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Time Travel Is Real!



Yes time travel is real. Ive done it. There is written text of past time travel in a well known book. No one so far has made the connection. I have...Proof of past, present , and future does coexist.
Could it be...

He mentions a very popular book. I wonder if perhaps he means the Bible. If I remember my Catholic upbring, near the end of the book John, the Apostle, writes about the end of the world in Revelations. That's like looking into the future, I suppose.

It's just one of many mentions of time travel and time "visioning" in religious scripture. Just about every religion has an end of the world prophecy based on a vision.

the Admin
Re:Could it be...

Yes, but this was different, not like the others, do you know how, and why?
Re:Re:Could it be...

I have been doing researach into the possibilities of Time Travel for
many years now. I had an event take place many years before at Marshall
Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama that may be the proof of Time Travel. I did not make a connection until just last week of the importance of the event. The event has been recorded in a book thank God that shows it really took place. If anybody finds this message and is interested in what happened and wants to check it out please contact me.
I will post it here if others are interested. Warren

[email protected]

Time Travel is within our grasp now. My paper will be posted on the
net soon. It was released in 1994 and updated for the Internet.
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