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Titor's War - A Philosophical argument


Titor\'s War - A Philosophical argument

In reading many opinions from many people that have written about John Titor - one particular element has warranted my attention. There are a number of people out there that believe that Titor was trying to prevent a war on this time-line... Titor never said anything of the sort - in fact he actively promoted the civil war as it was, in his opinion, the right thing to do.

Would any of you Americans wish to travel back in time and prevent the actual Civil war in your history?

The real question is that if a civil war were to begin in your country in this day and age, would you fight - knowing that now there is a good chance that 3 billion people will die as an indirect result of the conflict? If you believe in the ideals of your government, but are aware of Titor's "history" would you fight for the "countryside" knowing that there is a strong possibility that this side would win?

I'd really hate to be in your shoes... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Re: Titor\'s War - A Philosophical argument

even though this isn't really... whatever. If Titor were real, Id agree with you.

I would not want to prevent the original civil war. If it weren't for the original civil war, we would not have this america. There would still be slaves, and technology would not have advanced as much because the south wanted to farm as the north wanted to advance in technology. In that stand point, we might not have even had this computer that we type and research on. We'd never have our JFK's or Martin Luther King's. It is a must that north wins that war...

but that brings up another stand point. If you were a time travelor, and knew that the civil war had to be kept how it is... would you even inform anyone? (Informing people could change the whole result drmatically) John Titor did... if he didnt want to change it, I don't believe he'd inform anyone. The civil war would have stayed the same either way.

Now John Titor never said who is going to be the 2 sides of the civil war but many (and myself) feel that he meant a war between the government and it's citizens. But, in Titors world it sounds like the government would have won, and that it's a whole new type of world. Again if he's real, it leads me to believe that the NWO existed. A lot of people died but Titor just happened to exist? What if he wasnt really one of us at all. After all, he DOES have a government position when it comes to time travel. Maybe, we should just forget his theory and fight for ourselves. The way I look at it...

If it becomes a government v.s. the people war, the americans would have to pull through. They would have to come together, and actually build enough power within themselves to take on their own government, (its an unfair advantage). The americans could win if all the smarter non government related americans came together to invent for our side, and if all the braver non government related americans planned to go out there and... kick ass. Then, if "the people" won the war, they would still have to come together and plan out a new government. one that has no chance of being corrupted, and one where leaders are just placed there to be leaders but still are voted in and chosen by us. That way there would not be a second chance of the people facing it's own government.
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