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Traveling back or forward in time will send you to deep space?



Just a quick question, or observation, rather. If one were to travel either forward or backward through time, wouldn't that individual find himself floating in space??
The Earth, our solar system, and our galaxy are traveling through space at a very rapid speed. (I forget the exact rate)..
If you were to simply go back in time, the Earth and our solar system would be at a different location in space, it would not be at the location of the time traveler's position in space yet. Is it the popular consensus that traveling through time would also change your position in the universe? If a person would travel through time either way...would the location of that person change as well? It does not seem likely to me that this would be the case. If I am wrong, please give me some insight as to how this question can be solved. Thank you.
apperently the inertial velocities (of: earth, solar system and galaxy) are maintained throughout your trip, but nobody really knows that for sure
Just wondering... did you get this from a short story by Neal Shusterman? I seem to recall something like this happening.
the premise of the TV show BACKSTEP about a govt. project back engineered from a captured alien craft, was that the pilot had to adjust the tradgectory of the time machine as it moved backwards in time 7 days...otherwise he would end up dead in outer space as several prior chrononauts had ended up.

It would depend on how time travel was accomplished...if there were some way of rewinding the universe while the traveller remained in a forward time stream...his physical location need not change...
or as in the remake of the TIME MACHINE called TIME AFTER TIME, he stayed on earth but moved relative to it and ended up in san francisco.

if time were like a movie film, and you were able to tunnel from one frame to another, you could theoretically chose where in the previous frame you wished to end up as well as when.

of course I dont believe in time travel, but it is still fun to speculate.
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