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There is supposedly reports of Russia gathering troops in canada, and china gathering troops in mexico. I dont know but could it be in any relation to john titors 2015 russian attack on america?

sources: http://www.ufolab.info/chinesetroops.htm

The truth is this is still one of those "rumors" and "conspiericy theorys" but... if it were true it could be related to titors war...

i should stop providing fuel to titor believers /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
i highly doubt thats true. as dumb as bush is, the chinese and russians cant exactly play his unpredictability to their advantage. if they for some reason invaded, their troops might not have a country to return home to.
also, at the sacrifice of a few thousand men, tactical nukes could wipe out vast amounts of chinese armies (considering they have roughly 1 billion + people in their armed forces(no dont hold me to this, it was a guess pulled out of my ass, im thinking ballpark))
I don't think that they would pull it off.

This would also cause international consternation., concerning the attempted invasion.

Russia in the past had border clashes with China, on their Northern frontier and these were repulsed.

This would certainly calamitous, for the Chinese, if these were to do something such as an attempted invasion of U.S. southern borders.

This act would also centrally endanger trade relations with the U.S. in the future and disgrace those in Peking, who would have allowed this.This certainly would cause a regime change in the ruling powers that be, in central Chinese government.

As for Germany on the Northern borders, this would be a financial disaster for some element of Germany's international economy, too great to risk, if this were say under the flag of the U.N.

If these incursions said by Titor, were to happen, I would be really surprised.

If they fail, then where will the failed generals and planners go, who thought this up?

They would be people without a country and be considered persona non gratta and never be able to hold military positions, at least know to the public at all.

Future trade relations with Mexico and the U.S. would also certainly be flushed down the tubes.
U.S. will not willingly cut or limit trade with China no matter what. 85% of the products at Wal-Mart come from China. U.S. is so concerned about their "standard of living" that would change dramaticly without cheap Chineese slave labor.
well if that doesnt get your attention (i know thats a fake) this might http://www.vallejonews.com/articles/index.cfm?artoid=145212 ...

Heres an excerpt:

"In a recent interview with Cigar Afficianodo magazine, General Tommy Franks says that if another attack on the U.S. occurs which results in high casualties, the constitution will likely be scrapped in favor of a military dictatorship."

By the way (so i dont get complainers) both of these articles ive shown you were also posted on abovetopsecret.com 's forums by other people.
I am well aware that we are headed toward fascism. The Patriot Act gives the government justification to arrest anyone by calling them a terrorist. I've said for 10 years that police do not pull people over for going 5 mph over the speed limit because they want everyone to do it so that they can pull over whomever they wish. People who drive the speed limit are a nusence (sp?) and are an exception, not a rule, at least in Wisconsin and Illinois. If G.W. feels that he might lose the election we can be GUARANTEED a terrorist attack and the full-fledged enstatement of a police state as a result in the name of homeland security. Hook-line-sinker for the baby boomers and their ignorant offspring who don't have brains of their own.
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