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time travel-----well guarded


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I dont think of time travel the same way i use to. The secrets of time travel are well guarded.
If you are actively pursuing time travel and happen to put 2 and 2 together and discover a few things-chances are you are going to run into a group of higher beings.
time travel is well guarded-just to warn you...
you dont have to beleive it now but when/if it happens to you ...I told you ahead of time.
hopefully you'll be contacted by a good group and not a bad group.
If you really desire to time travel and your motives are good...maybe you will be given the opportunity to do so.
Dont think this board is not watched as well as each of your lifes.
If you only knew...each of you are of infinite value and worth. Dont let anybody tell you differently. Your lifes effect each others lifes for generations to generations.
Some drunk bum laying in a gutter is of so much worth to cause an angel {time/dimension traveler} to go and pull him out and all he knows is when he wakes up he is in a shelter and dont know how he got there. he would have died that night because he was face down in the gutter water.he straightened up and he lived longer and had an effect on his grandchildren.
A woman in distress-a man suddenly appears to pull her to safety as she turns around to thank him he has vanished.
A man falls off of the edge of a cliff and miraculously survives later tells of a mysterious person in white that caught him on the way down. Was he hallucinating? was it real? after all....the man IS alive. or was it direct intervention of a higher being? {time/dimension traveler}
Because the mans mission on the Earth was not yet completed. or he was still to be here for someone elses experiences.
What we do effects everyone around us. decisions are made ,actions taken, words
spoken, free will used.
For example something as small as to speak just one kind word to someone or one small act of kindness can start a whole domino effect. (unfortunately the opposite is true also.)they in turn are nice to the neighbor
that neighbor is feeling good now and decides yes,ok- I guess Ill loan the money to my son. the sons house is saved so he doesnt have to move and now the grandson growing up in that neighborhood...................
events are effected. those "ripples" go out through out time good or bad and effect generation after generation.
well, got to go now!
hope you all have a nice summer.

if you want to read some good time travel stories read about some encounters with angels.

*peace and light to all,
Your attitude is a noble one and you remind me of gaia from foundation's edge. If I were to ever build, find or some how recieve a time machine I would let you use it. You should have good fortune for your good outlook.
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