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Titor Predicted 'Mad Cow' in U.S.


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Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

Although, I do not fully believe the John Titor Story after Alas Babylon similarities, posting times and other factors...

Titor did make some interesting predications about WMD propaganda and the Next Gulf War - GWII which has come to pass...

He also spoke extensively about the 'Mad Cow' pandemic and its entrance into the U.S. Although, one could theorize it would eventually hit the U.S. with its beef industry... His absolute fear and foreknowledge of it in the U.S. was undeniable.

After NY area news outlets reported the resignation of a Long Island politician due to CJD the USAG Dept announces the first cow with BSE - 'Mad Cow' disease...

Ailing pol forced to step down

First apparent U.S. case of mad cow disease discovered

And it has been in the US Blood supply for sometime believed to be caused by US Citizens who travelled to Europe and donated blood... [I have a bridge for sale if you believe that...]

Mad Cow Threat to U.S. Blood Supply

Titor Comments regarding Mad Cow...
(3) The "Mad Cow" story here is yet to begin but don't worry, the fruited
gelatin deserts are safe.

Me: "No, I have not tried any fast food. Thinking about where the food came
from, how it was shipped and treated absolutely terrifies me. I have tried
to tell people about CJD disease and it seems to be "catching on" in

Me: Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of
its own dead.

Me: The "Mad Cow" story here is yet to begin...
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

You know what? It's funny. Right when the mad cow disease came on the news, I instantly thought of what Titor said also. I'm a non Titor believer also, I believe he is a hoax, but I find it kind of funny that even those of us who don't believe hes real must have been shocked to hear that for the simple fact it was something Titor said. Titor is hitting those of us who don't believe him just as much as its hitting those who do.

It's kind of strange that so far almost everything Titor has said has came true right on schedule. Y2K: We DID fear it, and if you think about it... it SHOULD HAVE hit, but it didnt. and Titor asked us why it didnt, almost as if he did something to prevent it. Now that I think about it, I just kind of got Deja vu as I remember hearing somewhere of a "crazy guy who said he traveled back in time to prevent Y2K". He was never arrested, I don't think anyone know's why Y2K never happened. I know damn right that the american intelligence isn't that dumb to predict something like that, that would never happen... The way it just fell as a "bad prediction" seems kind of odd. The potential was too high that Y2K was going to happen. We almost KNEW it would happen, but then it never did. Everyone watched TV and when the power didnt shut out we were like "wait, what? HAHA Dumb American intelligence".

Now Mad Cow, Titor proves us non believers wrong yet again. But the biggest question is WHY if he were a time travelor, would he post on the INTERNET of all places? That's the main question that boggles the head of those who don't believe him... and that's what keeps us going looking for proof that he's a hoax... but for some reason, everytime we get close to something, another thing happens in the news that Titor said. He knew about September 11th, and he knew we wouldnt find nucular weapons in Iraq ("are you really surprised there's no nucular weapons in Iraq?") and people came around all excited "HE DIDNT PREDICT THAT ONE DID HE!" just to get shot back down and find out that he really did. Yet we still doubt him. Hell, after this im going to go back and still say he's a hoax. but it just seems kind of odd... That yet again, Titor can point a finger at us, laugh and say "I told you so". We only have a week left until the ball drops for 2004. Could it happen? Titor has been right about everything else so far. If he's right about this... we know of something else that's going to happen and thats an even bigger war.. World War 3. We know that we have to fight. All it will take for me right now to be honest to go into safety is to see ONE CRIME that wasnt even a crime... That was fully backed up by the constitution.

In fact, if you think about it... didn't bush want to throw the dixie chicks out of america just because they stated their opinion about america? The media and the government quickly made us hate them for saying something about this... You know what's even scarrier?

I heard something on the news where they raised our chance of a terrorist attack to "high" which is right in time for a civil war. What if ... that's a clue and a warning towards the citizens, not the actual terrorism. I think its funny that we're fighting terrorism when the USA also has a group of terrorists that they use... and are fully opperational along with spies. It's kind of funny that even the CLUES are leading up to what Titor said and its leading up right on time. Yeah it seems like something out of a book, but if you think about it... a lot of things seem like something out of a book and have a lot of simularities. hell, the whole war on the middle east is in a few books before it even happened.

Now if you dont mind, im going to go back to taking the stand that Titor is a hoax, even though I defended his story in this case... just because i found it interesting that a lot of his predictions have been right so far.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

I find it spooky too...

But they are several ways to explain this...

Laws of Probability...
- War in Middle East would never end and flare up
- US Involvement assured
- NO WMD FOUND is hard to explain though...

- Mad Cow would eventually show up in every beef industry

- Y2K was worked on for 2 years prior to event correcting most problems
- Y2K was overhyped

- The foreknowledge of REDUCED CIVIL RIGHTS is hard to explain though...

- The foreknowledge of plane crashes are general and not directly correlated to 9/11

Foreknowledge of a Political/Government Plan
- A warning disguised as a compelling story
- A defector of the NWO
- Psi-Ops of some kind - pre-conditioning

Remote Viewer
- Who can see the future... Warning Everyone...
- DETAILED PHYSICS DISCOVERIES are hard to explain though...
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

its all explainable, everything will always be explainable. but consider the fact that its not just ONE simple case that we have to explain. hes done it repeadetly, and on time each time. their leading up right in the order he put them. and all of them are huge issues. their not just a simple "well i heard on the news that they've been searching for years and found nothing in Iraq" ... no it was all things that were hyped up. Not finding nucular weapons was huge. it wasnt just a quick thing that wed forget about.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

I hear you...


He does not give an order of events to come... Says they are months to a few years off...
He never spoke of nukes just wmds... [I read that section but can't find it now...]
He never mentioned 9/11 specifically but did mention plane crashes generally twice...
He spoke of reduced civil rights...

The Mad Cow and Y2K are easy to explain...

The NO WMD and DETIALED PHYSICS DISCOVERIES are not easy to explian...

But I suspect the Project For New American Century was published before John's postings that spoke of a need for a Pearl Harbour and New America... explaination for REDUCED CIVIL LIBERTIES...

I suspect he had access to government sponsored research somehow...
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

he did have ONE only one post where he did say "are you really surprised to find that there are no nuclear weapons in Iraq?" read the section again. the only reason I know this is because its the section I always refer to when people say "john titor didnt mention anything about iraq". Personally im in the same position as you though, actually its 2:03 AM and im too lazy to go find the exact post. which is why ive been posting everything off memory so far lol. but still... your right about 9/11... i just for some reason remembered him saying something, but then it came to me he never did. maybe a bit of dejavu in a parallel universe i dont know lol. I dont know, im still with you on this much: i still believe hes a hoax.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

We have more than a week to wait for the start of the civil war. The next election in November, 2004 is what sparks it. I think that we will be able to judge by how smoothly it proceeds, and if any Waco type events follow within the months afterward and become more common until they happen every month, then even more common before Titor becomes VERY hard to deny.

BTW, it can take a long time for mad cow disease to be known to exist in cattle. Imagine if it took 10 years for symptoms of AIDS to show itself how many more people would be infected. Well, CJD takes 10-30 years for symptoms to show themselves in humans. Titor was not making that up. I have done research. Anyone can do a google search for CJD and they will get excellent hits. The wierd thing about CJD is that right now it is extreamly rare: 100 cases in the past 7 years. That's like 13 cases a year out of 6 billion people. For it to become the number one disease in 30 years will take a lot of stupidity on behalf of the human race. But then we are destroying the planet at a rate that will make it uninhabitable in 50 years.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

/ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif I thought of John (even as a non-believer) when I heard the news story. I suppose most of his predictions could come down to probability, even the plane crash thing because lets face it they happen every now and again and make the headlines for a while. I guess as JSCannell says, we're just gonna have to wait for 2004 to pass because the civil war is really the only unprobable event. Kinda exciting isn't it
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

One lousy cow, come on, even I could have seen thast coming & going at one point or another...
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

By the time it's detected in one cow, hundreds, if not thousands have it undetected. Until they stop doing what causes it- feeding them ground cows (bone meal), we will see more of it.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

i think there is more lousy cows out there becuz think about it.. Europe checks everyone of their cows now because of their once famous mad cow epidemic but the United States barely checks 1/10th of their millions of cows so let probability figure this out. if that cow in washington was lucky enough to be just checked how about the other cows they missed, how about the cows a week ago how about the cows a month ago. The United States do not check every cow adding to the fact that if a human was infected with CJD the symptoms just dont appear in a month or a year maybe in a couple of years. We dont know whats out there....
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.


once again, your form of sarcasm seems to unimpress me. once again, you should do a little research.

1. one lousy cow means hundreds. if you did a little research you'd know that it takes 10-15 years for the symptoms to show up. This is the first cow to show the symptoms! what about the other cows that havent yet?

2. the reason it strikes us as shocking, because if you did a little research yet again, this isn't the FIRST time Titor proved something to us. Most of us are STILL non believers of Titor, but it is kind of shocking that yet again Titor is right. if he's NOT a time traveler, he sure in hell is smart. To think, he predicted mad cow in US before mad cow even become popular amongst us as a well known disease. He was a hell of a thinker, ill give him that much.

3. you might also want to note that someone in the government has already retired because theyve been diagnosed with it. Consider the fact that it takes 10-15 years for symptoms to show up, that means the person got it 10-15 years ago. how many other people could be infected?
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

For all the rancor that has been had over Mad Cow Disease no one has seen fit to actually post what it's all about.

On January 31, 2001 Boomer only said this in his post:

(3) The “Mad Cow” story here is yet to begin but don’t worry, the fruited jellitine deserts are safe.

That's it. Everything else that has been said has been speculation. All Boomer said is that the story is yet to begin and that jellitine (sic) desserts are safe.

The only way to make that statement a negative is to assume it to be so. The assumptions are not based on anything that he actually said.

One can take the POV of the cup is half full or half empty. The half full version is that the story is yet to begin and once it begins, like HIV/AIDS, the biologists get a handle on MCD.

He didn't say anywhere that MCD becomes a disaster.

BTW: The MCD story, as was the case with every "prediction", was currently a topical issue in the news while Titor was posting. All one need do is to research the news articles circa 2000-early 2001 (for MCD and every other topic to which he "spoke").

You might notice that I indicated a "sic" next to "jellitine." That is how he spelled the word in his post. The correct spelling is "gelatin." Gelatin is made from the protein expressed from muscle fiber when it is brazed (cooked under low temp for a long period of time - like properly cooking BBQ ribs). "Jello" gelatin is a copyrighted name owned by Kraft, Inc. He used a very contemporary misspelling of a common word based on his familiarity with that contemporary food product.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.


I disagree... He mentions Mad Cow numerous times... His fear of it ran through the posts... It was also referred to in the "Survival Rules"...

Why are you downplaying Mad Cow?


A person has been diagnosed with CJD in NY the day before the USAG Dept Announcement of a BSE cow...

USDA refused to release mad cow records
[but for six months the agency repeatedly refused to release its tests for mad cow to UPI]

Mad Cow in Humans has incubation period of 30 years...

If Titor was from 2036, it would be like the Night of the Living Dead based on the symptoms...

- Psychotic Behavior
- Sticky skin
- Trouble Walking
- Muteness

Something he would be very afraid of...

Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

I don't know how you can say that when John said that it would be the leading cause of death in 2036.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

Europe checks everyone of their cows now because of their once famous mad cow epidemic but the United States barely checks 1/10th of their millions of cows so let probability figure this out. if that cow in washington was lucky enough to be just checked how about the other cows they missed, how about the cows a week ago how about the cows a month ago

I can't believe that your Agricultural policy could be so lax in this respect! Mad Cow Disease has been a worry over here for years and years. Even if it wasn't apparent in the US, animals should have been fed bone meal. That's just pure ignorance of a proven carrier of the disease!

By the way, I not exactly sure what defines an epidemic, but I don't think CJD can be defined as one - it is not contageous.

As a rule - minced beef is far more dangerous though. By eating this type of beef, you are actually sampling many different cattle...

Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

Unfortunately you are wrong that CJD is not contageous. Prions that cause the disease have been found in body fluids although they are most prevelent in nerves and muscle tissue. The prions can enter the body in any cut or through the digestive system and are readily transported through the spleen to the central nervous system to the brain where it starts a chain reaction of creating more prions. A simple google search on CJD will give you a lot of information about it.

Bone meal is not so much a carrier (although it can be) as it is the cause. Just eating healthy specimans of the same species can cause CJD. Human CJD has been discovered as most prevelent among canabals, and CJD has been discovered in 10 species of animals so far including domestic cats, cougars, Emu, and a couple other birds, several species of deer in addition to cows.
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

Open up your eyes, next thing you're going to tell me is that Nostrodamus really did see the future, I have news for you, its a really big secret but I'll let you in on it: He didn't

Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.


I didn't say it was..or say Titor said it was the leading cause of death...

I said he was very concerned about it... Made numerous statements and warnings about it...

I believe he said Starvation->Disease->War->Etc... were the leading causes of death...

If starvation is a leading cause of death for a time in 'the future'...
Cannibalism would be more prevalent....

I believe he said "Stay as far away as a hungry person can walk... 3 days was a limit walking with no food according to him.

"The Night of the Living Dead" was just a visual for illustration.

But consider that Americans are the largest consumers of beef in the world... and this consumption per person has been increased by the popularity of the Atkins diet...

And assuming the beef industry and the government is hiding the existence of Mad Cow in the U.S. for the last 2-5 years...

There would be alot of mute, crazy slow-walkers out there roaming the countryside looking for 'food' in the 2015 to 2030 world 'Titor' describes... a world with little food to share.

/ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif Merry Christmas!
Re: Titor Predicted \'Mad Cow\' in U.S.

Open up your eyes, next thing you're going to tell me is that Nostrodamus really did see the future, I have news for you, its a really big secret but I'll let you in on it: He didn't


*gasps!!!!* a lot of people will disagree with you! do you have proof that he didn't? The only proof you have is his predictions, and for the most part people will argue that nostrodamus was closer then any psychic to predicting the future (if he did not).

Dude, your sarcasm sucks. It's not you. No need to attempt it anymore.

but you wanna know something? If you don't believe time travel is possible... then what the hell are you doing here? This forum is for 2 types of people. 1. all these john titor fans that have basically taken over it. 2. people who DO believe its possible and want to find out how to do it.

you obviously fit neither category. you reply with sarcasm when people mention either. Poor sarcasm if i must say so.
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