first girlfriend. I would go back to the past and act differently.
When I met my wife, she was seeing someone else but I still continued to pursue her. I eventually won her affections but realized that I wasn't really in love with her. I would travel to the point when I found out that she already has a boyfriend and I would not pursue her anymore.
While I was seeing my second girlfriend, I fell in love with another girl but I still continued my relationship with my girlfriend despite realizing that I don't love her anymore. I would go back and break it off with my girlfriend and pursue the other girl whom I fell in love with.
One week before I was married, my fiance and I made love and we didn't use any contraceptives. Because of that she became pregnant. I don't want to have any kids. I'll go back and use a condom.
I first would be come very Rich. Then I would fix all that has gone wrong with this time line. Save the World Trade Towers. Kill Sadam and ben Laden. Save the lives of countless victims of crimes
Find out if O.J really did it. Save Chandra Levy ( maybe even date her) Just fix a lot of messed up stuff and retire very Rich. Worlds Greatest Gambler ( Yea Right) (Sure thing)! I would love to meet
Albert Einstein, Elvis , Marilyn Monroe , JFK, Abe Lincoln ,

and really go back and meet Jesus and find out what that was all about. Go to the mountain when Moses gets the ten commandments and see if God was there talking to him and if I could have a word with the big guy. Bill and Teds Most Execellent adventure. Who wants to come with me. You must be most execellent to one another.

Remind myself not to go into the Military , Dont Get Married, Stay away from Darlene (What a Problem She was) Make sure I learn how to type in High School. Get the car of my dreams because I will have the cash and Move out of my parents house 10 years earlyer and let myself know about my mistakes so I dont repete them.
[email protected] Time Traveler...
Sounds like you have it all figured out on what you would want to do if you could Time Travel to the past. However, what you are failing to realize, is that interfering with the Time Line will have significant devastating repercussions. Not to mention that it will be unethical to manipulate the past, with the knowledge of the future. It's okay to dream of what could have been if things were just done differently; I do so all the time. The TimeTravelActivist has many regrets as well, that I wish I could have prevented. But learning from your past mistakes and adapting is what distinguishes you from the rest and allows you to grow and prevent them from happening again.

Ever heard of the old saying: "Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." But not by erasing it. But by going forth with courage and determination to set things right.

However, even if you could go back and change the unfortunate events of the past that we all know about and has become common knowledge (our history), others (eviler doers and events) will take their place and we will be caught off guard. For the knowledge that was once gained in the presence of these incidents, helped propel us to the next step and take actions or defense from what transpired. And leaving us defenseless of the erased incidents, from which we learned nothing, will only leave us open to devastation of the unknown, for which the likes of the past and the present have never faced before.


P.S. I would also like to have a chat with the big guy
. I have a lot of things to discuss with him
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I would go back to 1975 yep a couple years
before I was born and just observe someone
who once was important to me and try to be
his friend maybe more.
>I would go back to 1975
>yep a couple years
>before I was born and just
>observe someone
>who once was important to me
>and try to be
>his friend maybe more.

>I would go back to the year 1975, a few years before the Pleiadean landings at Heinwel Switzerland, just a couple of thousand years before I was created.
>Once there, I would put on a pretty dress, so combing my curley long blond locks and try to be Dan's fiend, maybe, once more?

"He hates my father and yet technically, we came from the same womb"..

You know, why does everything seem like Atlantis again?

Here I thought that the bowling shirts that we had purchased, being satin and all, with fancy lettering, would just simply amaize people and all?

Father, why is it that we do not see the errors in our ways, so that in at least some measure, we can be rescued by others, would would see mercy and justice to some?

AT-LAN-TUS..phonetically as spelled Greek ATLANTVS

AT=Greek God, LAN=body of such geography.VUS= as printed suffix in Greek
"Sounds like you have it all figured out on what you would want to do if you could Time Travel to the past. However, what you are failing to realize, is that interfering with the Time Line will have significant devastating repercussions. Not to mention that it will be unethical to manipulate the past, with the knowledge of the future."

I have a feeling if you had the power to travel in time ethics would become irrelevent as godhood would not be far from your grasp.

I feel the same way! I think the TimeTravelActivist said it all above in post number 7.

But how would you feel to know Joe that the act of TT is being commited by certain people in our government. In acts that brought the Twin Towers down on that dreadful day of September 11th, or other events that shaped the history of our world. The speculations are there that highly indicate an orchestration of TT abilities. We must exspose these wrong doings and make them known to the world!

From what I am learning is that I may be able to base some facts on certain implications that lead me to believe that TT was very prevelent and highly used in the meditational prayers between Jesus and G-D. It falls under the guide lines of "SACRED GEOMETRY" and knowledge of the "HEBREW BIBLE CODE."

What attracted me to your posting was the fact that you were able to quickly rationalize that TT can be detremental to everything that is morrally and ethically sacred. And knowing this you are then ready to move onto higher understanding. I think that I have supplied you enough information in the paragraph above to start you on you journey...

RE: What would you do Re; Dearest Joesph.

Dear Joe' the question was raised phylosophically to me, as I had a family memeber damaged as a direct result of an event in the past.

This was an (IF) proposal and not a, YOU CAN, OR ARE ABLE TO, proposal.

There is a slight discovery with reference to the John Titor appearance, which makes me ask the question, was Titor's comeing here and orchistraited event?

The second question is, did the comeing of John Titor produce to mirror pane realities, that in some margin barrow from each other?

Know now Joe, that mirror realities are not, the same as a variant time-line, which may fade into diminishment.

Just a two panes of glass are set in a frame, these realities can and maybe do share information with one another, possably?

I think and feel within the time set, as far as my accused unethacality would go Joe, maybe I'm not what you would consider a more familiar human?

I am under self imposed suspension, due to another board memeber's apparent caustivity towards me.

I've got to tell you, since orginizations such as NASA and science fiction writers do propose such brave deeds of said or imagined space travelers; that if one were to conduct themselves within other reaches of the universe as this person had done, more than likely they would either be eaten, or have perrished as a result of a raygun blast?

Some of your race wants to go into space, when some of you, have no concept what-so-ever of just how hostile a place this unexplored area, by your culture can be.

What I was trying to relay Joe, is that out there, in order to keep some cultures going, that trade in genetic matter, is very much the normal event of affairs.

I ment no harm by my I guess too friendly demonstratives.

Another example of how far your society has come on the field of only and I say only learning about extraterrestials, is the quality of text offered on this subject.

There is only a modicum of books offered and these are what one would consider college textbook quality.

You've got Jaquese Vallie, some older text and only two atlases on extraterrestials and their configurations, that I know of??

Socieities such as this that do not expand their people to other reaches, do not do well within the long run Joe.

The only other possability as Pam More had inquired, would say some U.S.government agency create false realites, so they may escape into them?

Look at what I have put foward with me Joe and you will start to observe a very dismal picture of events to come.

Wasn't it only a few years ago and some say at the finanacial affording of a secret U.S. government, that Auther C. Clarke composed the book 2001, which was then later transmissed into a movie?

Where are the space liners and the moon bases, that this population so despreatly needs?!

This is only a bunt to your accusation and a rolling baseball back onto the phylosophic field.

I only allowed two rebuttals, however became of certain legal stipulations, forbidden to socially interface with the person who had cuased my suspension.I'm sorry.

Most truly, thank you MOP, for this quick quest appearance creedo
RE: What would you do Re; Dearest Joesph.

<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 20-May-02 AT 04:56PM (EDT)</font>

Suspended Status?

More like "afraid to show my sorry ass around here again."

<<I think and feel within the time set, as far as my accused unethacality would go Joe, maybe I'm not what you would consider a more familiar human? >>

Your right about that, your sure not like any human I've ever met

<<I am under self imposed suspension, due to another board memeber's apparent caustivity towards me.>>

Well then you should have thought about that before you started making threats. You brought it upon your self, remember.

That's why I'm here cat. To learn as much as I can about time travel. Thanks for your concern, my e-mail is.

[email protected]

And Creedo, your great. You make me think in ways I haven't before. I have alot of my technical questions answered by your thourough posts, and I feel that overall I do not have to post or respond to understand the things I want to know.

I'm sorry if I have to directly question people for my answers sometimes, but it's the only way I know how to get information. By attacking someone's statements I can almost always count on that person giving me a well written reprisal. Forgive me if I'm shallow, but I'm only human =)

Thanks -Joe-
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