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Time Travel to the past


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Does it exist? Einstein says that we cannot travel faster than the speed of light, but, however, research has been done that a pulse of radiation was shot at 300 times the speed of light. In effect, it was in two places at once, halfway out of the tube and 60 feet across the labratory at one time.
So, could we use these pulses, or pulses like it to power a spacecraft faster than the speed of lght, in essence travelling back in time?
To Everyone What about messages to the past and future? I believe that past and future messages could be send when our scientists have that technology then we will be able to do anything but we won't have it until the near future if our scientists discover a way to send messages into the future and past then that will be good but they don't have the technology to do that yet but if they find a way I want to be the first one to know and send those messages as well. I also believe some people have tried sending messages some were doing it while others were not doing too good I have read about these experiments somewhere I can't remember at the moment though. For example one person sends a message to the past then the message gets to the other person in the past then that person sends a message back to the first person and the person in the past hears the message and sends it back to the first person to hear and so the person in the present hears it it is kind of complicated and confusing to explain and you thought time travel/teleportation is difficult to explain or predict.
What I have to say is time travel to the past is possible if you have a mind and machine with your mind you can travel anywhere while with machine you travel anywhere as well but with spacecraft you can travel anywhere in the universe and travel forwards and backwards through space-time and discover other planets and worlds and probably go through wormholes and blackholes I heard time travel is important because you don't have to be a professional and beginner to do it anyone can do it. I also heard that taking a spacecraft which we don't have today nothing advanced of course we have space stations and astrounants and so forth but if you take that advanced spacecraft then you could use it for anything time travel/teleportation, exploring other worlds and planets, and colonizing other planets and worlds, meeting ufos and aliens.
Why would you personally want to send a message to the past or future when you claim that you have access to a time machine?
To Drew My organization is non-profit and private I guess that's none of your business if I do have one or don't have one sorry no questions will ever be answered that includes yours as well! and no I am serious about this statement no joking or kidding.
Here's the thing, Adam, if you didn't want anyone asking questions about your time machine then why would you even bother bringing it up that you have one? Can you answer that or is my question off limits?
This may be superfulis to do so, as there are at least an estimaited five hundred time travlers, all traveling at any one time, in and out of certain erras.Aliens, our people, their people people from other galixies, you name it, there are a lot of time travelers in time transit, at any one time.

Any message might be superfluis, as there might not really be any golden key, to unlock that certain erras market on their own misery?

There also might be a duality within Adam, which might be his future self come back to post, as one is an accomplished time traveler and the other Adam, only a novice to time travel?

My doppelganger was a fellow by the name of Eddie Waters, who was either always five minutes ahead of me, in getting some place, or arived five minutes after I had left.

Everyone would swear that I was Eddie Waters comeing through the door and I hadn't the slightest idea who this guy was.

One time I think I had seen him from a distance, however I for some reason, could never get that close to him.

Wouldn't it be smashing if our well hung Adam, was indeed dupiciated and there were two of him running around posting on this board?

"Quick, call Pamela Martin and her team of highly trained i.p. ident sniffing dogs, to see if Adam has a dopple ganger, or exact look-a-like"?!

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