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Traveling to the past, need help



Hullo everyone, I'm writing a novel that it is heavily based on time travel, more importantly traveling into the past.

I don't really know anything about it besides some junk I've seen on T.V., or read on this website (the first one the search engine picked up.) and need some help! If you think you have some well established theories or advice for me I'd be eternally grateful. Adding anything that makes the backdrop of my Novel more believable or intriguing is my goal.

Anyway here's the breakdown:

-Hero travels into the past (details not important) far enough to a time before his birth.

Now this is what I believe so far.

1- If you are able to physically survive a trip through time, or even travel into the past at ALL you would be made of something else than you were before (having been bombarded with god knows what), or in a state of near suspended animation. I think you would lose your memories and never age. (Besides that it's very convenient to my plot!) Living forever until you caught up to your point of exit.

2- I believe if you have the power and ability to travel through time you will either:

A- Erase the timeline you were in, or more accurately, reshape the energy of the very universe itself into it's primal form from the positive energy you release; which in turn "resets" time to your point of origin. (reset because of the overwhelming force energy cascading over the universe, similar to pouring water on something.)


B- Destroy the time line you were in from the vacuum caused by your departure, as well as causing great damage to the existing time-line you entered from your entry. (The bucket effect!)

Both scenarios create an "anchor" in time, originating from the time travelers point of exit (not the time traveler himself.) And it's probably obvious but I also believe that the course of time will take the course it had before, with the exception of the time traveler's appearance and interaction with his surroundings.

Either way though I have a firm belief that time travel wears at the very fabric (cohesion) of the universe, and eventually to much time travel may destroy or make it un-inhabitable to humans. So far I like theory "A" better (probably cause I *think* I made it up), but logic always wins out with me. So if you can convince me of something that makes more sense please be my guest!

Arguments are also welcome, but lame-ass flamers are not. If you are a flamer, post in full confidence that you are an idiot, and I hope you stay an idiot forever.

With that out of the way, Sorry for being vague, but I wouldn't want to spoil my story! I also apologize for grammar errors.

I'm off to search other web-sites for time travelling content.Than-Q in advance.

P.S. If anyone has any interesting theories on, or has any nifty links to subjects pertaining:

1- Human Genome, DNA, Genetic engineering, ect.
2- Evolution, Armeggedon, revelations, ect.
3- Psychic abilities
4- Super efficient energy sources, Cold fusion, bio-chemical fusion, ect.

E-mail me at [email protected]
I figured everything out by surfing the web, no need to reply. I won't be comin back to this site now that I have what I need. Than-Q all for reading ^_^
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