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VGA Monitor - Virtual Time Machine



As I believe that Human are not necessary to travel time to future or past physically. We may calculate the Future or Past screen accurately and view it on our personal computer VGA LCD monitor. Theoritically, current public VGA possible pictures combination are (assume 1024x768 24bits color)

(2^24)^(1024x768) where ^ is power of

from the above huge combinations, we can imagine that we put a web cam with such resolution at a point(x,y,z, at time t) in the universe. Then the web cam send back signal to our PC and view the picture on screen. The data signal of web cam send back can be interpreted as mathmatical function in order of i,j pixel from web cam accross x-axis, y-axis, then
color at i,j of web cam = f(x,y,z,t)
when i plot from 1 to 1024 and loop j plot from 1 to 768, 1 picture formed(future or past). We need a Phyics scientist or Matematical lecturer to find this "Time function" and Super Computer to calculation(may be distributed PC has such power)!
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    Mylar Mylar: I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to...