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WARNING!!! Time Travel Activists plot to destroy time itself!!!


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the name speaks for itself,
I have already been in conflict with them about Steven Gibbs and "Tazberg".

I need a group of people to stop them AT ALL COSTS!!! please email me at [email protected] The future of mankind is in your hands!!!
I can see why time travel or at least the technology will never be discovered in my life time or our lifetimes
I hope that if and when it will be discovered
it wouldn't have someone with the likes of someone who aposes time or voes to destroy it
If time travel exists at all, then it exists in all times: past present and future. That's what time travel means, in my opinion.
Time travel actavist can not be convinced of anything but his own beliefs no matter how much they oppose science. I was trying to tell him about the infinite universe theory and he just dismissed it. he is not a scientist.
Scientist, if you got something to say to me, say it to me. Not behind my back in another post.

-Javier C.

p.s. I never claimed to be a scientist. You assumed I did.
Does this guy actually mean you, TTA, or just Time Travel Activists in general? He consistently uses the plural (Activists, them). Maybe there are other Activists against time travel out there.
No Janus, Scientist is referring to me. He's using the singular tense; Activist, He, him. He's talking to me.

If you got something to say Scientist, say it where I can find it. What kind of scientist are you to talk behind people's backs. Be a man and say it to me, not to everyone.

-J. C.
I an a little rusty on my biblical history. Who is Gilgamesh supposed to be?

This thread is totally confusing to me. Destroy time? Being against some thing (time travel) that has not been proven to exist yet?

Me, I am against PIXIES. It seems that those evil little nomes might just be hiding under any old rock some where. We should find them and stamp them out right now, just to be on the safe side.

What if the Aliens have been time traveling? What are you going to do about it? Call the cops and have them arrest a flying sauser?
Shadow, from what I know Gilgamesh is a character from a Video game "Final Fantasy 5" I think.

And if Aliens are Time Traveling, our best defense would be to have the government expose the cover up. And then once everyone knows the truth, we can either sue the government for lying to us all, or create a defense so this won't happen again.

Like create a Resistance, a group of people oppose to them. We have organizations for everything nowadays. I think mine would be just perfect for that, check out my website http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/ left me know what you think.

-J. C.
Areas and aspects of time could be destroyed, that is altered, just as three dimentional spaces can be altered and oblitereated, but with what we have, unless you can affeect the sixth dimention good luck at taking out all the alternitive realities, and therefore time.
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