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Time Travel Experiments - Successful-

Everyone stay away! I smell a ploy to get hits on his site! He just wants us to visit his site! Not to mention it says magix on his url with an x! That's the devil I tells ya! Be gone you wicked e'ildoer!!!
Err, you achieved results? Riiiiight. Say? Where do they sell that swig your on? Uh uh lookout! He's going to travel through time folks! Wooooooo! HAR HAR HAR!!
...and by getting 'hits'...where does that get me? I'm not selling anything. Rather, I'm sharing information for free. Is it bad that I'm trying to educate people, about an alternative time machine invention - callled the "Mind"?

I don't think that's so bad and evil.

To those not interested, don't click on the link, no big deal.
But I won't go tit-for-tat with those who want to 'only poke fun'.


Hi Mikey, (Mikey will eat anything even the evil apple!)

All kiding aside I think you got some cool graphics going there and a contribution of colaborated knowledge. I like the black hole effect with the constellation grid and all the colors of the rainbow and your 11 number analogy along with your political write up. But you have completely slandered your whole site with an evil thesis. Although I whole heartedly agree that Time Travel falls right into this realm.

I have strong sence that you have a hinderance and hatred towards religion which has clouded your mind into excepting evil as being good!

You quote in your web site. <<Satan was not the liar, but helped Adam and Eve by sharing with them the truth. They did not die in that day but became like G-D. There eyes were opened. And that satan showed them the truth and helped then break away from their captor, the lord!>>

Well you know Mikey, thats perfectly fine to have that outlook and viewpoint if thats the way you want to see it. However I can assure you that there is more KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT, AND LOVE in obediance that there will ever be in deception and deceit of a negative force!

Nothing negative to it. Read the Gnostic texts.
The Nag Hammadi scrolls, Dead Sea scrolls, the Apocrypha and Pseudopigrapha..there's a wealth more info. that's been hidden,,,hidden very well, I might add.
`Thanks for the feed back

Been there, done that! It all depends how you perceive it...

I am familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls and there is nothing evil stipulated in the scrolls applying evil as being good...

And if I'm wrong, please point out and specify the exact scripture so that I could set you right...

I'm not to familiar with the other texts that you mentioned but I'm sure they are a off shoot of the original Hebrew bible probably extorted and mangled with falsehood...

You quote in your web site. <<Satan was not the liar, but helped Adam and Eve by sharing with them the truth. They did not die in that day but became like G-D. There eyes were opened. And that satan showed them the truth and helped then break away from their captor, the lord!>>

I'll do one better. Prove to ME, that its "Wrong AND Evil"...

"Satan was not the liar, but helped Adam and Eve by sharing with them the truth. They did not die in that day but became like god. There eyes were opened. And that satan showed them the truth and helped then break away from their captor, the lord"

Did they die that day they ate the forbidden fruit? (Don't want to hear a 1,000 years is a day either.)
Did the serpent lie? Nope. He said you will be "like god", and they were. "for they became like god, knowing both good and evil"

All captors keep the truth away, for the 'truth sets you free'.
The Bible is bondage.

`Also, you may want to get aquainted with the reading material I suggested above.

***But hey, if ya happy believeing what *you* wanna believe, then more power to ya!

Good Luck on ya journey Cat.

yes...they DID die ..they died spiritually.
They lost their outer coating of spiritual light and
suddenly saw themselves naked.

They were originly designed to live forever
in this paradise. However God could not allow that
to happen now so he banned them from the garden.
He loved them enough to not let them live forever in a fallen state.
CAT wrote
"yes...they DID die ..they died spiritually.
They lost their outer coating of spiritual light and
suddenly saw themselves naked."
Cat, that's ONLY *your* Interpretation. The Bible does NOT say what you wrote anywhere. You can not quote the Scripture. But, rather, you give me twisted logic. Therefore I will not continue this thread any longer with you.

Again, I leave this thread with the assurance that *you* are happy with your beliefs..but they aren't mine. Instead of attacking others as "evil" because they don't follow *Your* belief system, you may want to study more...and talk, less.

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Mike, nice try but don't throw the postmodern BS out and expect someone to buy it, cause I'm not, Mike for one thing you are correct in this case you following the Occult you will have great power during your MORTAL lifetime, but once you die, you will burn in hell,which I assure you will negate any power that you had with the Devil during your lifetime.

Obviously the demons have twisted your mind to the point that the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Since you are obviously so far gone as to ignore fair warning, Godspeed is all that I can say.

BTW, Adam and Eve did die, because they became mortal, and they did not become God, because they did not get his power, no matter how many demons that help you, IT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE POWER OF GOD.

mike, i enjoyed, your site. i have one question, on you site it says:

"Nuclear destruction in a big city which showed the Atlantic Ocean in the backdrop.

From this I can ascertain it is on the East Coast"

my question; how did you acertain it was the atlantic ocean as a backdrop in the first place?
Nicely put Tracker
. The TTA couldn’t have said it any better.

It’s good to know that there are some good critics out there on this forum, keep it up guys/ & gals

By the way Mike for your information, that was not me who posted under (maybe it means something different.) I always sign my name to my posts. CAT...

Being a sovereign and loving G-D that he is, he cast us out of the garden to SURPASS THE KNOWLEDGE of the tree and to re learn and come full circle around to where we first started. It is a lesson challenged and hard learned.

I see that you have the ability in your web site to assimilate the math regarding the number 11 and its significance but yet you fail to apply this to other facts and sources regarding religion that you have so hastily jumped to conclusions about.

Mike, if you open the Hebrew Bible (Genesis Chapter 1) and in the very first paragraph after the Hebrew word Baruch you will get to the Hebrew letter T than count every 50 Hebrew letters (circling them) and it spells the Hebrew word TORAH! from there and you will discover the divine author and name of the book Torah. Than go to the book of Exodus and count again every 50 Hebrew letter backwards from the end you will again get the name Torah. Which bears witness to the actual authenity of the book and the sources contained within. There is so much more knowledge in there to be obtained. And I think that before you can jump to any conclusion about evil being mistaken for good you best better back your sources up first.

If you would like me to show you where you can find the Hebrew word TORAH and what the letters look like, let me know and I can send it to your email on your web site.

G-D is only looking for our respect and love! That is the real reason stipulated in the Bible as to why he created us. In honor of himself. In the Hebrew it is written he had a desire.


P.S. By the way happy 4th of July! Have some patriotism!!!
So, 'tracker', I suppose you the 'big cheese' in heaven huh?
Well, if I ticked ya off before, you may not want to read this new web page I just posted...



Boot wrote,
"my question; how did you acertain it was the atlantic ocean as a backdrop in the first place?"

When I project, I can feel a different energy quality in some areas. The East Coast has a heavy dense 'feel' about it. I do sometimes get my directions crossed.

Wow, Mike you can taunt quite well, nice attempt at if somehow repeating demons creeds "that your god is a dead god" will help you in putting me down, but if more people knew that spirtual warfare is essental in our daily lives as Christians and that all it takes is a binding prayer in the name of Jesus to stop you... well I guess that you would have problems
For everyone else (CAT,TTA) go to http://www.demonbuster.com/ and check out what it takes to stop demons.

BTW,Mike visiting this site would probably make you rather uncomfortable since the song playing in MIDI would upset the demons running through your head.



I've come to the conclusion that you are thoroughly evil! Some people are born this way you know, they're called bad seeds!

I read your new addition to your web site. And again you made a mockery out of the Merkaba! You are incorrect and inaccurate!!! How on earth could you get the thrill and pleasure out of steeling religious peoples energy from churches! You are a Satanist!

You really have no clue as to the true origin or the teachings behind the Merkaba! instead you use it with evil intentions, as the majority of the uneducated do! I just finished reminding Creedo of what ONG was all about and the true meaning and origin behind it. I will briefly tell you that this was a military project that took place in Jersey that used the knowledge of the Merkaba to delve into the dimensions. This technology was moreso used in the eyes of science and overlooked by religion. This was an abomination to G-D and as a result the facility was destroyed by the Delta Force by fire! So they say?


P.S. Nice one Tracker! I'm sure when Mike opened your web site he encountered thermal impact from the music! There was no escape from it!
It must have blasted the eardrums right through to his nasal cavity causing a major nose bleed!
Thanks for the link Tracker. I may not be a Christian (because of personal temporal reasons), but some of the articles on Cults and their agenda’s really got me thinking.

Bytheway Creedo, I suggest you read the article on the succubus, I believe it may have some information for you, on why you feel that your “drained”

Yes, Demons or Time Travelers as I like to call them try and mess with innocent people all the time. And we should all be critical of the means which they control our lives. Through the New Age sciences, to Time Traveling to the past to change the past. We cannot allow this perversion of mankind to go unanswered. Mankind must realize, that justice must be brought one way or another, not just accepted that nothing could be done.

Lately I feel that they are attempting to silence the TTA for good. The sharp hit to the TTA’s head 3 nights ago, was no accident I can tell you that. And my current financial situation, marital status, office politics, coma like dreams that never end, feelings of vertigo (without the déjà vu, which is uncommon for me), and double-digits (without the visions, which is also uncommon) are all just a tad overwhelming and suggestive of it’s manipulative origins.

But then again, I can’t really say it’s ever been far from normal or the same either
just different levels and variations now I suppose. Only something new to fuel and channel my anger and inspiration in the proper way, to New Agers and Time Travelers.

mike SAYS:
"When I project, I can feel a different energy quality in some areas. The East Coast has a heavy dense 'feel' about it."

you ascertained that you were on the east coast from the heavy-dense energy feel you had. so actually you didn't need the atlantic ocean as a backdrop to ascertain where you were.

by the way, i recognize your "cacoon-tunnel" method of time travel as being a method of remote viewing that is described in Charles W. Cosimano's book on Psionics. reading my post here, it seems like i'm trying to put you down, i'm not. i'm trying to be inquisitive and not put you on the defensive, i'm having trouble wording it effectively.
ok, i've been to your site again and saw you discussion on race. the p.c. incorrectness of this is the most likely reason people are slamming you. the space-race portion of your discussion is based on theories by william bramley, more directly zacharah sitchin's anonnoki race from the 12th planet nibaru. those guys however, didn't get so much into the racial question (bramley got into the reptilian aspect, sitchin didn't). i find it interesting that we live in a country u.s.a that stresses racial pride, but if one starts naming the accomplishments of the white race, one is immediately labeled a racist and shunned from public discussion. the message is clear, all races are deserving of pride and respect, yet the white race is not. anytime the word "white (race)" is used in today's media it is followed by either of two concepts: genocide of indians or slavery of blacks. that's it! no positive accomplishment ever mentioned, ever! only negative messages allowed to be forwarded to the masses.... whites of today= jews of 1930's germany, basically the scapegoats for anything and everything that goes wrong.
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