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To Darby Devonshire, public disclosures laws:



Dearest Darby'

You had said in post number 10, of the time travel string, in the last sentance grouping, ((that you would be looking into my past postings, to see if you could solve the problem))?

As I had said before, I had made a bid for the position of an off-world ambassador, due to a gene affileation, within myself, so what you have tripped are these laws.

This is so, as if at a later time, my bid postion should even become public domain, then I will be asked why I did not disclose these facts.

So your makeing a public inquiry, at the problems that nowe face before me?

If so?, then here they are:

1.Earth is overpopulaited, the only other answer other than a mass full scale nuclear exchange, is to start to move people off the face of this Earth.

This can only be done by public voted agreement, for relocation to other star systems, nearby planets and moons.

This statment under me, is only a (voted to), agreement and not forced.

There must be domaciles planned and constructed, for these people, and this is a put foward public contract bid.

2.The Russians and American should be able to develope twin space plane developments.

I would take the Russians, as I am past slavic, by some of my gene delineation and have publically choseen the TU-2000 to be re-done, by adding Boeing advanced aerospace design work into the TU-2000, so makeing it the TU-2000X.

This has to be cleared with Putin's office, as well as the Duma and the Russian based aerospace community?

We have a new space plane concept, outside of the now defunct space plane. This project honestly has to be done and not at the last minute, say that there are fule tank storrage cracks, as was the problem with the X-34?

3.On God, gods and the Angelic heiarchieis;They don't mind if we have problems, however there will be problems, if even begin to slide into unconrtollablness, such as dire social malase.

God and gods more or less want everything to work right down here and not haveing parents because they are distraught, eating their children, became they are going crazy.

4.On myself, I am in the files for job position aps. at Wakenhut.

This is so, as I have told you all, in the year 1982, because of Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase comeing here, I had reverted to twin's status gentically, by metamorphasis.

Doubley, for this reason, I am a natural understanding off-world and extradimensional beings.

There has to be a school founded, that produced ambassadors, if the public votes on this, in order to produce half way alien co-centers, in order to do busniess with.

One the co-centers, for alien trade and comenrce, to benifit this society.

There must be a voted upon issue, as to whether the government will allow a fully based contact level, here on Earth with good and benifical sorts of aliens?

These are voted on by the people issues, carefully informed to public knowlege zoned areas, where under the direction of ambassador authorization, social ties in many ranges, can be made with benifical to American public and aliens, from other worlds.

These issues are; arts, trades in imported items, sciences, industry, education, as well, as many other proposed areas.

5.What not to do for government:Let the general state of affairs, slide into full scale nuclear war.

When these main buttons are push and those missles are launched and detonated, you form a raidoactive lens over the Earth, that by daytime, irridates every living thing benith this lens.

If this is one proposed governmental solution to overpopulation, it's not a good one, as the beings on this planet, will be looked at a murderers.

Earth will be black-balled as a planet to do trade with.

The second issue, is talking to the Grays and try to get them to understand, that their race is dieing out?

This is because their race is so old and humans do not blend well with them, as a recombinated issue.

There are reports of their children who are mixed bread, as dieing and not doing well upon birth.

This is because the DNA transcriptase, is overused and does not foster normal children.

6.The Dracks must be talked to and made to understand that the Earth they knew when they were here long, long ago, is not the same.

Our sun is a mild varible and due to this one factor, this planet shares a fragile relationship with the cosmose anyway.

8.All mass weapons detonations, go to the central sun via worm holes, due to the suns mass and this is like wiskey in a baby bottle for this sun.

Look for the sun to go supercritical, in the events of an atomic war, within days.

This means coronal mass ejections, of fantastic propostions and pretty much the cesation of life here on Earth as we know it?

This is what is faceing me as a bid ambassador and if you can get a handle on these problems, then your welcome to try??

OTHER 8.I am interested in Russia and the TU-2000 proposed X series, in order to get man off this globe.

I have made ovitures to both the Duma nd Putin to this effect.

Saying our problems will get better by phylosphy or power and authority only, is akin to building ships out of carbaord, ment for the high seas.

My past alien contact, was south of Omak Washinton State, as a result of pre-telepathic contact, with a race of beings who were out of frequency to our civilization.

These beings had appeared to me, in a dualistic one two thousanths of a second, to show good will and intent.

The effect was similar to looking at a camera flash bulb.

Contact could only be made at for this period of time, due to letality factors, of the beings nature and contruction, for any time longer than this.

I've also made telepahtic contact with this sun, which goes past what Major Ed Dames and the Navijo Spirit Walkers were, or were able to do, because of their protocols restraints.

Belive it or not, this sun not only effect human DNA transcipoted pattrerns here on Earth, but watches us as well and is highly inteligent.

This sun can only be talked to in other frequencies.

It is NOT suggested, for any tlepath of medium to do this, you must be able to rephase yourself.

The price of a mistake in communications with this sun, is both loss of the soul and death through absorbed radiation.

The sun again, I say is inteligent and will intecept you upon your trying to talk to it.

If it does not like you, then your in for it?!I don't know how other to put this, Darby?

These are my past two most noteworthy accomplisments.

As per asked, Dan B. pro-tem bid ambassador 7/3/year 2002 to Darby Devoshire, as asked.
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