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What about time travel?



dear "no con" and the rest

I'm a Christian and I love talking about the God and the Bible yet as a side interest, time travel. I'm not interested in all the charcter assasinations going on but the subject at hand... so here it is.

There were a group of scientis discussing the suns position relative to Calendar references.. the search has ben titled "The Missing Day"

Now If any on could help me varify the source of the story which goes:

The scientist used a coputer for the calculation but the results were off (im not sure but I believe by 27 or 3X hrs). So one of the Scientist remeber ther were 2 (possibly 3) incidents in the Bible where God stoped time for a brief period. ( once for King Hezekiah and another for a battle where the sun did not set for many hours)

The story goes on to say that after figuring in these incidents (note they are only found in the Bible, No other source in literature) That the claculations were exact matching the current positional fix of the day.

My Question. Can any one find evidence of this story or even the research. God is after all the master time "LORD" wether we believe or not.... " As for me and my house... we will serve the Lord"

Ill be watching for posts.
Two things.

1. The calendar has of course changed several times throughout history in attempts to reconcile the Earth's orbital position, relative to the Sun, not the position of the Sun itself. I think this is what you must mean by this. (Science AND the Church of course did not know the Earth revolved around the Sun until post Copernican/Galelleian times.) The Church resisted accepting the reality of the facts since it conflicted with current beliefs, much as SOME religious sects do today regarding evolution. Most religions do accept evolution, including the Pope, but there are of course still a few holdouts who refuse observable and provable evidence in leiu of belief, but alas all the belief in the world cannot make it so. As in the case with the Earth/Sun.

2. I am familiar with the Biblical account of the "missing day" or the day "The Lord made the Sun stand still." As to any scientific confirmation of when, or even aknowledgement of, this event, I cannot recall and I am an Astronomy Major, albeit undergraduate.

Can you recall who told you this confirmation exists? Some of the more consertive sects are known to claim "scientific evidence" for something that supports their specific conditional religious belief, but most are fabrications in an attempt to keep pace with, and refute, the latest discoveries.

If you go to the Web page above, they describe the whole thing as a hoax. 23 hrs and 20 minutes comes from Joshua asking God to keep the sun from setting for a day so his enemies couldn't attack him at night while his forces were still unprepared. The other 40 minutes come from King Hezekiah's request to move the Sun back rather than forward 10 degrees, which supposedly calculates to 20 minutes.

The author of this page doesn't explain why it is a hoax, only that it is and that it was reported as a hoax in Christianity Today. He also mentions a couple of other hoaxes such as a drilling team drilling down into Hell in Siberia, and the Social Security Administration accidentally sending out forms (supposedly ahead of time) that required the recipients to have a mark on their hand and forehead in order to recieve their benefits.

So it looks like you'ld be better served by reading up on quantum mechanics and the special and general theories of relativity.

Sorry to break the bad news.
Re:Re:What about time travel?

Do you suppose that would qualify it as a "rural" legend as opposed to an "urban" one?
Re:Re:Re:What about time travel?

Oh to be back in the 19th century! When all the legends were rural and none of them involved hijacked kidneys or improperly stored gerbils!
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