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What someone failed to account for:


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What someone had failed to account for, in this dirge into time and space alteration, is that with reference to the worlds of multiplicity, that there may be many varied versions of ourselves, all within these supposed other worlds?

This might be expert Gary , as the furniture consultant, who is also a part-time armature physicist, based in Los Angeles instead of San Diego.

This might have also been, Pamela the teacher, who runs a prepschool, on manners and etiquette, in New Haven, instead of Ohio.

This might have been Darby the dareing dancer, who in similar fashion to Robert Flatly, combines both Glogg Dancing, along with Irish forms of dance, wowing young women and well as enthralling entire audiences, with his superb dancing skills.

This might have been, Carlos, who is a Catholic priest, who hears the confessions of many, while offering advice on how to build better garden walls along with gardening advice?

This might also have been, Jason, the world's class yachtsman, who is superior to Dennis Conner in every respect and gives the proceeds to his racing earnings, to young homeless children, in another realities version of Israel.

This might well be Javier, international philanthropist and developer, who owns a world wide chain, of ladie's coiffeurs. Specializing in pampering needs, for the many tired working secretaries as well as other reality personnel, who need to be pampered at the end of a hard working day.

Transient 001 who runs a bakery at a monastery, based in Southern Spain, specializing in lightly sugared breads, meant for a hard working populace, who must curtail their sugars.

The list goes on, I won't add Rick here, as he can get, well' a bit crabby.

Oh and I almost forgot, me. Dan, who in another reality, is female and is a soldier in the war against a bad sort of robot androids. Who feel that humankind within that particular reality, threatens the machine continuum, so a war between the machine continuum and what is left of the human race, constantly battle it out.

What would happen if you could clone all of these beings, in their many other reality forms, to modern highly advanced self aware android frames, with biological covers, and place them all in one large banquette hall?

Man the confusion would be utterly mind blowing.

Can you all picture one version of Pamela, a specialist in poodle grooming, arguing with a soldier version of herself, about landscaping as to whether to add crushed granite or crushed rock as fill to a certain landscape.

And three or four version of Gary all trying to be nice to each other, however all of these versions of himself, not trusting each other?

We all in probable reality, not just the characters real or imagined here, have at'least fifteen to thirty versions of ourselves readily available on other reality lines.

The funny event would, be to get all of these varied, differing copies, together in one room, at one same time......?!

This will be a two day posting.

If my post here offends anyone, tell me and I'll take it down.

Raul the MOP with a duleing scar and swords on his wall......???

All the possibilities; all the many differing varied possibilities?