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Time Travel

Have a heart to heart talk with myself when I was 17 years old going through deep depression before I started making decisions that trashed my future. I don't care what the repercussions would be. I know I would have been open to talking to my future self because my brother and I used to talk a lot about time travel and I don't look much different now (I'm 37 but still look like my senior high school picture).
you know if i used it though... and I went back. I would probably use it for research and become a hell of a researcher. If i used it i wouldnt tell anyone about it, I would use it for my own benefit so it doesnt get in the wrong hands (such as the governments, even though i stated i would sell it to the government to get rich. Because im poor right now) I would not tell anyone about the first civil war, or world war 2 because these were wars that had to happen to america the way it is now. So, this goes against what titor is doing. I would not tell the people in the north they have to fight, i would simply let it go.

Though, I may tell people about vietnam, and tell them how its a worthless war, and a war we should not have been in. And have not won. Then again, I may not even tell them about that either because we learned a lesson from there. stop getitng involved in wars that we shouldnt be in.
I would use it for the benefit of myself and various friends/relatives. I would probably do so by having them do things that don't really take away from other people doing a service to society, meaing i would have them all win the lottery.

The only reason I could see doing what Titor claimed to have done is if the future absolutely sucked, meaning life isn't like it is now.

One thing that WILL happen is the world's population will be drastically reduced, but only for something Titor NEVER mentions: the age of anti-biotics is ending. The world will go back to a simple cold can kill you. That's one of the few reasons I do not believe Titor.

Here's the current stats on CJD disease: "The average annual CJD death rate in the United States has remained relatively stable at about one case per million population per year."

I'm wondering how it could go from that to wiping out large percentages of the populus. And don't give me any of that "it takes so and so long for symptoms to appear, that's the leading cause of death in the age of Titor" Well, then why did he say the leading cause of death was starvation, followed by three other things NONE OF WHICH WERE CJD

"don't give me any of your it takes so and so long for the symptoms to show up" hey, go read up on it instead of argue about it. Either way, I don't remember Titor saying CJD was the leading cause of death (then again that's something i could have missed).

For the fact of the matter, aids nor cancer were really high numbers (as it is now) when they first started. I expect that unless we get to the source quickly it's going to spread. It's funny you mentioned United State's stats on the disease when the disease is relatively new. In fact with the mad cow part of it, it is COMPLETELY new. These other countries have been fighting the disease for a couple years, and it's taking more then just "1 per year".

I will remind you that Titor said that the United States does not take this disease as seriously as other countries. I'm already seeing this. Supposedly "we're not supposed to worry and stay calm" when this disease is actually more major of a disease then they make it out to be. With all the problems we have in america now, it's kind of odd that all they tell us is "do not worry" about the disease. It's obvious it's not under control until their positive they have taken all the beef off the market that carries it. Cool Spot, your an example of it. You don't take it too litterally because of our past statistics. Well, would you have taken cancer seriously knowing that the stats were almost as low when first discovered? Though you'd like to say yes, the answer is no. Past statistics mean [censored].

I can imagine you saying "Well it was only ONE terrorist attack. I don't think we have to worry about another one".
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