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Time Travel Dreams



Hello all,
Over perhaps the last eight years or so I have had a series of time-travel dreams. Early ones were quite simple. I would find myself in a familiar place, but know that something was a little different. I would then ask someone where I was and what year it was. They would tell me. It was generally an earlier period in my present life.
Another form of these early dreams is one in which I am with friends or family, but I am quite a bit younger than now. I tell someone I am from the future, and recieve one of two reactions. Thery either think I am crazy or they become very fearful. Sometimes they do both.
Over the years the dreams have taken on a different, more "refined" character. At first when I was within the dream I had to work very hard to "hold" the focus, always knowing that I would be leaving the time I was in soon because I could not sustain the focus. As my expereince with these dreams became more extensive, the time I could spend there has become extended until now I can fairly effortlessly stay as long as I choose. I cannot, however, predict or control when these dreams occur or where or to what time I will go.
All of these dreams, with one exception have been to the past. Most have been within this century, but I had one experience a couple of months ago in which I had two dreams back to back;one in what I was told the time was 1868 and one which was exactly one hundred years earlier-1768. then these two dreams were put together, one on each side of a line on which I was standing, and I was asked to compare the two years. It was fascinating.
The one dream in which I am conscious of having gone into the future was not nearly as lucid as the ones in which I have gone to the past (if indeed, this is what is occuring!) I think I may have been somewhat anxious and therefore my memory of what transpired was affacted.
I have had perhaps 20 or 30 of these dreams, and have enjoyed them enormously.
Is there anyone else out there that has had any experiences similar to this? If so, please email me, Micheal Dunham, at [email protected].
Thank youvery much.
I have time travel dreams too.I think they are neat .I have have these dreams about twice a month.
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