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What are your beliefs?


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My personal views may be somewhat different to you all.
When I think time travel the first 'obstacle' i encounter is the existance of time.
I'm not challenging anyones views, just trying to find where mine fit in.
I see time as something man has created to map change.
Maybe its my belief in Bhuddist principles.
ie. the book Siddhartha: it is said how a mans life can be seen as a river it has a beginning and an end and exists as it is at both simultaneously.
If the universe is infinite, everything is happening all at once.
If i am to see my life as happening all at once i am seeing the truth.
From thinking of my life as minutes, hours, days i find emotions like anticipation and boredom and personally i sense a lack of clarity.
From then becoming aware of the illusion of time i feel better, but then being used to seeing it as a sequence of subjects, i create the illusion of life being created by momentS.
Then to go further i feel calm as i see that life is just all one moment.
If the universe is infinite, everything is happening all at once.
And that, is a moment.
I believe salads concerning Mexican fare, involve elements such as avocados.

However I must look up how to treat avocados?
What in the hell was that?

Lets see who can write the most gibberish?
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well what a crackhead!! I on crack,dope,eat yuck thing...

what do you have in your mind?? a fear of alien abduction... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
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