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"Time Travel" is a misnomer!



The idea of "Traveling" through time is just as ludicrous as wanting to "Travel" through speed! For example: Let's say you're moving down the freeway at 60mph and you want to slow down to 30mph. Well, as you back off the accelerator pedal and your vehicle begins to slow down, you are not traveling through speed! You are making a transistion from 60mph, to 30mph (relative to the pavement). When speaking of Time, you wouldn't "travel" from the present to 1955, you would make a "transistion". You can only "travel" by changing your position relative to some other object's position (this we call "motion"). Time, itself, does not move. Just as Speed, itself, does not move. Therefore, it is incorrect to speak of "Time Travel"!

Okay, so how would you make this "transistion" to another time period? Easy.... You have to change the progression of your time frame by advancing or retarding it, relative to the time period of interest. So how can you do that? I have no stinking idea! But I hope my comments stir up a discussion.