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What are the reasons for time travel?



What are the main reasons why anyone would want to build a time travelling machine? I can only come up with three :-

- Greed, in order to capitalise on such a marvellous invention
- Curiosity, in order to see a time other than the one currently lived in
- and escape, in order to run away from the time in which the traveller actually lives.

I am a student, currently completing my Masters in Sydney, Australia and am researching the areas of childhood imagination and time travel. If there are any other reasons or opinions, I would be eternally grateful for any input!

Remember Doctor Who rocks, Peter Davison was best, see you yesterday!

Reasons for time travel...I can think of a few... some are the same as the reason we go to outerspace or the deepest parts of the ocean.....exploring the unknown.

Other reasons off hand,

1. Accurately recorded historical data in order to produce written records of forgotten or destroyed lands and people.
to see how the society thrived, the things they learned or invented and to bring back wisdom and knowledge to your own time.

2. To be able to regain lost technology and science of ancient civilizations.

3. replenish lost or extinct species, animals, plants,or technology. lost in your own society.

4. To uncover the mysteries of time. Things people have wondered about for years and to find the truth contained there in.

5.To bring back things from other time lines that dont exist here. things even that your society may need to survive with depending on the circumstances of your home time line.

6.To prevent great destruction of mankind through nuclear war, diseases, tragedies and things that could result in mans elimination from the Earth.

7.Drop selected info into past time lines to advance later future time lines for predicted outcomes. medical info, technology.

8. To be able to visit and enjoy exotic beautiful places in the past and even go there on vacation!

9.To emerse yourself into a totally different time hidden as a regular person so you can first hand experience the customs and ways of the time.

10. Discover. not only of other time lines but perhaps other dimensions as well... and other life different from ours?

Is that enough??? heheh
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Hey Pamela,

How long has it been? Not long enough I’ll bet…

You brought up some very intriguing reasons for Time Travel. From the perceptive of a typical Time Travel enthusiast
you brought forth the common pro’s for time travel, good job.

However, you completely disregarded having the opposition reasons why “Not” to Time Travel. And I think that it’s important for the people who read these posts, to know and understand that it’s not just some flashy fantasy adventure as your making it seem.

But that it entitles great risk, and that we shouldn’t be over zealous, and allow our sense of it being another means of exploration/adventure, cloud the human principle behind it, that going along with Time Travel would mean exploitation.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be responsible for altering another man/ or woman’s life, just because they felt like it. It’s blind ambition is what it is, and a misconception a lot of people have about Time Travel. And unfortunately that mentally will surely be our down fall if we do not have ethics in what we do, and not think about the consequences of our actions.

We should be cautious in what we say about Time Travel, and genetic engineering, and always give 2 sides to these controversial issues...

Let us not tell everyone that this is acceptable, and that manipulation is an ethical means of solving our problems. Let us be the example by which others should turn to, and not be biased one sided individuals.

Civilization should prosper, but not at the expense of innocents in the past. The ends don’t justify the means…

More later…

Javier Cortez
I honestly only wish to travel through time to help those who recieved a fate which they in no way deserved. Although I am curious and investigative and see much larger possibilities, I think time travel should very much be kept low key and used for this purpose. And although time travel could save a great many people with new discoveries and teachings, there are very important individual circumstances that would have a profound impact as well. Imaging killing Ted Bundy before he ended the lives of those women who did not deserve that fate. So many cases like these I would love to personally volunteer for and prevent from ever happening.
I believe that nothing should ever be manipulated using Time Travel. I believe that time travel should be used for one purpose alone....to add to the knowlege of physics. This falls under "curiosity category". I sometimes joke about changing the past for benefit, but my true belief is that this is God's Universe, and God's creation and we have no right nor the wisdom and understanding of the Why of things, to change or affect anything in our past. I do not even believe in affecting change in the present course of history without time travel. I only believe that it is our right to choose to do the right thing. This is the only right we have. We do not have the right to choose for others, but the goverment has the right and obligation to enforce good order, discipline, righteousness, and justice. For if we do not enforce these things then murderers, and rapests will run rampant with no consequence for there actions accept harm to the innocent. A good example of such actions is current events.


Edwin G. Schasteen
Yes, no matter how good your intentions may be, Time Travel is still manipulating the past, and taking advantage of it, i.e. exploitation.

According to Robin Hood, he did good by stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. Setting the balance between an unfair circumstance, and making sure there was justice delivered to the poor.

But looking at his actions as ethical individuals, we can see he still did wrong. It’s a matter of principle. Stealing is basically wrong, even with good intentions.

One must find another way… An ethical moral way, where nothing is gained, but aliened back to it’s natural harmony.

For there may be circumstances someday where having to Time Travel may be a necessity. For example, correcting an event that was suppose to take place or not take place, and someone interfered. I guess we can call that “Time Travel Terrorism.”

And a Time Patroller (Time Marshall) may have to take upon the responsibility and do everything he can to revert the damage caused.

If this was the way the domino was intended to fall, who are we to interfere with our 3 dimensional mindset and dictate how things will fall from then on.

We will be playing God.

Don’t you see? We are disregarding another persons free will, and imposing our own.

Is it right having a person think he has free-will? When you know that going to the past, and changing his /or her circumstances and interactions, will be thought of to this individual as being his/her own decisions. But you know they are not, for the Time Traveler has changed them consciously.

Setting people up, making them fail purposely.

Or making them succeed, but only by cheating.

There is a natural unchanging order in the universe; it is there for balance. Once we learn to be apart of it and not exploit it, will we only then be decent human beings.

But manipulating it, accelerating our evolution, that’s cheating. Lives are being affected everyday. Being driven crazy with confusion and manifestations, or more cynically accepting Time Travel & Spirituality. There is no balance, the majority will allow for something that they feel is right and sanction it over night.

But the minority will see the principle behind it, and know that the benefit does not out weight the risk. And will fight til’ the end for humanities sake, i.e The Resistance.

For we have lost our humanity if we go on with something that sacrifices everything we evolved to become. And that, is something I can’t bear to witness or allow again…

Civilization will prosper, but not by the hands of Time Travelers.


By the helping hand from the future.

Which route shall humanity take…?

You’ll all have the time to cast your vote and make a decision when the time comes.

Hopefully mankind will do the right thing… Maybe.

Javier C.
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."

You said:

<<Humanity? What are we (...)>>

Well I'm assuming your part of the same race as everyone else; the human race.

<<Let's say the best way for time travel is the best way for each one and that means all good things.>>

Each ones what?

What good things are you speaking of?

<<One of my favorite stories is Aladdin. The best version is an animated from Japan. The kid had the lamp and a ring, each one with a different genius. The lamp was the supreme and the one in the ring a servant (my favorite) this one had normal size.>>

When I made an example of a fictional character in my post, I had a point to it.

What is yours?

<<Time travel to make my life better, my dreams to come true.>>

What are you saying? Your wish is your command?

Well I know I can't trust you with that power, you would abuse it.

<<For example, the job I got is frying burgers, let's say around...five hundred DAYLY ha great isn't it, and I get burn let's say...about often!>>

Sounds like your lazy to do anything to improve your life... I pity you. You would rather cheat, then work hard to earn success.

<<I promised to be clear, here I am. h <the very last "h" letter is a "key letter" (means happy)> quite wondering isn't it.>>

Do you think you were?

Clear that is?

<<Now here's a messagge to all ears (organ of hearing): this life has to change.>>

I don't understand
, and I understand alot of crazy things

However, I think you should say, "This life, I will change" instead of asking others to do it for you. It really sounds like your uneducated and lazy.

How about taking charge of your situation, and fight back from those that would hold you back. Free your self, and help others realize what's at stake if we don't act quickly. Isn't that a more meaningful life, then flipping burgers and wanting to cheat on life?

Sometimes, happiness is right under our noses. Maybe someday you'll take the initiative to look, and find yours, waiting for you all this time.

Javier C.
And you said: "I promised to be clear"

Yeah right. Nothing that you have said since you first came here and returned has been clear. And it is for that reason alone, that got you banned in the first place.

No wait a sec. I think you were clear at one time, if I recall correctly, you harassed and made it quite clear that you desired to be w/ Pamela.

And assumed that I was khum-si-khum-sa. I think maybe you are.

Your cryptic intentions are noticed by me, I have the courage to say this to you and inform others about it. For it's quite clear, you are not what you say you are. I have been quite accurate thus far in pointing out to people that someone is a liar, even before they know them. Exposing you and making it clear to everyone, is just a matter of time

So let's hear your confusing way of using the English language and excuse your actions this time.
You said: <<...but I realized that she doesn't exist nor the rest of the crew.>>

She exists... What crew?

What are you talking about?

<<That wonderful friendship is missing since I moved to US.>>

Your friend is your enemy?

Then he's not your enemy...

What country were you from before you came to the U.S.?

<<I know you are not like you pretend to be (angry) you're certainly having fun reading my stuff.>>

I never said I was angry, that's just how I am. A critic.

So you admit your intentionally speaking this way? You assume what you say is fun for people to read. You, who made excuses saying you were from another country and didn't understand the language that good, is saying that you think others find what your saying is fun?

So, why are you making excuses all the time saying you don't know why people are confused at what you’re saying, when your doing it on purpose? You said so your self, you would be clear. Then you say, you think I am having fun reading your stuff.

Your full of it Celebi.

<<My friend, why don't you create another board with a different subject>>

For your information, I did create another board; No body wants to talk about Anti-TimeTravel...

Want to try again?

-Javier C.
<<You know what <crew> I'm talking about...dob, shadow, vertigo, the "latest" maryjane, ect..and by knowing you and your reactions, I'm going to tell you what you will do after reading this (of course already said you wouldn't do it): You would put any of these guys saying something or as always talking in the "third person" about me. 1-Am I right or not? 2-Do you follow me?>>

No, I don't follow you.

I have nothing to do with Pamela's crew.

I don't need a pack to back me up. Whatever I have said to you, has been independent from what others have said to you.

<<Also when you were dob at that time I told you from which country I came from. If there's one making excuses is you my friend. Good try huh>>

That's funny, dob thought I was you...

<<..."the torch shows up after hitting the 15th" I'm a little afraid of you. >>

What are you saying?

Afraid of what?

-Javier C.
As another explains some interesting thoughts as to "why" would anyone want to travel Time?

Posted by: Chronos Technologies, Inc. (
Date: October 6, 2001 at 03:28
"But imagine if you could go back to the Library at Alexandria and digitally scan every book and scroll therein before the fire destroyed them all. Imagine if you could record Amelia Earhart's final flight from a high-altitude stealth aircraft. Imagine if you could place a hundred concealed high-resolution holo-recorders around Dallas on the day of President Kennedy's assassination.

Imagine if you could spend the final decade observing the last tribe of Neandertal Man before their extinction. Or watch the dinosaurs' extinction from an orbital station over the course of centuries. Imagine if you could take a few specimens back with you to your own timeline.

But if such scientific benefits don't convince you of time travel's value, then how about a more pragmatic and capitalistic benefit: You can go to Africa a million years in the past with a fleet of mobile laser drills and a map of the thousand richest diamond mines that would ever be discovered by man."

"What is the purpose" indeed.
---The Webmaster at "Chronos Technologies,Inc."
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://chronos.ws
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
<<Are you trying to confuse me? Your reactions are quite familiar to me...too late. >>

Vice-sa Versa...

Now you know how it feels…

<<Another thing, to me you don't have schedule, you don't need it? I mean "job" $$$$$ for instance. I need $$$$$, so I have to burn my hands dayly. What do you think? I expect a RE:RE:soon please. So, how about my new board proposal?? Take your time. >>

What are you talking about, today is Sunday, who works Sundays? Plus I receive an e-mail everytime there is a new message on the board
. Midas well reply to your confusing post and get it over with.

Everybody who lives on their own has to work for the $$$$. I don't know about you, but if you work hard, and show great leadership in what you do, maybe someday you'll move up in life, and won’t have to flip any more greasy burgers

And quit your whining about your job, no body likes their jobs. I'd rather be doing something else too. But that's why it's called a job, not happy time activity

Now, if you excuse me, I got to get to sleep now, and brace my self for another fun filled week of the same old B.S. office politics.

-Javier C.

I'm not fictional. and I'm definitely not TTA, and I have a strong suspicion Pamela is a real person, as well.

but, since there's no way for anyone to prove they are who they say they are (short of posting lots of private information on the internet), I'll just be happy with the fact that I know I'm me and not anybody else.

How did you get back here anyway, Celebi? what made them lift the ban? Just curious, I hope that's not an offensive question. I don't mean it that way.

I DO know a way to prove I'm me. I know how to spell "you're" correctly. "You're" as in you are. Not your, as Javier/TTA does. (Just read his post above, he uses "your" instead of "you're" constantly.) That happens to be a grammar pet peeve of mine.

so there. :p

anyway, how do we know YOU aren't Javier?
RE: actually

I thought you got banned from this message board awhile ago. I remember mop posting about it. am I wrong?
I was just wondering, if you were banned from here before, what happened to let you back in?
There ain't no-one here called Pam, just a pommy bloke in Oz with a lot of spare time on his hands!
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