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Top 10 Time Time Travel job placement program11:11


Team 1:Time Travel Talent scouts.
Team 2:Time Travel Inventions scouts.
Team 3:Time Travel Save a life team.
Team 4:Time Travel Dream Team.
Team 5:Time Travel Medical team.
Team 6:Time Travel Protection unit.
Team 7:Time Travel Disco night club unit.
Team 8:Time Travel Family protection team.
Team 9:Time Travel Earth Team.
Team 10:Time Travel Wildlife Team.

11 : 11
Good : Evil
Best Regards
Friend Blair Of EarthTR125.0121

I still do not get it however these are some other positions you should consider

Temporal Historians
Temporal Interdiction Teams
Temporal Damage Control Units
Temporal Insertion Teams
Temporal Field Agent
Temporal Surveyor

And of course the always good hearted Temporal Observer.

Until later becomes now.
11:11 Dream Team
Are people who travel in time and help people live there dream what ever it may be but only when they can show that they are willing to work hard for it.

11:11 Protection Team
Are people who travel in time and help people from them selfs because they do some thing that changes the time line they need a little help.

11:11 Family Protection Team.
Are people who travel in time and help keep the family unit intact because there children do something that changes the time line.

11:11 Disco Team.
Are people who travel in time and help people in night clubs keep them safe because they do something that changes the time line also keep the young safe.

11:11 Earth Team.
Are People who travel in time and help keep the earth clean and protect the enviroment flora plants.

11:11 Wild Life Team.
Are people who travel in time and protect wild life.

All the best.
Blair A.k.a Dj TriPpEr.
Also This site has time travelers talking live on air.
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