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Time Travel Questions



If a 30-year old man travels back in time 20 years, will he then be 10 years old? If he travels back 40 years, will he become what he was in a previous life: a different man or women, an animal, a rock, or a tree? Will he land in a between-life period when he did not exist in 3-dimensional form? Will his physical/mental/psychic make-up be entact or dispersed among different life forms?
This is another alternate view of time travel (similar - but not exactly alike - to the theory used in the television program "Quantum Leap"). By travelling in time, is your body being affected as well?

Some would propose that by travelling in time, you are stepping outside the time stream and are therefore not affected in the least. Others would say that everything is affected by the temporal displacement, in which case, YES, you would become 20 years younger, 30 years younger, etc. It all depends on how you want to look at it.

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Zis theory of time travel has zee traveler being affected by zee temporal displacement as vell. If zis iz zo, vat does zee traveler become if he or she travels backvards before his or her birth?
Zis proposes even more questions of a zupernatural, religious, and zoological nature zat mankind may never answer.

Perhaps a better question vould be "vould zee time traveler's memory be reverted backvards in time too?"

If zis vere so, zee traveler vould not even know zat he or she had traveled in time, and neither vould anyvun else! How vould vee even know zat time travel had ever been achieved or not? I have several theories vich ven studied carefully propose zolutions to zeese problems. Unfortunatly, I forgot vere I put zem.
Re:Re:Time Travel Questions

Our progression through time and many related aspects are discussed in a profound book: "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold Waldwin Percival. One excerpt on TIME follows:

...Another mystery is time. Time is ever present as an ordinary topic of conversation; yet when one tries to think about it and tell what it really is, it becomes abstract, unfamiliar; it cannot be held, one fails to grasp it; it eludes, escapes, and is beyond one. What it is has not been explained.

Time is the change of units, or of masses of units, in their relation to each other. This simple definition applies everywhere and under every state or condition, but it must be thought of and applied before one can understand it. The person must understand time while in the body, awake. Time seems to be different in other worlds and states. To the conscious person time seems not to be the same while awake as while in dreams, or while in deep sleep, or when the body dies, or while passing through the after-death states, or while waiting for the building and the birth of the new body it will inherit on earth. Each one of these time periods has an "In the beginning," a succession, and an end. Time seems to crawl in childhood, run in youth, and race in ever increasing speed until death of the body.

Time is the web of change, woven from the eternal to the changing human body. The loom on which the web is woven is the breath-form. The body-mind is the maker and operator of the loom, spinner of the web, and weaver of the veils called "past" or "present" or "future". Thinking makes the loom of time, thinking spins the web of time, thinking weaves the veils of time; and the body-mind does the thinking.
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    I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to create a circulating light beam that distorts or loops time, which can lead to a twisting of space and time. Looks like what R.Mallet working on it. What's your thoughts on this?
    Mylar Mylar: I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to...