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Time Traveller's knapsack


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Time Traveller\'s knapsack

In H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", the Time Traveller embarks on a return trip into the Fourth Dimension with "a small camera under one arm and a knapsack under the other." If you were making such a trip, what would you pack in your carry-on bag? For example, what books from the 20th/21st centuries would you include for a trip into the distant past or into the future?
Re: Time Traveller\'s knapsack

If its takes 11 hours to travel 11 trillion years.


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Re: Time Traveller\'s knapsack

I think anyone going back in time would worry about health, hygiene and disease.
I would take a small medical book on simple treatments for disease and infections, or learn about that before travelling. A bottle of asprin. Some antiseptic soap.
I'd wear some tough shoes or boots.

What about a small firearm for personal protection?

I guess it all depends if you are travelling on business or pleasure. Given the danger, most likey it would be business, with a specific purpose or misson. You would want to know where you are going and who you are to try and meet. Navigation aids and maps, or a good memory.

What if it goes pear-shaped and you are stuck? If in the past, try to stay alive but low key. Remember a few stock tips to live comfortably. Perhaps leave a few messages for a future traveller to come rescue you?
What if you are stuck in the future? Well, you wouldn't be, unless they had forgotten or banned time travel technology. If so, then try to blend in as quick as possible, and stay unknown. It would be an awkward life to be publically known as the Rip vanWinkle of their time. They would marvel at your manual VCR programming skills, your fear of inertialess travel, your vintage iPod.
But take advantage of their technology. Undergo rejuvination, or at least get a new set of natural teeth.

but if going back in time - also pack a toothbrush.
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