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Time Travel


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Hello Fellow Earthlings:

Looking into the night sky is looking into the past. Nothing we see is actually where it looks like it is. It is what was there millions and billions and even trillions of light-years ago. For all we know, what we can see may not even exist!

So, any travel into the far reaches of space away from Earth is to go back into time as far as the earth is concerned. As you approach your destination the earth wouldn't have accelerated in time, it would have regressed in time in relationship to you. Turning around and heading home you would be traveling forward in time and once you reached earth you should have synchronized time back to where it was when you left.

Looking at things in this perspective, it would be theoretically possible to make the trip in the blink of an eye or paradoxically get back before you left! So, by my theory, the only practical time travel possible would be back in time and once there forward in time to the present or back in time depending on if you were traveling at the speed of light or faster than the speed of light. A sling-shot effect if you will.

This explains it to me with out getting into quantum-physics.

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