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What the "H" is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Part II


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What the \"H\" is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Part II

Well, I now know who really knows what they are talking about.......it seems that no one picked up on the gross mistakes in my post about the brain wave activity that I recorded. Now don't get me wrong the things that happened during my RV experiments really happened, but when I posted on this board I put in some things that anyone that knew about how the brain works and what happens when RVing would pick up on.

Number one; I can't believe no one picked up on the fact I never told you what brain wave I was talking about..........there are four: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Beta is associated with peak-concentration, heightened alertness, and visual acuity.

Alpha is a place of beep relaxation. Interestingly the Alpha wave has in it's range the same frequency as the earth's electromagnetic field.

Theta waves are the brain waves that things such as ESP stem from.

Delta waves are associated with deep sleep.

Now another thing that no one picked up on was the fact that your brain would explode if you had a 44 MHZ beat in a brain wave. The largest in a normal everyday brain wave is about 40HZ (Beta).

I am sorry if this makes some of you mad but I just wanted to know if any of the regulars were real. This may not prove that you are all fake, but your knowledge on the subject was less then what you made out to be.

My situation is real. I did have a way high brain pattern of 44HZ on the Beta wave and the Theta wave was off the chart.........if I guessed it would be about 10 or 15HZ again that was only for about a second. The rest of what I told you was real......I am disappointed not to have been found out...........Oh well that just means this board is now useless to my goal.

This and fifty cents...........

What you're saying and fifty cents, might get you some kind of low cost soft drink?

We are time travel oriented here.

A lot of what we say within these threads are intended only towards time travel.

Secondly, you're not that good either.

The only thing that you're trying to do, is grand stand on your own self-agrandisement, which is a shallow as one can get on a posting board.

Please go post somewhere else, if you going to address people here, within this manner as no-one really cares?
Legal required posting year end inventories, time

Please note posted to all authorites posted legal, that user here Creedo 299, also using handle Creedo 299X9, had wisely used all time travel data, and in use of said knowlege has not infracted to said knowlege against any letter of law as realites to time travel.
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