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Travelling to the "future"


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Travelling to the \"future\"

If you travel at the speed of light towards an object then you will see the light leaving this object before it actually reaches your previous starting point. In fact you will be seeing the light of the object a few feet in front of the actual object so in theory you are seeing the "future".
RE: Travelling to the \"future\"

No, you won't be seeing into the future; only less into the past.

If I look (through a filter, of course) at the sun right now; I am actually seeing the sun of 8 or 9 minutes ago. In effect, my present includes the sun's past.

If I cut my distance to the sun in half, and look at it again; I will actually be seeing the sun of about 4 minutes prior. My present still includes the sun's past, but a more recent past. Not the future.
RE: Travelling to the \"future\"

If you were going faster than light in your car, and you turned your headlights on, what would happen?