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What type of a person was John Titor?


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I've been lurking around here for a while but this is my first post. Hello to everyone and sorry if this has been discussed before.

Anyway, lets just imagine for a moment that we somehow found out that the whole John Titor story was all fake. The person behind Titor wasn't a time-traveller after all but acually some guy with too much time on his hands.

First of all, what would motivate this person to spend so much time making this whole tale up? Was it an sociological experiment of some sort? Was he just a spotty, yet intelligent, teenager with no social life? Was he an older, intelligent professor of some sort...with no social life? Or was the person behind John Titor a schizophrenic who actually believed what he was writing to be true? Was Titor a member of some sort of political group who wanted to spread the message of how we are supposedly wrecking the earth today? Which, out of those possibilities do you think is the most likely?

What kind of a person would predict a civil war followed by a world war which would kill billions of people and try to sell it off as the truth. The guy hasn't even come back and put a lot of minds at ease by just holding his hands up and admitting it was all a story. He's been quite happy to tell us all to buy shotguns and fear for our lives. Maybe it was just a stupid little story which got out of hand. But what would Titor have to lose by just owning up. Could he not just tell Pamela that he's Titor and it was a fake, prove some eviedence of his ID and then just disappear. But he doesn't. Why? Why does he just let the story grow and grow? What's the point? Either Titor doesn't have the net anymore and therefore has no clue that the story is still ongoing (if I had made up a story of this magniitute I'd check out here and anomalies every once in a while to see how things are going), or he was telling the truth. So we're left with two possibilites - Titor is real or...the person behing Titor is mentally ill. His sick mind is happy to manipulate others into believing that they'll be dead within 30 odd years, incinerated in a nuclear blast. He continues to hide away and let people think that, which I think is wrong. If Titor is out there, I urge you to contact Pamela and let her know that you're a fake, providing her with evidence of your id.. I would then urge Pamela to spread the word so we can put this story to bed. It would be the best and most humane thing to do.
What kind of person was John Titor?

A person literally scared out of his wits and almost at the end of his utility.
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