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time travel



I am posting this message to see if anyone knows anybody that working on time travel with the military? I have read all the posting and I know and understand most of what everybody says. But what I want to know is things that are not plublic knowledge. Things that are secret and new to the science of space travel.

That would be interesting, but would they be a reliable source?
How would we know that someone wasn't fibbing and having a bit of a laugh at our expence? That's all quite apart from any genuine work in this field being under the kind of strict security of the Manhattan Project (the US atomic bomb project at the end of WW2), or more so.

I'm not getting all conspiracy theoryist, but we humble civillians don't know what to believe half of the time even when we're not being fed dissinformation. You only have to look at the PR exercise that's been run by George Lucas..

Seriously though, scientists involved with the development of time travelling apparatus would probarbly only work on a very small section each, with no knowledge of the overall goal. Apparently that was the approach used by both the Americans and the British while developing their first atomic weapons. Most of the people involved had no idea what they were actually working towards..
You might look into the history of what is called the "Philedelphia Experiment". (Seed that phrase into any search engine and you'll get a plethora of info including 2 movies on the subject.)

As "Simon says" below tho, speculation on it tends to lead to "conspiracy theory" scenarios however.

If anyone had any "hard" information on it, I doubt you would find them posting it on message board on the net. Anyone who WOULD post such, is probably open to a great deal of scepticism.
Re:Re:time travel

There is no such thing as "time". "time" is an IMBALANCE between the 2 great languages of energy: wave energy and particle energy(actually matter wave length and particle velocity of fermions). "no-time" is a BALANCE of W=P. Thus "time" is Ws not = to Pv. I have a standing offer of $1000 quick cash(small, un-marked bills in a brown paper bag or electronic transfer) to the first person who can demonstrate a TIME event that is NOT an energy event. I have generated a 6 page paper that explains the actual nature of "time" and my snail mail address is W=P 420 2nd Ave East Kalispell, MT 59901(406-752-3328) if you want the full story. And yes, my father actually worked on the Philadelphia Experiment (as an electrical engineer for westinghouse in Pittsburgh in WWII) but he always said it wasn't the BIG DEAL that you think it was, but since he passed away 3 years ago I can no longer query him about it. And too, "time" isn't what you think it is either....
Re:Re:time travel

There is no such thing as "time". "time" is but an IMBALANCE between the 2 great languages of energy:wave not = to particle. Or, t=dE. or t= KE=mass=(Ws not = to Pv) of fermions, ie, matter. And no t=M=momentum= (Ws=Pv), or the BALANCE of the 2 great languages of complementarity. I have a standing offer of $1000 quick cash(small, unmarked bills in a brown paper bag or electronic transfer) to the first person to DEMONSTRATE a time event that is NOT an energy event. After getting nowhere with that conundrum, it may dawn on you that there is a big, deep dark secret here, like how aliens do the "missing time" number and other things. To me it's laughably simple. Perhaps you would like to learn it too: snail mail address: W=P 420 2nd Ave East Kalispell, MT 59901 (406-752-3328). There already is a guy in CO who has done super- momentum of his body using radio shack equipment(ie, disappeared-it's real easy to understand if you know your quantum physics) and I'm wait- ing to hear how many bank vaults he's robbed....
Re:Re:Re:time travel

I think you need to read some of my other postings.

I doubt that my perception of time is what YOU THINK -I think- it is based on what I've read of your dissertation so far.

Why don't you publish your paper on the net so we can all see it without having to write snail mail to you.

6 pages is an easy cut-and-past for either the form imbedded in this HTML page, or....you could just put it up as a web site of your own and give us a link to it.

I'm skeptical, sorry.
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