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Universal Scale (The BIG and the small)...



Consider the possibility of each and every sub-atomic particle within every atom as being an entire universe! Now consider the possibility of OUR universe being an electron in some gigantic universe! Consider an infinite numer of universes that are MUCH BIGGER than ours, and concider an infinite number of universes that are much smaller than ours. Consider an infinite number of "Mikes" submitting this very same message to an infinite number of Time Travel Institute forums! Consider an infinite numer of "you's" reading this comment!

You're traveling through another dimention........
As we are not there, and these "diemsions" are not relative, we can't see them, hear them or feel them, we don't know they exist and cannot be sure - and technically in our own temporal dimension nothing exists until it is relative - i mean it would be "inconvenient" for something to do so.

Your comment is a popular concept of the Multiverse theory, where every event happens in another, parallel dimension.

But until we are "in" this dimension, it is entirely correct to say it doesnt exist.

Adversly we can always argue that it exists in our minds as we "imagine" it, then it is in the same place as the "real" world, everything in the form of memories.

I personally don't see teh point in having an infinate number of universes, I think the multiverse theory is just an imporant concept that we may indeed be in contril of our own lives, in the form that we are not ruled by fate but free-will, we "choose" the dimension.

Peter J. Attwood
The signpost up ahead ...

Have you seen the "signpost up ahead"...? Just wondering.
Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

The species is in the twilight of it's naivette. The universe of intelligent worlds beckons. All we need do to enter the next plateau is forfeit our delusions of being unique and at the center of everything, for this is what humans have believed for centuries and continue to believe despite the rather obvious evidence cited in EtiGrail to the contrary. Peekskill/Jupiter was no more random or natural than this writing is: both can be perfectly understood, even if neither can be directly proven to be something other than "monkeys" typing away at random and accidentally hitting upon something legible.
Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

I whole-heartedly agree that our universe most likely contains other intelligent worlds besides our own, but I'm not so sure about the conclusions that the author reached in the "EtiGrail" web site. It sounds more like the practice of numerology to me. Some of the coincidences he comes up with are quite astonishing, but most of them stretch the imagination. We can find surprising mathematical correlations in just about anything we care to explore, if we work hard enough at it. For example; somewhere in New York City there must be a street address number 666. Is that where the Devil lives? Is the street haunted? Do people who live at that address go to a Satanic church on thursdays? Get my point?

You're putting too much faith in the Media by making the comment "Peekskill/Jupiter was no more random or natural than this writing is". People reached very weak conclusions based on the minimal amount of "evidence". We see a newspaper picture of a damaged vehicle which was reportedly struck by a meteor. That's IT! No spaceship, no aliens, no radar sightings, nothing! It certainly was an unusual event, but that in itself doesn't lead to the conlusion that some alien with a perfect aim hurled a bolder at a car's tail light! GIVE ME A BREAK! If you believe that, then I got a bridge to sell you!
Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

I'm not 100% sure of the my conclusions either; personally, I'm only about 90% sure, and, speaking empirically, only 50% sure. But I also realize that anything more than this degree of certainty would be much more than we're ready for. An advanced agency should realize this also, that if they had provided 100% surety about their co-existence they would have caused a massive upheaval in our world. As far as they're probably concerned, we're still a baby that has barely learned to walk much less co-mingle with advanced, spacefaring intelligences. Their interest was clearly NOT to interfere in our development and history but rather to take our temperature, as it were, at that singular moment when we stood up all by ourselves and for the very time to look around for evidence of others like ourselves, to give the slightest nudge or impetus to that brave and logical notion that we're not alone in the vastness of creation.

The thing about Peekskill?Jupiter is that you don't have to look hard to find articulate coincidences. They're on the surface like nuggets, or, if you like, "pearls... You can pick them up or you can pass them by.
Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

It is possible to scientifically test the validity of your objection by substituting randomly generated detail-values for those found articulate. When you do, you'll find no such natural propensity for strong articulation. For example, nothing conveys the aptness of Peekskill; try this with fifty randomly generated towns and you'll see what I mean. The choice of Peekskill was "perfectly" apt under the circumstances. "PEEK SKILL, baby."

Now try the same test with all the other details discerned. What is the probability of all 30 parameters being so "right on" under the historic cicumstances? It's like rolling dice 30 times and getting snake-eyes every time. It just doesn't happen -- not unless the dice are loaded.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

Sorry, pal, but I don't buy it! The author is doing logic and math that "force" a desired result. For example: Take the last three digits of the license plate and divide the number by the number of letters in the word Chevrolet (because that is the make of vehicle that was hit). Then take the reciprocal and divide it by 9 (the month this happened). The result is the date my father-in-law was seen eating peanuts in front of the T.V. while watching "The Twilight Zone". There now, that "proves" the rock was hurled by an alien!!! The author's other "coincidenses" are just as silly! One thing is for shure, he gets a lot of publicity over this event!

By the way, do you believe in Santa Claus?
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

If this event was inspired by NASA's activation of the High resolution Microwave Survey, then logically any message returned should relate to this fact. The numbers "933" relate and have everything to do with NASA's choice of symbolic "TIMING." These particular numbers, just by coincidence I suppose, pack a lot of salient information and commentary.

9 -- Oct 9 (date of Peekskill event)
3 -- days to HRMS
3 -- days to BIG 500

3 x 3 = 9 or (HRMS) X (BIG 500) = Peekskill

Everything was covered here, succinctly, completely and elegantly.

This was just one of the 30 or more articulating "coincidences" surrounding this event.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

Okay, let's just say, for the sake of argument, that these articulating "coincidences" do in fact have a strong correlation. It just doesn't make sense why an intelligent being would play games with us in the forms of mathematical puzzles and riddles! Why would they want to tease us into believing they exist? Either they want to knock on our door and say "here I am" or they absolutely do not want us to know they exist. I don't see the purpose in them hurling a rock at a car with a particular license plate number on a particular day! It just doesn't make sense! That kind of nonsense we see in Sci-Fi movies!
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:The signpost up ahead ...

It's difficult to second guess the motivations of an alien intelligence with any degree of certainty. You have to take what you're given and go from there. What they've given us here is nothing more or less than a mystery: an event that looks and reads like it's nonrandom and unnatural. If so (let's say there's a good probability of this), there's really only one other thing it could be.

Having said this, I have no trouble guessing what they're up to here. The message is clear enough. First of all, they are not giving us any handle on their whereabouts, appearance, name, planet of origin. They are giving us a glimpse ("peek") at some of their capabilities, and they are giving us what seems to be a friendly warning from those who know better: better watch what you say and do when broadcasting and/or dealing with other intelligent worlds; and, better "survey" what's going on in your OWN backyard before "surveying" anyone else's.

Dinner's on the table, so I have to go, but I'll followup with this a little later.
What for -- Part II

Okay, back from din-din. Actually it makes more sense than you might imagine. Fact is I can't think of anything else they could have done to deliver a detailed and profound message without violating the "prime directive" (as it were), by interfering with a naive, planet-bound (and probably quite dangerous) world like ours. Disclosing themselves to scientists, governments and the "mainstream" would indeed be tantamount to "interference." Big time interference.

Anyway, as metaphors go, I think their use of a comet (Shoemaker-Levy 9) and a meteor (Peekskill meteor) was a stroke of brilliance worthy of an advanced mind. Throughout human history, comets and fireballs have been thought to be portents of great things to come. Of course, they have also been seen as harbingers of catastrophe and doom. I guess our destiny depends on what we do .. in the 3rd millenium or 21st Century, that is. If nothing else else, their sense of timing is exquisite. Beyond this, I find their method of communicating exhibits an elegance and beauty where mere words would have been as millstones. The more I learn about these two events, the more awed I become.

Thanks for writing.
Re:The signpost up ahead ...


I read that site about 2 weeks ago or so & found some of the evidence, or s'posed evidence to be jam hot, Just to name 1 was after they had done an analysis of the rock, they discovered that the entry trajection didnt match the entry that a rock of this make up would enter, A rock of this particular make up should have entered the earth not only at a different angle but from another direction. Of course 10 million years ago 2 large rocks in that belt could have crashed or what ever & put this particular rock on a different path, but when you include the other coincedances its good thinking.

Re:What for -- Part II

Well Mr. Graewolf, I think we've beat this one to death! We obviously have our differenses about this "Peekskill" event, but that's what makes us human. AND that's what makes us FREE! Thank God we live in a country where we can express our views and opinions, no matter how strange or unorthodox they may be.

Many years ago, when I had the tendency to do more dreaming and less reasoning, I would hope like crazy that some alien civilization would come to earth and save us humans from ourselves. Now, a little older, and a lot wiser, I tend to not get so obsessed with wishful thinking about our future being visited by space men. If they have in fact visited us before, or are visiting us now, they have done a very good job of keeping their presence secret and unobtrusive. I firmly believe that they would not "tease" us with silly little mathematical riddles (like peekskill). It just doesn't seem "intelligent" or even "elegant" for them to do such a thing. When they are ready, I believe they will come upon us like gangbusters. Yes, we will panic, but when the dust clears, we'll get over it!

Thanks for the dialog. It's been fun!

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