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Ufo's and time travel


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Ufo\'s and time travel

I have another theory about ufo's.They may be us in a future time frame they are humanoid like us but have thinner features maybe the result of prolonged space travel or evoloutionary development the loss of muscle mass FROM 0 gravity enviroments and the abilty to travel back in time whatever the case there is something going on and FROM case study to case study people have felt a connection to them and a primal fear of them but they simply may be us, we are looking at are selfs some day in the future
And they are wondering why these creature's have become what they are in there time frame maybe they have lost something that we have? what the hell that is i dont know,But anyway hehe think of it just by them being here and in the past they may have inspired flight and science to the point where they could be who they are space fairing creature's with xtremely advanced minds or maybe they are changing there futures?So they may gain more benefits for them selves without loosing there humanity who knows this only an idea i had after a ufo sighting.

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RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

I agree that UFO's are humans FROM the future. I read on another web page that 'time machines will never be invented because there are no future tourists.' But I think that UFO's are future tourists. For one, the web site talks about time and mass in a spinning saucer. A Flying saucer.

I also agree that they are us, just smaller, because if you look at a 16 year old girl FROM the 1940's and compare to a 16 year old FROM today. The 16 year FROM today is much smaller that the one FROM the 40's. Also, if you look at a 16 year old FROM the 1940's you would think she is in her 30's, cause of her size. So we are getting smaller
RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

I thought we were getting taller because of better nutrition. And I don't think we'll look like the greys in the future. I think we'll just look younger, because there is sexual selection for neoteny, which is the retention of juvenile characteristics INTO adulthood. This is also how we evolved FROM the apes. Go to www.neoteny.org for evidence.

So if you see any six-foot people who look six years old, you'll know that they are FROM about 1.5 million years in the future. (This DATA is based on the size of various body parts of Homo erectus.)
RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

i sherie have studied the mataphysics everyday for 7 years i live eat and drink metaphysics i do time travel in my dreams i go to the past and the future i also do healings over there i also have had alien contact there energies do not match human energies they are around us, because they want to try to take over that is why there have been so many abductions because, they want to enterbreed with humans so they can become like us the year 2012 will be coming soon and only the chosen ones will be ascending to other galaxies mankind beter wake up and start smelling the roses we all need to join together and try to stop these idiots who are fighting in these countries because if it doesnt stop its just gonna keep spreading and the end could happen before the year 2012 also the angels are working hard to try to keep everyone together so we need to start passing this message of pease because over on the other side there are all differnt kinds of religions but everyone prays together and loves eachother so why cant we do that here speaking of time travel and other dimensions we are all an illusion.

your truly,

RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

As I have opinionated in a previous post ('An interesting theory on the greys'), I donot believe that we could naturally evolve INTO such a wierd creature, and I lightly touched the subject of natural selection.

A lot of people have been discussing this theory of the grey appearance and big eyes being some sort of bio-suit, this is perfectly possible.

Back to natural selection, think about it - Natural selection is practically non-existant in most human cultures today. Simply because we don't live truly 'natural' lives! We have vaccines and hospitals, sheltered homes, we don't have to hunt food we just need the money to buy it, so it is now a case more of survival of the financially fittest.

So this means evolution as we know it has grinded down to a almost complete halt becuase there is no longer natural selection in humanity - Nature is not 'selecting' the fittest, strongest, healthiest people. Even unfit, unhealthy or unattractive people may find partners and have offspring.

What does this also mean? Redundancy in the human gene pool. While technology may be increasing and medicine to combat illness, defective genes are carrying and not being selected out! At the same time, cancers and other illnesses are gradually on the increase, of course this is also part environmental and lifestyle influenced.

The DNA is a very effectient system. It has copied down FROM generation to generation for millions of years even with other species that breed more frequently, and life is still going strong! However, try copying a tape cassette FROM one tape to another and another and so forth... The quality quickly decreases, it loses clarity and becomes 'noisy'.

Despite DNA's ability to copy efficiently, far far more efficiently than a magnetic audio cassette, gradually over time, even with a strong natural selection, genetic clarity is bit by bit decreasing, genetic 'noise' is gradually building up, and the fact that even the unfit survive doesn't help!

Now I'm not at all suggesting at all that mass genocides are a good thing they are terrible torturous things nobody deserves to be killed like that and for that cause.

But nevertheless there is a problem. Perhaps in the future the genetic code is in tatters, to the point where a normal, healthy fit baby becomes a rarity. Perhaps the people in the future have severely overhauled and re-engineered the human DNA code for this purpose, and if alien abductions are actually our future descendants, then this would EXPLAIN the cross-breeding and taking of DNA samples!

But does anyone know at all the health and fitness of the average abductee? This would be interesting to know. Do Unhealthy, unfit people ever get abducted and have their DNA taken?

The reason why there was evolution is because of natural mutation. There is no such thing as a 100% perfect copy of DNA, especially with as complex as human DNA. The odds are, say 0.00001% of genetic makeup at least will be copied incorrectly, sometimes this amount may be greater, leading to a slight mutation. If this mutation is a bad one like deformed limbs, in the wild this person would most likely not survive long or bear offspring so nature selects them out.

However if this is a beneficial mutation (like longer, more useable fingers, or difference in skeleton to improve walking on two legs etc etc) They may have an advantage and they will proliferate offspring. Of course this process occurs in tiny tiny steps over thousands upon thousands of years. An ape didn't one day give birth to a human. The processwas many countless steps over countless generations. This is evolution!
RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

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Yes, but sometimes out of the weak strive the strong! The weak can surpass the strong and can offer very special gifts to mankind!

Look at Mozart, Hawkins, Helen Keller! two midgets can produce a normal child! There are so many debilitated and handicapped people in the world that have contributed to humanity (science, arts, sports, technology) more than the average normal human could ever do in its life span!

Even the strongest tree can survive in the weakest soil and in the harshest conditions!

Which tells us there is a stronger force that redirects us!

RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

If I might also add,

Julius Caesar the emperor of Rome and his offspring had epilepsy!

RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

<< these creature's have become what they are in there time frame maybe they have lost something that we have >>

Maybe they are coming back in the star ship Enterprise to take a whale to the future where they are extinct. Watch out San Francisco! Anybody watch Star Trek?
Re: Ufo\'s and time travel

Wow, I find it really exciting that all of these people are thinking along similar lines concerning aliens/greys. For quite sometime, I have thought they could be US from the future, returning for some purpose,ie maybe there is some future cataclismic catastrophe and only a limited number of earthings escape into space, only to return one day because their numbers are so small they no longer have genetic viability, so they abduct and take what they need.

Or maybe in their folklore they talk about a distant homeworld from which they emigrated, so some return in a pilgrimage, but so much time has elapsed and from a new emvironment (extended space travel and/or colonization of a foreign world, or possibly interbredding with an akien species has changed them, etc.) their anatomy has dramatically evolved and changed. One could also imagine that dramatic social changes might occur on a generational starship. Qualities such as cooperation, communal living in a confined space, conformity, etc. might be socially manifested and expounded upon in such a society. Thus altering these hypothetical beings. Also, humans have been getting taller etc. because of improved nutrition and prenatal health care, but on such a generatinal ship with limited supply sources, nutrition might once again effect body size. And maybe once they arrive, travelling back in time to before the event they escaped from, they find that they have changed so much that it is difficult to communicate with us. So they breed hybrids, hoping to bridge the communication gap.

This could also be the case if they are truly ALIEN. Then again, even if they aren't us, the conception of space travel inherently implies some ability to time travel. It wouldn't be practical otherwise. The barriers we now contend with in our human quest to explore the stars and the universe, show us that the ability to cross such vast distances would require hurdling the distance barrier. Time would have to be manipulated just as space to do this.

Another idea is that they could be from our past. Maybe millions and millions years ago, there was a different species that inhabited earth (or maybe Mars). This species might come to some sort of finality. But before that happens maybe they travel to the future, and come upon us humans, fighting our silly wars and being just plain inhuman to one another.

RE: Ufo\'s and time travel

/ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gifGene Rodenberry Rules /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

You gotta hand it to him for really inspiring a lot of people to become interested in space and physics. Myself included.
Re: Ufo\'s and time travel

You may not be as far from the truth as you suppose. Perhaps one day your questions can be answered but until then its best not to know. best regards
Re: Ufo\'s and time travel *DELETED*

Cause Raventatoo949 mentions how the aliens internal body systems are completely different than ours is why I have to change my previous statement, to agree that the aliens couldn't be us from the future. Unless...of course the nuclear aftermath had morphed unborn human offspring into such changes. Living near nuclear plants, waste dumps and detonated areas does cause havoc on us, including reproductive system, toward becoming sterile even. I once gathered somewhere that the aliens claimed to have once looked like us.
What if the aliens are using the moon as somekind of base? I have seen a reddish hue peeking out from our view of the moon and wondered what's causing it. We know that Phobos, which orbits Mars, isn't really a moon but man-made. What if the aliens come from what has been said to be a big hole at the north pole, which our satellites can't see cause a cloud keeps it cover-up?
Re: Ufo\'s and time travel

Ive heard what you guys have been saying before. That Aliens are humans from the future. I dont find any proof for that theory. Its interesting, but when you think of UFO's and Time travel, Time travel is possible if you can break a certain speed since Space and Time are laced together, You distort one and you distort the other. The Propulsion systems used on UFO craft are technology that we are currently sitting on, how fast they can go ? Im not sure, only from reports and radar tracking. Thousands of miles an hour.

Aliens might be humanoid looking, but from reports of Government officials and military, they are completely different than us. Their complete system is different, not just how small they are or how fragile they are. They are completely different than us now, and when you compare them to us, we are humans, they are aliens. If the reports are true from these officials, all internal systems of their body are different, no way human.

We can currently see a certain distance into space. Scientists said, "If aliens come from a different world from thousands of miles away, probably millions, it would take them years and years to get to earth". That statement is half true if you believe the Aliens have a base on the moon. NASA has airbrushed out sat pictures from the moon for whatever reason, and also when ufo's are captured from earths sat, they get airbrushed out as well. If aliens are NOT on the moon, then yes, they would virtually "TIME TRAVEL" because of the rate of speed they travel to get to earth.

some people belive the moon is hollow, German and russian scientists, they set up certain devices on the planet, and when small meteor's hit the earth, they have found that the devices are off the scale as if the moon has been "Drilled Out" but thats an entire different topic.

My conclusion is, the theory of time travel is known by scientists and physicists, we know how it works, they just dont know how to do it, to the public community and many of the Government programs are unaware that we have the technology from alien craft and the propulsion systems that would be a huge benefit for the world for so many reasons. Secrecy is maintained by the control of information, Compartments broken down into sub compartments, and so on and so on....again....another topic.