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TTI "COMMANDMENTS" Everyone Please read!


TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

We have created the "Time Travel Institute" to share & exchange ideas, on a wide variety of some of the most controversial, and thought provoking discussions.

In observence & respect to the authors, all kinds of topics which are taboo for one reason or another, and we will continue
to create new topics as warranted and invite everyone in their respective fields to comment about those controversial topics discussed.

We would like to keep the "Personal Attacks", i.e. name calling and rhetoric to a minimum and try to create an environment where such theories are tested through scientific, or philosophic methods, not "Argument". If you find yourself to be unable to agree on selected issues, you may voice your difference of opinion "Constructivley" or simply "Agree to Disagree" as such, and keep an open mind, while divuldging "Structual Critisisims" as such.

(Thank You.)

So if we wish to question the assertion that the pyramids in Egypt were built with ramps by a primitive people, we will approach the experts. We will ask Architects, "Could the pyramids in Giza have been built without Autocad?"

If an author comes up with an alternate historical chronology based on the myths of ancient times, we will approach expert mythologists and ask them to analyze if the sources quoted were accurate or not and what their opinion is of the revised chronology.

We do ask that you keep in mind the following guidelines, or shall we say, commandments, when posting:

<font face=tachoma bold font size=14 color=red>
1. Thou shalt seek the truth.
2. Thou shalt not "argue" among thy fellow man, or woman, but make thine points using the scientific, or philosophical method, as one so chooses.
3. Thou shalt not bear false witness.
4. Thou shalt not engage in personal attacks.
5. Thou shalt keep an open mind.
6. Thou shalt respect thy fellow human.
7. If Thou shalt not respect the opinion of Thy fellow man, or woman, Thou shalt support Thine opinion scientifically, or Philosophicly, as one so chooses!</font>


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RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

Nicely done Time02112, disciplining the tongue is as important as the mind. By the way I just invented a concept thruster for you to look at in my journal. Let me know it you have any ideas for a design without rotating parts. Peace for the Matrix of Knowledge.

...~The Doctor~...
"There is no time to waste, only time to change"..."The sum of all knowledge is that you and your reality do not exist; only thought and imagination are real, and therefore...I am."~ Magi Systems Forums~
RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

Time02112, don't be hypocritical in your application of these commandments. Why don't you apply the scientific method to your posts? It's a powerful tool, and it'll pare away as absurd a lot of the crap that's on the internet.

Here are the steps:

Identify the problem.

State a hypothesis. (hypothesis--a possible solution; guess)

Experiment. (experiment--test of a hypothesis)

Make observations/collect data.

Draw conclusions. (Must reflect the hypothesis and experiment.)

If you did this more often, maybe I and other scientific-minded people would actually take you seriously.

This also: http://www.chem.lgc.edu/Chm101/SciMethod/index.htm
RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

Ahh, the scientific method...applying logic to an illogicial reality. On the surface sounds great, for it works well with generating postulates and theorems, and replying to posts. I wish it worked as well with people's bad posts. People are a random element to the equation. They like to toy with the minds of others with no show of remorse or ability for correction. Time02112 has had alot of experience in this area in the past and knows that dealing with people's bad posts scientificially will result in failure in these matters. Swift and decisive action is the only way to preserve the information we receive on this board. Wanting for results scienticially on bad posts ends up chasing away all of the valuable members of the board. It is deemed complaciency to not correct bad posts. Knowledge with wisdom goes along way. Knowledge mingled with foolishness equals destruction. Discipline only strengthens the mind. It does not bind it. Please don't take offence to Time02112 strategy to making this boards success, he knows what is necessary.

...~The Doctor~...
"There is no time to waste, only time to change"..."The sum of all knowledge is that you and your reality do not exist; only thought and imagination are real, and therefore...I am."~ Magi Systems Forums~

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RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

I am dissapointed that in spite of this message, we still have people comming in here, and voicing "Personal Attacks" to the authors of these topics.

This is not only "RUDE", but "Absurd" as it reflects the mentailty of the people who do this, as well as level of arrogance within the scientific & media communities that continue to lead to the supression, and deteriation of discovering "Other" potential methods, that would perhaps otherwise lead to a more "Expidited" process of technological advancement.

Such contradictionary kanundrums, as such will "NOT" be tolerated while I am acting as moderator of this forum! You may voice your opinion, providing that it does not carry undertones of attacking others opinions, or posts here likewise.

One recent posting I will use as an example, that carries such an intolerable undertone, is as follows...

Topic: This is an Insult to Science
math&physics grad student
unregistered posted 10 October 2000 01:18
The people posting on this Board are an insult to the scientific process and theoretical physics.........
This type of post detracts from the level of professionalisim that I wish to reflect within this forum, and if you have something to say, do so "without" undermining the harmony, and do so, "without" attacking another author's ideas!


<This message has been edited by Time02112 (edited 11 October 2000).>
RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

Time: Why not delete just the offensive post and leave the rest of the thread there? Sometimes they develop into interesting exchanges. It's a real disappointment when the whole thread is zapped and a line of thought is destroyed.
RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

It is difficult to follow the topic in the absence of the opening line, I know this is a drag to the others who spent their moments to reflect, and post their replies, however it makes no sense to continue on, with a post that opened with an attack, and detracts from the credibility, the level of professional quality, and the continuous contribution of good will to others that we wish to project here.

My advice is not to even bother replying to such posts to begin with, especialy with the notion that such posts have a high probability of becomming deleted in the first place.

On the other hand... I would have only deleted the offending posts, if they had not originated as a topic initiator as such, however I shall not be so hasty, instead, I will place a "Lock" on the topic, prior to deleting the thread entirely, this way you will have an opportunity to copy & paste your comments for another thread, prior to it's deletion.

(My appologies)

RE: TTI \"COMMANDMENTS\" Everyone Please read!

"It is not uncommon for engineers to accept the reality of phenomena that are not yet understood, as it is very common for physicists to disbelieve the reality of phenomena that seem to contradict contemporary beliefs of physics"
- H. Bauer

A Scientific Heretic Delves Beneath the Surface.
By Ken Ringle
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 1, 1999; Page C1
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