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time travel tp prolong sexual experience


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If one were able to travel back years, why not seconds, over and over and over. It would be possible to have an eternal orgasm. This is just practical, not meant to offend.
Wait, don\'t call the cops, hand me the plunger?

You can't do this, as it is very dangerous.

Your head could cave in from all the ecstasy?

No offense taken in the post. Actually, it's a good observation - as is Dan's.

Pavlov and Skinner independently did a lot of experimental psychology studies of lab rats and mice. Their rats, just like the time traveler that you suggest and which Dan cautions about, figured out how to punch the "sexual stimulation" button in their holding pens. They had electrodes implanted in the hippocampus (limbic) centers of their brains. The limbic center controls arousal.

If the experimenter didn't intercede the rats would literally self stimulate themselves to death. Some of the more "freaky" heroin addicts will do the same thing by "jacking off the needle."
suppose you did this what would happen to your past self you. The one from one second ago, wouldn't all the coppies of you kind of get in the way.
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