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"Times Arrow"... What is this Arrow Of Time?



\"Times Arrow\"... What is this Arrow Of Time?

Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle (Stephen Jay Gould) - review
_Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle_ is a study of the history of geology as seen in the works of the three English geologists Burnet, Hutton and Lyell.


Physics News Update
The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 402 (Story #2), November 13, 1998 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein

Science News: Time's arrow may make U-turns in universe.(Brief Article)
The new millennium, or at least the new year, begins. Yet somewhere in our universe, the year 2000 may have just receded into the future, new research suggests.

The Arrow of Time
The Second Law of Thermodynamics Order out of Chaos "This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper." (T. S. Eliot) Thermodynamics is the branch of theoretical physics which deals with the laws of heat motion, and the conversion of heat into other types of energy.

Time's Arrow & Archimedes' Point: Home Page
REVIEWS "The View from Nowhen" 13 January, 1997. reviews are accessible here, as are the jacket blurb and comments, and the book's listing in OUP's on-line catalogues in New York and Oxford.
(Fantastic Read!)...published on Jan 13, 1997

(Here's an online preview & review of the book)...
Time's Arrow & Archimedes' Point. Chapter 1. The View from Nowhen. . Outline of the book . Remarks on style . The stock philosophical debates about.

I'll be adding more comments pertaining to many explorable aspects of Time latter on, but for now, let's discuss what we have here in relation to the pro's & cons of this "Arrow Of Time" and it's effects upon the way we perceive our universe, granted that our universe itself is filled with more than a vaccum of empty space that is teeming with intelligent life forces contained within the plasmatic gasses & EMF energy fields throughout this vast cosmos.
RE: \"Breaking Times Arrow\"...

Not mine(Ouch!)that would not be a very pleasant experience for me. actualy I wish to include something that defies what may have been considered etched in stone in peoplesminds according to what was presented earlier in this thread, so to those who believe that everything in life is "cut & dried" and no shades of grey, "Here's Mud In Your Eye!"
now without any further delay, here we go...

"Breaking Time's Arrow"
An essay on Breaking Time's Arrow.
RE: \"Breaking Times Arrow\"...

It's where you put on an astronaut's sute, complete with a pair of shiny tap dance shoes and show the world what your made of?
RE: \"Breaking Times Arrow\"...

Time02112 and creedo where in the middle of the envalope, of the prototype engineered from Titor's origional machine.
>It's all in the way the electrons are injected, creedo said to time.
>You see there are angularities to a black hole and if you inject them just so, then you will get the desired effect on mass stance configurations.Ya know, how stuff looks!
>The new board we put in for balancing effect works real well.
We don't have to slow down and then speed up, we can let the microprocessor do all the work.
>Time noded his head and then asked a question.
"You know,you've got a lot of iron balls, coming right out and asking Anderson for that position, how did you know he was not going to call the spooks in on you?
>He cant,, that's because good and bad are balanced issues within the realites that good and bad are invested in.
>I really don't care what Anderson does, as from what I've heard, this might be a new Montauk crew.'
The old one, was a mess and the time travelrs had been horribly abused.
>And the question you had for Anderson about 6736?
Doesn't matter, as the Montauk crew may have invested into an alternate timeline.
>They know because the Pleiadeans are a bifruciated issue, or two differing sects playing good and bad, that our parts are necessary for balance.This is why were not getting the raz from the feds, nor will they intend to ever do so.
"It would upset the delicate balance of good guys vers. bad"? said Time.
>Yes very much so and this is why we have been able to do the things that we have without govt. interfearance.
The feds know that a balance must be maintained.
>These new controls on the kerr are realy nifty, want to see some goofy", asked creedo?
Why not replied Time 02.At this point in time, as small servo boss was engaged on a extra access function contol interface and both creedo's and Time02112's faces became extremely long.
>Their heads looked human, however they were almost two and a half feet in length, appearing very much, to look like cartoon chariters.
>In a very deep raspy modofied voice, Time02 asked creedo what he did to make them look this way.
Creedo answered,"What is did, is to distort the uniformity of the infeed of Es into the perplex angle on the twin kers.
>This causes a time space distortion within the bubble itself and it makes you look like the wicked witch of the West.
>In the weirdest voice, both men laughed, Har har har, in very elongaited and drawn out deep heavy voices.
>This was but one of the many systems, which could tranverse all the points of time, as told by the Mayans, who told that one have thousands upon thosudands of random event time address entries, to fool around with, rather than be defined to only polular points in time.
>The black ball of event time, that creedo and Time02 were in, still kept it's journey within the travese of so many time per hours and faster if needed, as this was only a shakedown.