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Was the John Titor stroy ever disproved?

Exactly what do you think would it take to encase a black hole?

The Universe, is my answer.

The rest I do not work on, nor have I, but physicists are negative and think that is is ludicrous.

Spaceballs, the movie!

But then there is actually not a law against preaching Armageddon, by people who are not preachers, is there?

And if it is, then.........

The conversation is over, I guess!
People will believe anything. It doesn't take much. There is nothing whatsoever to support the claims made by John Tidor but that doen't make much difference. If you want "facts," you will not find them. They don't exist. Debate Time travel all you want. There is nothing wrong with that but the John Tidor story is baseless and losing steam daily.

Exactly what do you think would it take to encase a black hole?

The Universe, is my answer.

Well... JT did say the black holes he used were charged, and smaller than an electron (I think it's a reasonable assumption to say that the size is smaller than an electron because of relativistic shrinking of other particles, which would have to be spinning in a circle rather than moving at relativistic speeds in a straight line to stay on the vehicle).

Moving charges have magnetic fields. Superconductors provide a mirror image of magnetic fields which has the cool effect of making magnets float on top of them due to repulsion of the magnet whichever way it is facing. If the charged spinning black holes are placed inside a spherical superconductor, the magnetic repulsion will keep it near the center of that superconducting sphere. JT said the mass of each singularity was about 200 lbs, that gives it a pretty tiny event horizon, not hard to build a superconductor bigger. Not too far of a stretch to think that by 2034 we'll manage to come up with a superconductor that works at & above room temperature, not just 150 below.

Theoretically you could also have a charged sphere rather than a superconducting one, as long as the charge is kept always the same sign as the black hole inside it. Until someone accidentally shorts it to something...
What about all of his pictures? The manual? His predictions? Im actually suprised people dont actively pursue this more. Maybe Im missing something?
Re: Was the John Titor s-wamble yorpies?

Glug' what your not getting is that these are approximations of twin Kerr doublearities.

This black hole function, once it is established is a nonspecific boundary, which really had not event horizon, as a black hole does.

The idea behind the kerrs, was to prorogate an extendable boundary, from a zeropoint, inside of the said G.E. time displacement unit.

Not to have the twin microlarties, act as boundaries within the machine itself.

The outer boundary, is placed outside some eight feet away, from the displacement unit itself.

So the action of the now joined twin kerr boundaries, overlaps, instead of acts in the base of the machine?

What I had asked Darby Darbyshire, of Anomalies, is via what method do they inject electrons into the outer boundary, in order to gain plus or minus time values?

Darby said he did not know, or avoided the question to my recall.

However there has to be a method of injection of e values into the outerlarities, as without this, the nonspefic borders, will not attain either plus or minus time travel values?

The genesis point inside of the machine itself, is probably from rotational skills, which yields your superpoints?

The economy of the superconductors, in past P.M. Magazines, has been shown to be attainable at room temperature values, however much more expensive.

This article had been placed within a High Technology Magazine and showed how warmer room operating temperatures could be corresponded to, by the used of nobidium as well as other more expensively based materials.

However we are talking mythical 2036 here and who knows what materials they had at their disposal then....?

Blues of future past?

Thanks Glug'
Just look in the simple facts of the story. I've started to read these a mere 3 days ago. And of course I'm enthusiastic by the thought of the very possibility of. But some social applications of time travel possibility are not mentioned or exploited. We for instance work and develop a method called cryogenics. In a dim populated era, the time travel units should be utilized to preserve lives, however people in John's time die and are not brought into some sort of temporal stasis, or to futures with cures. There's a lot of skepticism even in John's own time regarding time travel, indicating that it is a more or less secret knowledge. Yet he posts here openly in our time, by the safety of being shielded by a shift that our time did not result in his, at least for 2 or 3 percent of it. Historians in the time line that will be the effect of ours will read his posts, and probably take measurements.

I must say I like the story and was for some time tempted to believe. I still believe in the possibility of time travel and as such, that out of time aliens must be among us. But I think they are wise to mainly pose as observers, unless they have a math, with practical application to realign time as wanted. But even then, think about how many calculations it would take to have everything as is and be sure of it. So from a psychological and sociological point of view, I'd say story disproved. I may argument this further at some point.
Time, and time, and time again.

Look at the original thread "I am from 2036".
Look at post from physicists.
Although physicists can not even agree on Einstein's formula:
E = MC^2

without some different ideas being presented.
If I may:



This thread(topics limited to 11 pages?" is currently still on TTI by this date of posting: You will have to paste the URL in as it is a long one.


"parallel universes" was saved because John posted a few things in it.
Currently it is still on TTI in this thread:

Re: Was the John , missing needed data.

Two problems that everyone is still dancing around, is the questions of Titor's machine and these question still have not been answered.

One is the identification of the container that holds all of the elements of the G.E. Time Displacement Unit that said Titor had used.

Moore came up with containers as said per say, however in a half hearted manner.

She really did not apply herself to this issue, nor did Darby of Anomalies seem to do the same?

This is a bigger console, may be a launch control center, portable, however this case has to be somewhere within the inventory.

Anyone care to find this?

Two, the method of injecting electrons into the doublearities again has not been established.

If your primary zeropoint is within the case, then the extension of this field, has to be some eight feet outside of the case, as your double boundary field.

Where is your primary injection point into the more distant outside field?

If this is inside the case at near true zeropoint, then the signature to the outside field, has to pass through the metal structure of the truck, which would make this a traveling neutrino?

You can't have this in classical as well as new physics, as the neutrino would have to be able to reconvert itself back into an electron.

The outer-boundary layer must in some way be connected to the central primary zeropoint, within the case workings?

This case in reality can not be metal either.

So the finding of what stile of case this is, for an electronics package, is of prime importants here.

Does everyone see what I'm talking about?

It's as if these jokers who suddenly rush onto this board to goof things up, come at an opportune time, to try and foul up this important aspect of this seeking?
Re: Was the John Titor s-wamble yorpies?


Sorry if I never answered your question about injecting electrons.

The short answer to the question is that he couldn't inject electrons into his 100 kg micro-BH. The radius of such an almost massless object would indeed be "less than that of an electron."

The problems are many but consider this:

Electrons don't have a radius - at least not in terms of quantum theory. They are very much smeared out.

But we can theorize a radius for electrons in the classical sense. So...

He had this extremely tiny BH and was using fuzzy smeared out electrons which are much larger that the BH. He was somehow supposed to fire them into the BH with very precise trajectories such that they not only added their -e charge but they also added to the angular momentum of the BH.

That simply cannot be done. He would have to know the precise location of both the BH and the electron. However, the BH, whenit has just one -e charge, has prescisely the same charge as the electron. The BH is going to tend to reject the next electron. So...he's going to have to fire the electron at the BH with a very high velocity. Now he knows a lot of information about the electron's velocity. But he can't have it both ways - he can't know to some arbitrary degree of precision both the location and velocity of the electron. Uncertainty as to both the location and velocity of the electron starts to build...he ends up knowing to little about both for it to be useful information.

Give enough time he might get a few -e charges to "stick". When that happens the negative charge on the BH becomes huge relative to the charge of a single electron. From that point on he might get one electron per several hundred trillion to "stick."

But he isn't going to be able to get them to enter at the precise trajectory required to get the angular momentum to always be additive...they will enter the BH in a rather random fashion.

But let's give him a lot of time and electrons (as well as dumb luck - and we suspend reality in so far as physics in general goes)...he manages to build a huge negative charge and angular momentum on the (now) Kerr-Neumann Black Hole.

It is now an extremal black hole - the ring singularity expands and has a radius in excess of the event horizons. He ends up exposing a naked singularity. That is not a good thing. Lot's of very weird things occur and he would have absolutely no control over them. It would not be a time travel device at all but it would be a very dangerous and out-of-control "event creator."

Again, the short answer: he couldn't inject electrons so there's no way to explain how he did it. It's just a piece of sci-fi that made it's first appearance here at TTI.
Re: Was the John Titor s-wamble yorpies?

How he probably did it:

The Tripler centers should have been created machines to high tolerances, constructed out of both machine parts, plus rare Earth elements, placed in a short tem semi cryo field.

Under load, the first singularity established in effect, is close to these mechanisms only.But know in field, a double annulus forms and the second boundary, which annihilates electrons, matter and field, generates on the outside of the second field, which is some eight feet away.

This is why in what Pamela put forward, the heat was so intense, that the windows had to be rolled up.

It may have been that effecting electrons, were placed to the seconds shell, via an inject elevator mechanics.

This was said due to the inverse characteristic of the nature of the first singularity, so both in the establishment and creation of the second field, electrons needed to add plus or minus zerotime, materialize along with the outer boundary.

This via controls on the face of the unit, would be how direction in time would have been achieved.

Double-arity is the proper term, "or at least should be"?; to describe the outer boundary, as this describes the Kerr field, which is a nonspecific series of a said twin black hole field.
Re: Was the John Titor s-wamble yorpies?


I'll say the heat would be intense...like several million degrees. The "surface" of the sun is only ~5600 degrees. And the heat would be coming from inside the Chevy pick-up where the Hawking Radiation is being emitted. It would be radiating hard gamma radiation on top of it - hard as far into the cosmic ray spectrum.

Maybe he stopped at Sears in Tampa and bought a swamp cooler to hang out his window.
good god (I`m not as religious as John) ... John has really created huge ripples with his stone (pictures and wisdom this time).

Was the John Titor stroy ever disproved? you ask ...

no I don`t think it has ... I think it has been more proved than disproved ...
but a mule walks the path he knows no matter how hard you beat it ... Interesting.
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