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What is a pocket dimension and a black hole



I really don't know what these things are, and maybe that's why I'm here. The title might also be a bit misleading but maybe it's because I don't really know what I want to know yet.

First thing; what is a pocket dimension? I've heard of this term used of before but cannot remember what it is exactly. Is it the center of a blackhole? Where space is calm just as it is in the eye of a storm? Any replies are appreciated.

Also can anyone throw me some links to time travel or theoretical physics web-sites, or another forum that is more popular or can better answer my questions.

Thanks =)
Also I'm curious as to what is on the other side or center of a blackhole. I've heard it becomes an ifinitley dense area or something like that, but if it did have an exit what would be there? If it's infinitly dense wouldn't the law of conservation create an infinite contraction somewhere else?

Thanks =)
>>>>Va neweete ka pa noo

A pocket dimension may be any apature which represents a pry within the modulcae of space and time.

This is represented as a tensor field, which pronouces cue, to the natural resonation fields of how space and time as an electromagntic resonation, always functions.

This representation may may be large, or it may be small.You have slected small.

Mini pocket is such at times this apprature may be caused by nature, or in the case of future forces of this planet said, artifical.

A black hole is the leftover compaction of star constituants, which are left via the rocketlike blowoff, of a star's once outer liquid shell.

Liquid is a key element here, as in the maxwellian equation, the frequency of water, is aways the felon of lantz through time and space.

This is a set frequency resonance, is as far as a variance modulace of vibration, of one or more percent is needed to open this door.

Timemass bends by the gravic density near any black hole.

Just as light bends to prismatic entries, gravity mass, in modified realized supposed null space does also.

This presents lanes into the spectra of Time and space, which are the other dimensions.

>>>>There is a level of maturity which permits any humanic life form to journey through these gates.

This principle is founded on very ancient logic which is secondarily reflected from Greek logic.

Thus I put, One can not understand the answer, if they can not also understand the question.

Once you are there, then what is your worth.

You had wanted to know, didn't you?
"reflected from Greek logic."

Aristotlean logic? -the 3 laws of logic. just curious... are you familiar with a fourth law, the law of the boundary, which allows one to explain higher dimensional phenomena? with the 3 laws as such, we can only settle for a materialistic understanding of things. the fourth law takes away the solid distinction so precribed by original aristotlean logic.

The boundaries within translucency, from one planic field to another is allowable.

This is with reference to one form or species on one planic realm, communicating to another.

I have been very privilaged to expierence this phenominon.
The Fourth Law of Logic (T E Beardon)

The idenity of opposites.

If two things are exactly opposite, they are the SAME thing, joined, not separated at their mutual boundry.

Maybe there is a fith and sixth law. But realize that even the fourth law is virtually unknown to all but an handfull of people........ well this is a pretty good clue as to why we have not figured it out yet.
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