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Time Traveller

Is that 20 yrs/4 mos of elasped time, or travel time? And if one or the other, is it my worldline or yours? :)

Kind Regards,
Hello Hephaestus,

That is an interesting username you have chosen.

The greek god of fire and craft, hence the god of blacksmiths. Many wonderful things were told to have come from his forge.
Are you also good at your forgery?
Hephaestus is also the name used for a freeware computer role-playing game construction kit. [ see this link ]
Do you enjoy role-play?

I guess we are interested in why choose this name rather than some plain "Joe Blow" name.

You must know that, due to John Titor and Ardon Krep and Charlie Haynes an others, everything you say will be disected and scrutinized with the utmost scrute.

So, good dawning and welcome, and please tell us more.
/ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif hmmmmmmm, I cant, u'll just have to put your trust in my claims. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
I have honestly found it interesting how my claim of travelling forward through time since I was born, which we ALL are, was instantly jumped on by people trying to debunk my claim.
I even had someone contact me via private message asking me a question about a political figure between 2004 & 2008 to try to prove I was not a time travellor and when I came up with a name picked out of a hat so to speak they got back to me telling me in no uncertain terms: you lose.
But I dont lose, my simple claim is correct, im not from the future therefore I dont know about political figures between 2004 & 2008 but I am time travelling. I sure hope this boards sense of humour is not missing.
Ah, you must be that mexican guy on the UFO forum who posted "I am an alien".

Its a cute joke you started, but a bit lame.
The god Hephaestus was lame at birth, and was cast down from Olympus for his lameness.

Strange - I can see your future. Your normal time travelling slows to a standstill and you enter a tiled room with no doors and a small window. You're wearing a jaunty little cardboard hat and asking, "Would you like fries with that?"
Still, there are many timelines and you have the potential to change your future. How's that for a sense of humor?
Lame joke or not, all I was doing was introducing myself to the members of the message board, not my fault you all ASSUMED I was using a time machine and was from the future.
No, we didn't assume you were using a time machine and were from the future.
We assumed that you were trying to make us think you were using a time machine and were from the future. We assumed you were laying a baited hook like several have done before, so people responded to you with doubt, rather than welcome.

I mean, if you were just posting an announcement to say you had joined, then why not write, "Hi all, I've just joined this forum." Instead, your message text was chosen (conscious or not) to attract and mislead. To now claim that "...all I was doing was introducing myself to the members of the message board, not my fault..." doesn't quite make it.

But, if you've been reading all the Time Travelling and Titor postings, you must have seen that many people enjoy disecting issues and playing games with words, exercising their brains. You've made a good splash and we hope to read more from you.

Of course the Roman equivalent for Hephaestus was Vulcan, god of Volcanoes. The temptation to quake and erupt in response is there I am sure, but I would also point you to the planet Vulcan, whencefrom Spock doth quote - "Live long and Prosper"

Of course if you're a weiner you'll probably accuse me and others of obsessive behavior and mental issues.

Wellthen, be forwarned dear Hephaestus, as you already know from having been advised of others in participating in this thread, the skeptics found herein are most difficult to convince.


Oh Hephaestus!!

You presume much!! I merely asked if you have anything concrete to verify what your claim to be, that is all. I haven't the means, presently, to invovle myself in the fruitless efforts of debunking any one man's claims about his life, especially one that is more than half my age. I still have an whole archive of unsanswered questions about my past in one or more alt-life scenarios that others have alluded to me over a period of thirteen years or so.

If you're a genuine time traveller, the more power to you. Please E-Mail me privately at: [email protected], that we may discuss the future and such things.