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Time Travel Could Be Possible Now


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Couldnt we bounce a sound frequency off a planet like pluto and recieve it in "the future"? Time is faster in space so what would take a year here takes six months out there! What if we could accelerate this process somehow and actually send matter in a sound frequency? Just a thought.
It would be a failed effort, for a few reasons, we'd never know if it made it and to bounce it off of pluto we would never be able to get the trajectory right to make it return right back to us, plus the spinning of the planet would send it off course.
Hmmm.... maybe I am not sure what you mean, CircuitSurfer. But let's take a look at the physics of sound waves to see if we can answer the question:

Sound has a frequency "content" just like light has a frequency "content". In fact, the frequencies of audible sound are much lower than the frequencies of visible light. Sound is MUCH lower frequency still than microwaves, which are how we communicate with space vehicles, like the rover that just landed on Mars. Since sound is a lower frequency, this means sound waves travel at lower speeds than light waves. Thus, beaming a sound wave out into space would take longer to cover the same amount of distance to pluto than a light wave, or a microwave.... that is, if you COULD beam a sound wave thru space.

You see, sound waves travel best in a medium...like air or water. But outer space is a vaccuum. No real "medium" to propagate through. We say that audible sounds are highly attenuated in the vaccuum of space.

You know....the old tag from the movie Alien, right?

"In space, no one can hear your scream."

Kind Regards,
sound isnt a physical property, its a resonance of a physical medium.
light, x-ray, infared, ultiaviloet, gamma, all the other radiations, are physical particles screeming through space. they are 'tangible' so to speak, sound is not.
Good job rainman I forgot about that.

Since the universe is ever expanding,what happend if you reach the end of the expansion and go past it? does it do the Pac-man theory? you come out of theother side?

If that is true could we send a pod or somthing out in one direction ,at a speed much greater than we can acomplish now, and wait for it to get back to us?
Well latest theorys are very interesting, one theory is that the universe may have no edge or at least one we could get past. Imagine the universe is like a planet, the suface of the planet is the universe as we know it, if you set off in one direction in the hopes of reaching the edge of the universe you will infact follow the curvature of space and end up back at Earth. It similar to the example of why all the galaxys are moving away from eachother, get a balloon put stars on its surface and blow up the balloon and it shows why the galaxys move away from eachother as the universe expands.
So then comes my theory that perhaps to penetrate the edge of the Universe you must enter into another dimension, afterall if the universe is the surface of the balloon then what exactly is the centre of the balloon in the real universe? perhaps it is another dimension or perhaps its nothing as great as another dimension and is simply just 'Dark energy' the thing we know is there but we just cant see it.

One interesting theory I came up with was, what if the Big Bang happened in another Dimension?
What if:

a) we built a really really really good telescope
b) find a way to send it several lightyears away (with the speed of light)
c) have the telescope take pictures of earth
d) send the telescope back to earth (again with the speed of light)
e) look what earth looked like in the past :)

Maybe the idea sounds a bit funny, especially the way I tell it, but give it some thought.

Your idea is a valid one, the further the telesope is sent out the further back in time you'd be looking when you point it towards Earth because the light from Earth is still travelling outwards. So if you sent the scope out 1 million lightyears and pointed it at Earth you'd see Earth as it was 1 million Years ago.
actually you wouldnt, not in this scenario. send it out with the speed of light, ok so you send it 1million light years away, with the speed of light, it takes a million years to get there, take some pics of what it sees, send it back a million light years, and presto, youhave pics of 2004. An easier solution would be to take pics of earth now, and put them in a time capsule and burry it for 2 million years, same result. Now if you were to travel 'faster' than the speed of light with the telescope, sure
I always liked the idea of burying a time capsule of my own, making sure it was deep enough and encased in a strong alloy yet easily found so should the Earth perish and civilisation as we know it cease some future civilisation who may have forgotten what life was like on Earth can uncover it and have lots of info about what life was like.
Just imagine what we'd know of the Ancient Egyptions if they'd buried a time capsule full of information in one of the pyramids.
Hmmmmmmm, maybe they did but our governments are hiding the fact because its full of info they dont want us to know about
Oh the fun we could have torturing the future inhabitants of earth.
We could make a couple capsules and have music like britney spears and such in one.
Then another with what we consider good music of the time.
However we may also have to include a cd player and batteries in case those things don't exist.:/
What would be better is keeping the telescope here and sending out a huge mirror. That way we'd cover twice as much time in the same period. Better yet, we could send out many mirrors in different directions and use them to control the time we are observing. Unfortunately, we haven't even been able to get anything to move at 1/10th the speed of light yet. (60 some thousand miles per second is the fastest that I know of for a space probe)
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