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time travel - used as "warp speed?"



time travel - used as \"warp speed?\"

A theory of mine popped up one day with interest. To travel faster than light you must "skip" or "jump" the infinisimals of time that motion is required,(in between destinations) as all objects must travel through for motion. In between the destinations of start to finish, there must be a sense of "no time." If such time traveling machine is conjured it may be used to create a tear in time/space or create an area in space that has no sense of time. Therefore, a theory of mine is that: anything passing through this area may never be existing in that area and end up, with no results to time, at the other side.
RE: time travel - used as \"warp speed?\"

A quntum particle can go from point A to point J without passing through points BCDEFGH or I. & so forth.

Objectionaly, perhaps a more detailed examination to look inwards at the finite universe within the most minute of particles, is where we should begin.
RE: time travel - used as \"warp speed?\"

"The Arrow of Time" as is currently defined by particle physics can be found at:

Click near the back "arrow" at upper right on this page to return to the home page of "The Particle Adventure" for more data and articles on the state of Quantum Mechanics today.

The site is funded by the U. S. Dept of Energy AND the National Science Foundation

Knowledge is power.
RE: time travel - used as \"warp speed?\"

I think time travel could be accomplished if we could find a way to 'nullify' mass. If you could, it would be for all purposes, massless. It could travel at any speed, even FTL, and not violate Relativity. Of course, than you lose out on the nifty time dilation and 'going backwards in time' stuff.

I think though, that if you brought it up past light speed, than turned the shield off, (where it would regain it's mass) it would maintain it's FTL speed, and start traveling into the past. It would be like a tachyon, which if they exist, are 'born' traveling FTL, and cannont go slower than c.

When you come to a time of interest, turn the shield on, stop the craft, and take some pictures. When you're ready to go home, accelerating to 99.999999999999999999999 of c should get you there pretty quick. (Maybe even before you left :)
RE: time travel - used as \"warp speed?\"

I discovered this post the other day, and thought I would add a brief description, and a link to the post, as it pertains to this thred. Enjoy!



A `warp drive' with more reasonable total energy requirements
Authors: Chris Van Den Broeck
Comments: 9 pages, 1 figure; error in calculation corrected
Report-no: KUL-TF-99/18
Journal-ref: Class.Quant.Grav. 16 (1999) 3973-3979
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