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TVA looks like a scam-official word inside!


I just asked Vosstech about whether the TVA works and what after it seems that he ignored me the first time I asked, I posted a direct question addressed to him....this is his EXACT response...

"There are conditions!, our results are still inconclusive until
further notice (Please be patient)"-Vosstech

Well I don't know about you but when I ask a direct question and someone dives around it, that generally means to me that it doesn't work, But I can't know for sure, of course.

But hey, judge for yourself.

Yes Gary is right.

This is why.

The Time Vortex Activator depends upon already finding vortexes to some extent.

This device only has one set of primary coils, where say in a larger proposed time machine, there are many coils.

The field strength within the TVA is about equal to what a modified human organ, which could phase change works.

See author Doloris Cannon's works, a human who was recorded as being able to phase change at will, due to an extra organ within his anatomey.
*Cannon's book, UFO wreck in Alaska by Cannon some centuries ago, the Doloris Cannon book series.

This since it has to to with dimensional phase change into other dimensions, is a power level slight lower than an electric catfish, which stuns its prey by energy.

The problem I suppose by the TVA, is that this is a conditional enviroment device and may or may not depend upon current fluxes within surrounding vortexes, in order to work feasably?

Magnetic eddies and "what are they doing today, is it optimal to travel"?

So on days where you have a good mag flux, from geo. energy exchanges, this device might work well?

However if there is no prime-vortex, then the unit might not work well at all.

In the mythical senced of the word, most craft are big enough, that they supply some measure of safty to the crew.

However with the TVA, I don't see that appearance.

There is no inner compartment, not set of breakers, no storrage area, no shielding as was said a concern within the supposed Philedelphia Expierment and to my knowlege, no gravity sensors, which will keep one from materialzing into solid rock, after entering into the other dimension.

Mr. Voss is very correct, in assumeing that the current function of the TVA is conditional.

His assumption is both accurate and a good caution, as the supposed power need to jump dimensions, is relativlty small, however this power must be fed just so.

One last problem may deal with return signitures, as if you are too long within this other dimension, would one become isotoped by that dimension and not be able to return?

The said mythical John Titor had used a interdimensional jumping quantum T-shell event producing device.

There is no problem of said having to stay only so long, as with a T-shell event device, the event stays outside of the operator.

In a vortex, there may be what is known as a remnant atomic time trace signature, so poseing problems to anyone who would want to travel throguh time this way.

These devices are so small, that in no discernable clerical way, do they pose any danger, to supposed larger said government projects in proposed time travel.

SEVIRE CAUTION:However there are things in other dimensions, if you get the wrong one, that eat people, so please read up on this?

Yeah' Vosstech is correct, the supposition of TVA use would be under a conditional use realm.

At 300 smackers, the unit had better work!??

Very good Voss!
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