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Time Travel Help... I need researchers...


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Alot of people talk about this guy being wrong... but you know they hae not took into account he did get somethings right..... off the rop of my head he stated in 2000 or something that New York would be in the 2001 superbowl... and as we know that came true.. also he made a point about mad cow diesise that came tru also.... no as for it being based off a book ok.. so what... someone made a point to me... and asked...

What if he went back further and wrote the book to make it seem that he was full of [censored] now???

so as you see is what i want to do is get a few people set up and help me research everything we can about this one called John Titon....

If anyone wants to help drop by my site.. I have a section set up there in the forum area.. you can post what you know found out and what not... complete with links.. so we can get futher along wit this....

everyone seems to want to disprove something.. and nobody wants to see if its right...
I want it to be right instead of disproved.......

cause I believe do alot of things.. but since our mind is stupid and dont even uses a portion of our brain I dont even understand how we can come up with Time travel isnt possible.. thats like saying 100 yra ago open heart surgery isnt possible... or planes arent possible... our cars and so on.. u get the point.. anyway thanx for your time...

Re: John Titon Help... I need researchers...

Do you have a link to his superbowl prediction? I don't remember seeing anything like that in fact it sounds like something he would specifically avoid saying.
Re: John Titon Help... I need researchers...

Who won the Super Bowl in 2001?

I do not answer questions like this. Although I don't really know the
motivation for the question.I can guess. If a time traveler had knowledge of
your future, and you could only ask one question, would this be it? Besides,
can you tell me if it rained in New York on June 4th 1932? You are from
their future so should you know that?

link is here..


goto post by topic click on that and look for john's world...
after that comes up
in IE or whatever you use click edit goto find and type in rain in the find box...

you will see that same exact thing...
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