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travel to the past and kill yourself!



IMPOSSIBLE! That's right, impossible. Lets suppose for a second that time travel indeed was possible, and someone went back in time to kill themselves. if they killed themselves, then they would never have grown up in the first place to travel back in time to do the act. therefore, since the act couldn't have happened, they would grow up and travel back in time to kill themselves. if that's a paradox, then damn, i don't know if i want to take first year philosophy next year... =)

Travel to the FUTURE and kill yourself!

That's right! If you really, really like horror movies, what better than to manufacture a Time Machine and go into the future, oh say about 5 years, and then find and kill your future self.

Then go back to the past, destroy the Time Machine and see if you can survive your predicted demise!

Since you know where you were when you were killed, would you make sure and be somewhere else?

Would you be driven to desperate acts to hunt out any others that might invent time machines and kill them?

Would you invent a time machine and go back in time to kill yourself so that you won't be able to kill yourself in the future?

What to do ... what to do ...
Re:Travel to the FUTURE and kill yourself!

Yeah he put up a good one here. I like this guy's sense of humor. Mine maybe gets a little TOO sick sometimes.

(Poor Ali, I really pounced on him but I think he and I will work it out ok. I softened up after his last post and realized I may have come on a bit strong. I think maybe he has also.)

But ya puzzled me friend. How does my future "me" get back to the present to prevent me from killing myself if I'm dead and can't?

Re:Re:Travel to the FUTURE and kill yourself!

But if you went to the future you wouldn't be there because you were in the time machine. That is unless you went back in time afterward, and lived five years and allowed yourself to be killed by your other self...right?

HAHA, That's it,I like it!
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