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umm problem?


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Anyone ever had a problem when your eye's see's everything moving at a fast pace.. even yourself, and the voices around you. is it possible to speed up time like that on one's perspective, because I use to have them when I was a child, but not lately. It like gave me a headache, and umm I tried to stop it, but the only way to stop everything was just to try to calm myself down. Even when im having it, and im in the dark, everythings moving so fast still, even though i can't see, i can feel it. It was crazy, I ran downstairs then i ran into my brothers room, and i told him to smack me in the face, and he was like "wtf" then im like smack me smack me, and he smacked me, and i ended up running back upstairs. I had these like a few times, extremely chaotic. I haven't had them anymore though. I can probably try to bring that problem back if i really concentrate, but i rather not.

Other than that, i could have mental problems.
Good to see someone else is up this early.

Maybe the world didn't speed up, maybe you slowed down.
But I would assume that it's an ADD/ADHD problem resulting from some sort agitation.
Not necessarily the disorder itself, but a faction of it.
Was there any consitencies with these times? did you do something to start it? or did the just happen? similar circumstances? ect.

I'll post more later...
Dear Unbeat,

Throughout history homosapiens has had the capability to alter perception. It is sometimes associated with religious rites, or meditation or sweat lodges, or taking mind altering drugs.

Altering perception for seeking truth and visions is nothing new.

I, personally believe, with no proof to back it up except my own experience, that we are more capable of altering our perceptions today than in the recent past. Maybe some evolutionary step? Maybe this ability was latent while our minds worked to grasp more scientific ideas. I am referring to generational predilections, like IQ that are passed genetically down the line.

{I also want to note, for me, I do not attribute any ideaology with this human experience. I think that can be a dangerous path.}

So. You had this unnerving experience that frightened you and was unexpected. Your perception of the world changed from what you are normally aware of. You have to remember, mankind has a collectively agreed upon perception of the world, otherwise, society couldn't organize. But it is possible to have other perceptions of life.

I might put forth that you had a very special experience, and you could read and learn more about what happened to you. You could learn to not to be afraid of it. You may even learn to control it and have it happen at will?

Congratulations! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
is it possible that your memories are what's been sped up, and you create the rushed feelings to go with the memory?

have you ever experimented with any hallucinogens?

keep all possibilities open
Hi Relativity,

Sounds perfectly feasible to me. Like a flash of memories surfaced.

Ultimately, it was your personal experience, only you can really search and find it's meaning or lack-there-of. You can investigate it better than anyone else on this planet, (or beyond /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif).

You have to keep in mind that perception of time is a manmade construct. The perception can be altered or subjective.

Like the saying a watched pot of water never boils. Or the sense of anticipation for an event can make a minute seem like an hour, or "time flies when you are having fun". These are simple addages, that I think give insight to how we perceive time subject to our inner consciousness, so to speak.

Ah, yes, when I was young and stupid, many eons ago, I did dabble and experiment. I did not like it.

I have found it much more compelling and healthy to alter one's perception when one is stone clod sober.

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
whats weird was it happened in 2 ways. It happened during when im sleeping, and i wake up feel like i had a nightmare all sweaty and stuff or it would happen when im awake, and i can feel it when it comes too. I can't really stop it either, just happens. its a bitch too. Feels like i can control what im doing, so i tried to calm down, and i feel like im breathing like 20 breaths per second. I remember i get really upset too at the end of it because its hella annoying, and extremely insane. so i dunno?
that's pretty odd. I don't have a clue. I recomend seeing a doctor if you can, one that deals in sleep, there's a sleep hospital or something in washington state, seattle I think.
Dear Unbeat,

Have you read anything about lucid dreaming? There are people in which astral projection happens to then spontaneously. It often runs in the family. They often report waking, and then being panicked because they can not move. It is like their spiritual body has been doing double time, unbeknownst to them.

You sound like someone that something similar is happeneing to you. I understand the physical and emotional reactions are absolutely real and can be very unsettling.

You need more information. Go to the library or bookstore and look around. I bet you will hit on something that sounds very very familiar.

That is my advice for whatever it is worth.

I have had experiences that took me awhile to live with too. Once, I was alone in an apartment and the walls started to "breath". I was sober, I was scared, but ultimately, I found it made sense to myself. Like meditating and feeling one with the universe. At first it was frightening.

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
Dear Unbeat,

I have given you advice to look into altered perceptions, lucid dreaming etc.

But, I would be remiss if I did not suggest that you might have had an anxiety attack.

Personally, I think that is only a medical description of symptomology.

A person who has a "vision" and is sane and can incorporate this human event into their lives, this same person could be said to be hallucinating.

Great strides have been made in medically treating people who can not function in our world because of human perceptions and experiences. But to me that does not negate the possibility that these events are a part of living and that more may meet the eye than what can be explained by medicine to date.

Before going to the doc and getting a pill, I would try to figure it all out on your own terms first. If you have explored those avenues to no avail, and this type of event keeps happening and interferes with your normal life activities, then seek help from a mental professional. There is absolutely nothing anyone should feel weird about in doing so. No stigma. It is like going to the doctor for a chronic cough or something.

The thing is, it gets sticky between what is spiritual and what is considered "not" spiritual by the experiencer who finds they want to be free of the experience. Whether or not it works either way, I don't know. Actually, I am now perfectly confused by the spiritual-medical thing. I think both are right and wrong at the same time. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong