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"Time Travel???" Try the alternative... TODAY!!!



Any method of time travel, any theories that are put forward are worthless. I'll tell you why.

If true, and they enable a from of time travel, then removal from your dimension will be acheived, i.e. you will be dead there.

What is the point in spending billions of dollars/pounds, and decades of research on a machine or techonlogy that just removes you from your temporal plane and onto another?

The quickest and easiest way to time travel is to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. KILLING yourself is THE "time travel".

Using complicated methods with expensive technologies also kill youself through either ripping you body apart, heart attack, aneursym, etc, etc.

SIMPLY ending your temporal plane will simply swith to another. YOU WILL NEVER NOTICE THAT YOU HAVE DIED. You are, in effect, immortal; your conscience, at least.

Maybe you have died tens of times, as you would never notice the change.

So, even if you did take notice of this message and went and decided to killed yourself, you wouldn't notice you did it. Maybe you already have, even before you've finished reading this sentence.

he he he !

It remind me of an old boudhist texte ...
To go foward with that sort of theorie , you must be a believer (i dont have a problem with people who think that everything that is not explainable must be divin/astral/death related , but when does the witch burning is scheduled? )

Also , your talking about Dimension , another fashionly point of view , to try to explain the yet unexplain Phenomenas .

In third , the self point of view that , removal is death is one of the current "doomsday" point of view .

So we have an individual , with a conception that reflect the 3 major believe (brainwashing) about time/space , in contradiction with himself ,linear thinking , 1 dimension view ( his own self) . WOW!

Nicole , i really dont know what to tell you (since my jaws are on the floor). but keep yourself aways from heavy machinery (or anything else),
But try to LIVE , the universe is a place of LIFE , the birth place of so many wonders , where what is dead ,is simply reuse to creat another life forme ( your corps will feed generations of wormes and bacteria)
Is there any point in a space program either?
Man isn't born with wings, so why did we ever bother to invent flying machines?
For that matter, why did mankind ever leave the caves?
Actually was there any point in our distant ancestors leaving the water in the first place??

Were not all nihilistic, so that must be the answer.

Firstly, if time travel is possible (say into the past), nobody knows whether you would end up in an alternate reality, as I believe that you are stating. There is a theory that is just as compelling, that says that your 'incursion' is already part of your own reality, thus it is predetermined. All of your actions are also part of your 'history',ie.. of the reality that you have travelled from, so that it is presumably possible for you to travel back to the point that you left(assuming that you have taken the apparatus with you?). If you did, nobody would miss you would they.

As long as the actual time travelling process itself didn't kill you, you would be alive and well wherever you turn up. I have a theory about parallels though. If you became a time traveller and left your own reality, isn't it entirely possible that an alternate version of yourself would have turned up in your original reality, thus creating it. This could be part of an infinate cycle. What I'm saying is that if you travel to the past, spawning an alternate reality at that point, isn't it inevitable that the new reality will also send a time traveller who will create another alternate reality and you'd have infinate realities that must therefore have no starting point and no end.
If you could, you'd actually have to multiply infinity by the number of incursions that are ever made in the universe,
bloody hell!
There is perhaps no guarantee that each infinate incursion would be made by the same person though. Because when you arrived, you would be in a 'fresh' reality that would be subject to any effects that your presence would have, you might accidently kill your alternate, or your alternate parents etc. But then again, it was an incursion that created you own reality, so maybe....oh I don't know...I'll have to think about that one..

Anyway, the point that I was making before I wandered off track, was that it's human nature to explore the unknown, no matter what the risks are. As for shooting youself in the head, that's a bit morbid isn't it??

You don't own a gun do you? I'm a bit concerned for your well being now
Re:he he he !

Listen you silly little boy.

If time travel is possible then it will move you to a different dimension/universe/time.

If you have any sense whatsoever the you will agree that you will have died in the "DIMENSION" you left. IT DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE.

If any form of time travel is accepted, then my previous post MUST BE TRUE.

I never contradicted myself at all.

Touch up on your English, school boy. Leave the Temporal Mechanics to the clever ones.

I never for one moment suggested KILLING ONESELF.


Try respecting other peoples views. It will aid your already ambiguous understanding.

You seem to be very rude and disrespectful with your pre-pubescent comments about me in your reply. You should learn some manners before the temporal physics (not to mention English).
Re:Re:"Time Travel???" Try the alternative... TODAY!!!

Look don't go of the handle here!

All I said was that any form of time travel does exactly the same as dying either normally, or suicide.

Of course im not going to kill myslef. I never suggested I was going to. My "morbid" idea was stating that I'd rather "time travel" the easy way than spend billions fannying on.

It's just an idea of an IMPOSSIBLE technology.
Now am truly laughing !

First , yes i am little 7 year old boy (i dont hide )
Second : yes my english is pretty poor ( how many 7 yearold do you know that can "speak" a second language like this ??
Third : I see that for a "grown up" , You make so many typo mistake , that you should be ashamed !
Fourth : OH yes you are in contradiction with your self : if the fact of Killing yourself is the ONLY way to travel , but the dimension you left IS also dead , it means that everytime something died (plants ,dogs , people...) the dimension is dead ( wow , i wonder how many things have died for the past 2 million years , not much dimension must be left !)
Fifth : You have no ideas whatsoever what is temporal mechanics , if you did , you will see right aways that DEATH is NOT an issue in spacial/temporal physics .

What i believe , is that you are "pissed" that a kid is giving YOU a lesson , and you are too narrow minded (and arrogant) to admit that you are wrong . Only stupid people are using the " bitting back" to defend themeself , If you where ADULT enough , you will submit a point by point explaination of your theorie (with proof) , at that moment , maybe i will consider exploring it .

Your theorie , for now , is purely the result of a succesful brainwashing by the church , the movies , your generation (and something else that i will not even bother to write), a low I.Q. , lack of vision ,linear thinking and else .

Your must be an adept of the doomsday/chaos/millenium theories , but you run to the reliouse aspect to explain what you dont understand .

i truly hope you dont have kids !
Re:Now am truly laughing !

Oh dear, still ignorant.

First off I am 34, A REAL TEMPORAL MECHANIC and have studied the thoeries of EVERYONE IN THE FIELD for over 22 years.

THERE IS NO PROOF of a lot of time travel theories, indeed I have no proof either!

No i dont believe in the millenium/doomsday stuff either. Hmmm... wrong again arn't you?

Narrow minded and arrogant? i believe you called me 'pissed', you don't even know me and all of a sudden try to offend me by taking the piss. (it didn't work). Look you need to learn that other people have views, not only you.

My 'biting back' is commonly known in English as... wait for it... DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you to make my point!

So now you hide behind your age and "experience" , mmmhhh !

You now say that you dont believe in doomsday/chaos/millenium theorie , but you stick on the fact that destruction is the way to go , mmmhhh!

You say also , that you are not "piss" , but still , you fight back , not by explaining your theories , but by hidding , by using the old "psychological mirror" technique , mmmhh !

34 year old , and " a real temporal mechanics " what? student? with 22 years of experience , and you are not even able to come with your own theories ? ( i have checked , what you are currently regurgitating is an ASHADY texte , about 2000 year old...

And your english is almost as bad as mine !mmmhhh !

Poor Nicole , sorry to say , but i wont waste anymore time on you !
Re:thank you to make my point!




Thank God he isn't 'wasting his time' on me anymore!

And you keep refering to my bad English? where? what are all these typing mistakes I have apparently made????????

Like I said, I DONT HAVE A THEORY because TIME TRAVEL is not possible.

Wake up. Dying is not the end.


Lets end this fight here.
my point again !

to have a fight , you need 2 side (he he he)
So now after saying that time travel can only be achieved by dying , now you say that it is not possible ?? ,that you have chassed for 22 year an utopia ?
That you dont believe in "biblical stuff" , yet using most of all religious believe in your first draw??
that ther is no destruction , yet , you need to die to travel??
And now sacrasm ! (by the way , did you know that it dont work pretty well ?)
I never said that I have the answer to everything , but i do know , how to see someone who`s a fake , or in complete contradiction with herself.

And by the way , is you where smart enought , you wil be able to see that in my first response to you , i was exposing the fact that nothing have an end in the universe , what something do not use anymore for whatsoever reason , is re -use by something else , that everything is in movement , nothing stops .

For an "adult" , you have easly fall into each of my traps , and your counter reaction is totally immature (like a kid).
And yes , if you wonder , i do study psychology also !
Re:my point again !

Wow, you cann tell all that about me just by what i write. you must be a true genious. I give up.

You just have proved that your a FAKE

Yes , it is VERY easy to see what you are by what you wrote : A FAKE

A true researcher or scientific mind : 1) will not give up so easly 2) will demonstrate hes theorie by using any means needed (metha etc..) 3) will use comparatative methode to make a cross check
4) will not (in less than 1 hour) say the exact opposite that what he said , and again , without any forme of devellopement .
5) will not see a comparative statement of one theorie as a personal test of carracter ( or aptitude or else)
6) will explain and devellope hes point of view , to clarify any mis understanding .
7) will at least , not try to change the subject.......
8) will not resolve to insults to get the last word or point .

I am 7 , i am a kid , surely i will "get a life" , but its a kid`s luxury to fight to have the last word (or point) :
You dont have ANY point , you said the EXACT opposite of what you said , when confronted , you not even able so devellope or explain your (actualy someone else) theorie !

Since your not able to defend yourself , or even explain yourself , only one solution remains : Your a fake !
Look in the DMS-IV (psychology "bible") , page 629 ,line 1 to 3 : You will learn a lot about you......the true you.
Re:You just have proved that your a FAKE

Every point you made I had tried to explain but was greeted by pure arrogance and rudeness. I simply don't bother with people like you.
For Franck.M

Nicole's right.

She tried to emphasise the general theory of temporal immortalism. You seemed to ignore the simple fact that she stated right at the start, you must accept life after clinical death if you approve a dimensional travel.

She never contracdicted herself, only stated, again, the temporal plane theory. No offence Franck, but you do sound like a "little boy", one who can't start to consider others views, and flies off the handle with miscued perception; ignorant to what was really meant. Sorry, just don't start an argument that stretches half the web site!!!

Dear S.T.J.....

I remember how you have treated other previously , do you actualy believe that people dont read the bottom of the page??
If you did took the time to read correctly her theory and response , you can see that she said the exact opposite (so the contradiction)
I dont approve dimentional travel , nither ASTRAL theorie .
so your wrong (twice.) bozo !
almost make me cry

boo hoo miss fake

P.S : you felt in another traps , and you not smart enought to even see it !]]]]]]]]]]only kids have the luxury to fight for the final word , it look like you want the last word , hey ??
( and now you call for back up ...)
ha ha ha !
Dear "Bozo" (Frank.M.)

I'm afraid you still haven't seen her point.

As i've noticed, there's no point arguing, as you clearly think you a genious that doesn't need to listen to anyone else.

She DIDN'T contradict herself. Maybe if you understood what was meant then you'd understand.

Name-calling clearly shows your immaturity!
Re:almost make me cry

Speaking of contradictions, you tell me to write in to explain myslef and prove im not a fake, then when I do you critisise me for "fighting back".

I'm actually not a fake by the way, why can't you accept my authority?
In a sense you are right in that super-momentum, the BALANCE of wave energy = particle energy of the principle of complementarity, is a non-time blank void wherein nothing can be sensed(physically) or detected by any scientific device,is what you could call"death". But actually it is a single, frozen quantum picture frame(as in a movie). The only "access" is via your spiritual body(you have 2 bodies, physical and spiritual that part ways-breaking the silver cord at death)whereby you change an electrical charge even though your physical body is frozen on a single quantum movie frame of W=P. I have written a paper explain- ing the fundamental concepts of how aliens do the "missing time" number, it is real easy to understand(well, at least to me)and my snail mail address is W=P 420 2nd Ave East Kalispell, MT 59901 (406-752-3328) if you want to know more.....
Re:Re:Re:"Time Travel???" Try the alternative... TODAY!!!

I'm sorry, I wasn't serious, hence the..

But, how do you know that it's impossible? Nobody knows that..
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