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Was the creator mad???



Like an invetor, or a publisher, or a maker, it would foolish for them to tell anyone the secrets of their lifes' work prior to exposing it to the public. It would be better to be criticised after your achievements, by then the work is done and no one is able to undo what is done. If at anytime during the creators works, there were critics the work would never be finished.
Was the creator mad to leave us with less powers than we have now ?
Did the creator set limits, for what we can do?
Or did the creator know the human behaviour, and felt that it was not wise to give humans more (or other sorts of) powers?
Did he think that free will would be sufficient?
What would happen if we had more power types of powers?

But what is true, the critics have eggs on their faces.
This may sound like an anthropocentric comment, but I believe that of all the things that the Creator experiences when working with or viewing his creation, the most interesting are the thoughts and ideas of humans and other intelligent life forms.

It seems that he created us in such a way that we had to claw and scratch for thousands of years to gain very small increases in our understanding of the universe and our ability to move within it and act upon it ourselves.

However, it now seems that technology is advancing rapidly and our abilities to move through and act upon the universe are increasing in proportion.

Although I can't fly by flapping my arms or telekinetically lifting myself off the ground, I can buy a ticket and fly thousands of miles in a few hours with the aid of a regularly scheduled flight.

I believe that at some point in the not too distant future (~ 100 years from now) we will have the opportunity to trade in our current bodies for either genetically perfected ones, robotic ones, or some combination of the two. Like Inspector Gadget, we may be able to fly on our own or do amazing things with the "bodies" we have.

Of course some people (probably myself included if I am still alive) will resist having our bodies replaced, but others won't, and they will be the ones to lead "humanity" into the future.

I think that the Creator is watching all of this with great interest. I don't know if he will be for or against us creating our own forms of life or modifying ourselves so much as to be unrecognizable by earlier humans. He may put an end to it all before this happens, or he may just let us go on our merry way as we create forms of life that are more suitable for space (and even time) travel.
Re:Re:Genetic, Robotic, or Virtual?

Yes the human form is changing. But there is a problem.
We seem to be getting bigger. IE our bodies are actually growing in size (and many people are getting fatter). This is ocurring mostly in countries of high achievement(this is debatable). I think this will make time travel more difficult for us to achieve. As we get closer in solving the answer for time travel, the bigger and fatter we are becomming. So when we do find the answer on how to travel, our genetic size will cause a bigger problem than we think.
However, if we start now to reduce our body size, the easier it will be for the human race to time travel in the future, or even travel to other worlds for that matter. (to be cont.)

So lets all try and become more smaller and more liquid!!!!!!
Re:Re:Re:Genetic, Robotic, or Virtual?

I believe that you missed my point. At some point in the future we will probably be able to transfer our consciousnesses to pretty much anything, e.g. toaster oven, cell phone, chia pet. So size won't be a problem.

In fact, a la Lawnmower Man, we maybe able to transfer our consciousness to a set of bits that could theoretically travel anywhere on the internet, etc.

This would then make Time Travel (or space travel) much easier. Instead of trying to send a human body through space or time, you would load up a person's consciousness in some sort of computer memory and then transport that to some other location. You would probably also have to send along some machine or nano-machines to recreate a person from the consciousness locked in the memories.

You could probably put the whole shebang in a rather small and lightweight package.

In any case, you are right in that most of us could spare a few pounds!
I don't mean to continually attack your religious beliefs since religious faith is anyone's personal matter and issue, but there are times when it seems to me that certain individuals abandon all logic in favor of some mysticism that I simply cannot understand.

You appear to be a person who believes in a single God, but you use the analogy of the inventor or writer as an illustration of why the Creator would want to hold back knowlege. As if there were other Gods He was competing with. Is this your belief? That there are multiple Gods, each rolling dice to see who can come up with the cleverest universe? Trying to beat each other to the punch in each case?

You say this criticism would cause the work to remain unfinished. What makes you think it IS finished, if of course I concede that it was ever started in the first place which I don't. The truth for me is that I do not know.

I am totally baffled by your comfort with living as the creation of some higher being(s) who control your every thought, movement and destiny. If I read you correctly, that IS what you are saying is it not?

I truly mean no offense by any of this but it is a mindset I really cannot fathom. If by the nature of my utter disbelief that any of this could be happenning to me, I wind up with egg on my face, how could that possibly matter to me at all? After all, by your definition, I'm not even in control of my own scepticism. Having egg on my face because of it seems almost oxymoronic under the circumstances. If I'm programmed to disbelieve, how could that possibly embarrass me? After all, I'm not responsible for my own disbelief am I.

You baffle me totally my friend. I'm sure I must do likewise for you since I freely admit that I do not know even if there IS a God or not, let alone several. And I'm perfectly comfortable with that.

Re:Re:WHO TO BLAME ! ! !

Logic? Does 'logic' have an outcome? Yes, it does. Where does it come from then?

What would be the outcome of no religion? Maybe anachy!!!
So you should be happy your not already dead. I think Ive made my point on this. But keep refering to the question anyway.

Now then, it seems you have miss interpreted the question of 'why has god held back knowledge?'. God has held back knowledge from his creation, not from competitors!! So that the creation would complete its agenda. So there are no competitors!!

Who do you blame for the limits god has given us ?

Certainly not god.
The limits god has given have all been negotiated. The negotiations had been made by people(from the past) with god, through, messengers and prophets. Wether you like what the people had negotiated for you or not , you are stuck with it. If you believe that god had other ideas for his creation, you would be right.

So far I believe god has stuck to the negotiations, and any outcome of any action wether good or bad has been negotiated!!!!

So why not use positive logic and see what the outcome will be!!!!!!!
Re:Re:Re:WHO TO BLAME ! ! !

Well I'll tell you what guy, rather than get into an argument here over religious beliefs, (there are other forums for that) I'll simply tell that I don't buy into what you are saying here at all. Period.

If we disagree on this, so be it. I guarantee there is NO way you'll ever be able to come up with any logic that will get me to accept what you say here. I mean no offense by this, but it is the way it is.

If you want ot have a discourse on issues relative to Time Travel, (which is what this board is about), I'll enjoin with you. But I'm not going to perpetuate a religion debate here. Suffice it to say, you have your beliefs, (which still baffle me and will continue to), and I have my views on the issue which you likewise do not accept.

OK. I can live with that, but I'm infinitely glad I'm not you.

Enjoy your servitude.
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