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Time Travel:The logical Flaw


New Member
If you were to write a list of laws of time travel this would be one of them:Any thing consiting of mass or energy will instantly alter a previous point in time when transferred from a previous point in time.
So if I was to travel back in time to the year 1910, then the universe at that point in time will be instantly altered, the movement of photons will have changed, air particles etc.
Also, I will not be at that point in time because the space at that point in time will not be identical to that of which it was before.So I would be in a differant universe as well as differant time.
that may not be even a basic law of time travel, depending on what the true nature of mass is. If you consider mass as a COLLECTION of matter than youre right. But if you see mass as a continually replenished "energy director" of sorts, that does not take up space as far as the vacuum is concerned, but simply configures the energy of the vacuum, then it would not apply. its like a whirpool in a river - it exists, and we can see it, but if there were no water there would be no whirpool. the whirpool is a "physical thing" made up of a order in a "nonphysical" medium.
I hate repeating things over again, but in case you mised this, here it is again...

TWF's & CTC's
(Time Warp Fields & Closed "Time-Like" Crves.)
Time Warped Fields & Closed Time-Like Curves go hand in hand my friend...

. Tipler first described a working "time machine" through his theory of massive rotating spheres. http://www.geocities.com:0080/Area5.../5763/time.html

Certain types of black holes also exhibit the "time travel" abilities of Tipler cylinders. Kerr was one of the first to describe the dual event horizons of a rotating black hole. As with Tipler's cylinders, it was possible to travel on a "time-like" trip through a Kerr black hole and end up in a different world line without being squished by the gravity of the singularity. http://www.physics.fsu.edu/courses/
13/fig11-132.htm http://qso.lanl.gov/~bromley/nu_nofun.html http://www.leonllo.freeservers.com/blackworm.html http://www.astro.ku.dk/~cramer/RelViz/text/geom_

The mass and gravitational field of a microsingularity can then be manipulated by "injecting" electrons onto its surface. By rotating two electric microsigularities at high speed, it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the affects of a Kerr black hole.

Here's what Dr. Anderson explaned in his last interview in Frankfurt, Germany 03 Aug. 1999...

Dr. Anderson:] "I did many things... many things that I still cannot discuss today. But I can say that the focus of my work was in the research, development, test and evaluation of space-time models and systems. It was here at the Air Force Flight Test Center that I began building a detailed understanding and passion for space-time physics. I moved from project to project developing new mathematical methods and models to help advance space-time study, test and evaluation. I remember that just as I was finishing my graduate program with California State University that I became almost completely obsessed in trying to solve a very specific and elusive problem. The problem was to explain an unpredicted and inexplainable variance in position that some of our space-based satellite systems experienced over longer periods of time. I was finally successful in solving the problem by creating a predictable and reliable mathematical model. However, even though my model worked, it took several more years for me to refine and really understand it. When I finally did I couldn't believe what I was looking at."

"It turned out to be an absolutely complete space-time model. It included every aspect of relativistic physics even including consideration for details like frame-dragging that is caused by the gravity and spin of the Earth and the Moon. This resolved the discrepancy in the satellite position almost perfectly. What was most exciting wasn't the existence of the mathematical model itself, but the relationships that fell out of it. At this point in time I began to develop what I labelled "Time-warped Field Theory" to describe these relationships and how they could be applied for practical time control applications. I left the United States Air Force to continue my work and spent almost all of my time since then working to fund my research, advance my theories, build our TRI-STAR virtual laboratory, and plan the launch of the Time Travel Research Center."

To read the remainder of this interview, goto...] http://www.time-travel.com/timetech.htm

Dr. David Anderson can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or by regular mail by writing to the Time Travel Research Center, P.O. Box 1047, Smithtown, NY 11787-8547, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Send mail to [email protected] for questions or comments about this website.
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and where do I remember this one from is anyone's guess, you can remind me latter...

Photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass. They are the carriers of the electromagnetic field. If only at absolute zero the inertial and gravitational forces are unified as believed by some researchers, then a simulation of the absolute zero condition may be possible. EM standing wave confinement of a symmetrical resonance state should approximate the required conditions at temperatures well above the absolute zero point. The approximation could result in a type of inertia we don't normally encounter. Provided that a standing wave confinement condition is achieved for a time sufficient to be measured. A standing wave appears to be stationary hence the term standing wave. It is this condition that should approximate a frozen in time state. Just how this type of inertia reacts or interact with the ZPF will provide possible new insights. The above model is a suggestion of this idea.

The subatomic proton and neutron are both believed made from three quarks. Could this design be a MACRO proton or antiproton? Since gravity fields act on and in proportion to the fundamental structures of matter, what if that basic structure became huge? If we could then freeze the resonance of that particle would it act strangely? Would it have an inertia or gravitational effect?

We have found that when an object is forced to accelerate, it will see the ZPF to be asymmetric, or in other words, distorted. Due to this distortion the accelerating object will see a zero-point flux of energy and momentum coming at it, whereas ordinarily, when the object is not being accelerated, the ZPF is perfectly uniform and symmetric. A key result of our analysis is that these fluxes prove to be proportional to the acceleration of the object, i.e. the more rapid the acceleration, the more the ZPF is distorted. Material objects consist of charged quarks and electrons, which will tend to scatter any oncoming electromagnetic flux. When all the quarks and electrons in an object scatter the distorted ZPF passing through, the object will experience a kind of drag force. We are proposing that this might be what the inertia reaction force really is... the drag force due to being accelerated through the vacuum fields. In this view, objects would not intrinsically resist being accelerated; objects would not possess mass. Mass would really be just a way of characterizing the resistance due to the ZPF molasses (or in the future more general case, the quantum vacuum molasses) that kicks in upon acceleration.……..A non-geometric (i.e. flat spacetime) approach to gravity is legitimate in quantum gravity. Similarly another non- geometric approach would be to assume that the dielectric properties of space itself may change in the presence of matter: this can be called the polarizable vacuum (PV) approach to gravity. Propagation of light in the presence of matter would deviate from straight lines due to variable refraction of space itself, and other GR effects such as the slowing down of light (as judged by a distant observer) in a gravitational potential would also occur. But of course it is the propagation of light from which we infer that spacetime is curved in the first place. This raises the interesting possibility that GR may be successful and yet not because spacetime is really curved: rather because the point-to-point changes in the dielectric (refractive) properties of space in the presence of matter create the illusion of geometrical curvature. A PV type of model does not directly relate gravitation to the ZPF (or to the more general quantum vacuum) but it does appear to provide a theoretical framework conducive to developing the conjecture of Sakharov that it is changes in the ZPF that create gravitational forces"

Excerpt Below from: Fran De Aquino http://www.elo.com.br/~deaquino/ "Fran De Aquino's research involves many aspects of Gravitation and Cosmology. After thirty years of research the professor De Aquino discovered that the gravitational and inertial masses are correlated by a factor, which depends on the incident radiation upon the particle. He showed that there is a direct correlation between the radiation absorbed by the particle and its gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass….here is the possibility of control of the gravitational mass by means of the incident radiation. This theoretical result was recently experimentally confirmed …..Consequently there is a strong evidence that the gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation." ( Italics Added )

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"- Albert Einstein
from another perspective view by "Ivan Van Mieghem" ...

Regarding time. Consider a movie. It is a series of frames that are played in sequence. As you watch it "time" passes. However, all frames exist at all times. You just don't see them all at once. It's your way of perceiving it that makes it seem like there's a sequential structure to them. But, you could just as well first play the last five minutes, then hop to the middle, and then go to the beginning. Or whatever. The entire movie is always there, you're just focusing on different pieces at different "times". This is an approximation of what "time" really is. That we see it as sequential is merely a limitation on our current perception, and not fact. Just as animals have less sense of time than we, there are higher ways of perceiving time than what we currently understand. It is entirely possible to perceive the entire movie concurrently, if your perceptional awareness is good enough. Just as the first word of the universe has been spoken, so has the last one. However, the above would imply extreme determinism. The script is written, and there's no way to change it. And that's not correct either, so the above is only half the story. In fact, it is quite possible to not only change the future, but also the past. From a higher time perception point of view there's no difference between past, now, and future. "now" is merely a point of focus. Add to this parallel realities and multi-dimensional personalities and souls, and things get tricky. But the above should give you some hint at what to look for.

I cannot explain this any further, because I don't understand it myself any further. But just as we can grasp that there's a difference between how we and animals perceive time, we can extrapolate how it would be possible for higher levels of perception to exist that differs from our current one in similarly extreme ways.

This should explain the apparent paradox of someone from the "future" coming "back" to change the "now" so that the future is changed. There is no "time", hence no future, hence no past, hence no paradox.

With thanks to the anonymous source for his / her feedback .

Your feedback is greatly appreciated ! You can react using our feedback form or by email

Thanks you all

---Ivan Van Mieghem
for the X-Factor Foundation , http://www.ivminet.com
After reading the comments made and rereading what I originally posted I feel thatI should clarify what I am saying, Imagine two time points (A and B). Time point A is the past and point B is now.If we transfer an object from time B to time A we have effectively changed space at time A so can the object be at time A if time A is not there because it is differant.
Imagine two time points (A and B). Time point A is the past and point B is now.If we transfer an object from time B to time A we have effectively changed space at time A so can the object be at time A if time A is not there because it is a...

"D I V E R G E N C E"
Imagine two time points (A and B). Time point A is the past and point B is now.If we transfer an object from time B to time A we have effectively changed space at time A so can the object be at time A if time A is not there because it is differant

but if time is just another realm then all that would happen is the space in B would be filled with the displacement from A true it might still change things but u are still not geting any more or less in eather realm
I think I understand what you are asking. It's like, imagine you are sitting in your time machine, wanting to travel to some time in the past. Presumably you manifest in the same spatial location you are in the future (which is kind of weird in itself, like you travel through time with respect to the position of yourself on the Earth's surface - I guess it's better than appear half a million miles up), but you presumably want to appear in a location that doesn't have anything you could damage your time machine with by appearing in the same place as. So you've got this kind of temporal sensor, and you use it to check that there isn't anything in that place when you appear. But surely your sensor tells you there's this time machine, with some guy in it at that time. Which, I don't need to point out, is you, five minutes or whatever older than you are, in your time maching, also five or whatever minutes older. I don't have an answer to this problem, I'm not even sure if it is one. Maybe when you manifest you swap matter with the destination universe - assuming there is a finite amount of stuff in the universe this would keep everything constant.
If I timetravel 6 minutes into the past and return to the present, wouldn't I crash into myself twice at the 3 minute mark? OOCH! I bumped my heads really hard that time.
We're getting on the good direction, Shadow bring a point that make me think of that:

I want to go to tomorrow, but I mess up my calculation in the timing, then, when I get 'when' I want, I realise that the earth is nearly 3500KM far away from me, I'm in free space, it's pretty cold but the real problem is that my eyes bulb are poping out and I fuckling don't know why, I'm game over!

So, from that perspective(that many try to pass over by getting explanations), the real situation will be to: think how to time travel and lands in some realist environment, or do it in a spaceship... but there's always a risq...

Something have just shaked my faith about time travel, somebody help me please!

<This message has been edited by dob (edited 08 May 2001).>
If I went 10 years into the future and I visited my mother. Would she see me as unchanged, or to her and the rest of the world was I missing for 10 years?
Also, if I went into the future to see how I turned out, would I be there or would I not?
What I mean to say is that if I jumped over 10 years wouldn't I have been missing for that time? I believe if you cut anything out of time for even only 1 nanosecond then that subject willl cease to exist.
It's like this:

(I jumped (to
from here) here)

Where was I during those 10 years(dashes)?
*E-mail me with your replies please*
[email protected]
id like to talk about shadows last post:
assuming that you went back 6 min and whent back to the present, would you bumb into yourself?
i think NO, because, here is what i think happenes

6min ago now
first you go from now to 6 min ago, taking your body away from that time period.
now if your body is gone from NOW then there CANNOT be a duplicate copy of you in NOW to hit you on your way back.
NOW asuming this all happenes in the same room,you might meet yourself 6 min ago, but i might be wrong. you see, time might think you have been there before, so it erases whatever you did in that 6 min period, including your body.
kinda like saving a game and then reseting it and starting over on that save again.
there wont be duplicates, just YOU.
Vertigo, I'm not convinced of that. If you go in the past, it's with your actual body, suppose you are 25, go 15 years ago, when you're 10... You won't "pop" at the very same place as your younger body but you'll meet him. That hapen, you were 10 once. But you are close to one of my theory:

if you go in the past, and change something that might alter the path you've take to get there, it's possible that you "break the line". In that case there's the parrallel world explanation, but there's also the 'reset button' as you mentionned. This reset buton detects "bugs" in a way. So if you meet yourself in the past, this can make the 'reset to append' and you will reset to the zero of the 'younger' altered point in your life, a moment (at 10) before yourself from the futur came.

In the inverse situation, if you go in the futur (and that's an other theory), if you go in year 2015, if when you get there you see yourself 15 years later, older, it's because you won't stay there, you'll come back to 'present'. But if you go in the futur and you're not there (anywhere), it's because 1) you're gonna die before 2015 2)You won't comeback to 'present', you are stuck there, maybe you didn't figured out how to comeback or because it didn't work...
well there goes the theroy in my game.

all of the people who travel through time in my game travel to a world where they are already dead.
to get back they have to have all the parts to a "Time Travelling suit" because the wormhole they went through is one way only.
hold on: i just read what you said again and it sounds like you have discovered the fountain of youth.
to stay helthy and alive, you just mess with yourself in the past.
Hey! I didn't taught of that before...!

I already felt the reset button sometimes in my life. The last one was the most weird. It may be something else then the reset button we're talking about here, but, anyway, it was a kind of reset button. I was in my bed relaxing, speaking to my girlfriend (on the pillow) when that append, I felt a big electric shoc in my whole body, and in may brain. It was so weird, for a moment, I forgot everything and, like a computer, I took a while to reboot an realize what was appening. I figured out that this was electricity in my body, (to much concentration!), and I don't associate it with time travel directly.

But, for shure, I know, from the very deep of my earth and my soul, that I'm living, over and over my life, I feel beign in a game, where you have a goal, and some stuff to do, that you have to accomplish, simple or stupid it is, ... I don't feel to reincarnate or something, it's nothing paranormal, it's like being in a movie or a game, cutting sequences and redoing the same stuff over and over.

Some of you may laught and tink about the "ground dog day" (I'm not shure I spell good) or some 'matrix' movie where you are on a certain path and have to do some specific things otherwise... But I don't feel it that way.

Finally, it may appends like this, unfortunatly, if it appends, I don't know how or why. I may think its indirectly voluntary but I'm not shure about anything in that way, I wait to have more exemples and experiences to get a diagnostic!
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