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Time Travel = Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


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One interesting concept I've heard about time travel is, that everyone who ever time traveled, already have. Every event they set in motion has already occured. Our past was dependant on our future actions.

Case in point....The first Terminator movie (with some referance to T1's deleted scenes and some scenes from the exteneded T2 movie)

Cyberdyne Systems develops new AI technology, which eventually becomes the 'Skynet' system. The Skynet system becomes self aware, and destroys half of humanity in a nuclear war and proceeds to elemenate any survivors with the use of specialized machines (hunter-killers and terminators)

One survivor, John Conner, organizes the rest of the humans and evetually destroys Skynet, thus saving humanity. In Skynets last attempt to survive, it sends back a Terminator to 1984 to kill John Conner's mother.

John Conner in turn sends back a human, Kyle Reese, to prevent this from happening.

Eventually, Kyle and Sarah defeat the Terminator. Kyle dies, but not before getting Sarah pregnate.

The remaining parts of the Terminator are recoved (an arm and broken CPU chip) and secreted away for research; since the lab where the final fight was in was actually a Cyberdyne lab.

Hence, Cyberdyne now has the resources to develop 'Skynet' and John Conner is eventually born, only to replay the fatefull meeting in the future which will set in motion the events back in 1984.

Skynet created the senerio for its own existance by sending the Terminator back, and John Conner created the senerio for his own existance by sending Kyle Reese back. If the events of the future didn't occur, nor would the events of the past have occured.

So everything that has or will happen has already or will already happen. Thus, no fear of creating paradoxes.


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